Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silly on Sunday :: Tana Grows Moss

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Man washed Tana's awning recently.  We had not used that awning once in the entire 8.5 months of THE Trip.  Never.  In fact, I am not sure either of us remembers when we did use it last.  Yes, it was rather dirty.  Yes, it needed cleaning.  In fact, it was so dirty that the awning was growing moss on the leading edge.  Gotta say, that is a first for us.  Below, see it there, that speck of green??

Below, another photo, a bit closer:

Yea, I know, unreal.  By the way, that awning is vinyl.  Not sure what the white binding material is.   Guess there was enough dirt in that corner to allow the moss spores to get in there and grow.  There obviously was enough water, look how green that moss is!

*Yes, THE Trip posts will return soon to a blog near you, err, to Reflections.  Been busy with a few other things in my life, like trying to clean off my desk, so maybe we can get Tana rolling again in a few weeks.  Right now there is 1/8th inch of ice on my deck and we had a very heavy killing frost last night, even the pond had ice skimming over the top this morning.  Have a wonderful day dear readers and friends.


Sharon said...

Looks like maybe you have a green thumb in the awning garden!!! LOL!! I'm still working on my coffee and you working on your blog!!

Joan said...

Be looking forward to the next TRIP moss, ice, or whatever --- just keep on pouring the morning coffee.

PalmsRV said...

When we had our RV painted a couple of years ago, we left the awning off on purpose.

Didn't think about its potential for growing plants!

We do have a smaller shade on the picture window that Jim uses to hold up our antenna (for the internet and phone).

Barbara Poole said...

I wonder what the origin of this moss is, maybe from CA, SLC, Utah or your yard. Nice to see some green.