Wednesday, October 19, 2011

THE Trip, Day Trip, LONG LONG Day Trip, Part 6, Over the Mountains We Go

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

After chatting with the knowledgeable young lady manning the desk at the Visitors Center of Anasazi Indian State Park Man and I decided to "go for it" and drive over to Capital Reef National Park, realizing we would drive there, drive through and drive home, having just a minimum of time to spend there. This fell into the, "rather see something than nothing" mode of operations.  For us, this is not the best way to tour, but, sometimes it it the only way we get it done at all.

The drive over went over 2 mountain tops. My map program says it is about 35 miles one way, but, will take a bit over 1 hour to drive, it took us 1 hour 15 minutes, one way.

Let's go sightseeing, over the mountains we go.

Below, this first photo was actually taken just before we arrived at the Anasazi Indian State Park, I just love it and wanted to share, there were several large red barns in this area, I took photos of 3, all different. Picturesque, eh??

Now, somewhere up in the first mountain top, how many miles can we see??  Have no idea, but, it is a lot of miles.  Brings to mind the phrase, "as far as the eye can see".

And, a look at the GPS readouts will tell you why we can see so far, cause, we are up so high, 9,592 feet high.

Below, another no words photo, besides, gorgeous, breathtaking, and, of course, WOW!

Below, this is not a particularly good photo, the composition lacks, but, that water down there, it is always stunning to see that much water on the canyon/desert floor, the blue is always so startling to your senses.

Below, to the left, that is about as large a trailer as I would feel comfy dragging over this route, small and lightweight.  Note:  10% grade.

We note the color of the formations and the rock starts to turn very red again, we are getting closer to Capital Reef.

One hour fifteen minutes, approximately 55 photos, 2 mountain tops, too many steep grades and tight turns to count, yes, we were all on sensory overload once more.  Doesn't get too much better, does it, can it??



Barbara Poole said...

I've never been to this area of Utah, so I'm enjoying all that I'll never see in person. Good job with all the postings Carol.

Joan said...

Couldn't see all the pictures, but the ones that I saw were absolutely breathtaking. Well work the perilous drive. Good going!

Michelle Goodrum said...

Glad you made the impromptu trip. You got some stunning pictures!