Monday, May 30, 2016

Remembering: Tecumseh Spanish-American Memorial, Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan

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Located at Brookside Cemetery, Union Street north of M-50 (Chicago Boulevard), Tecumseh, Lenawee County, Michigan.

In front of this monument are 3 cemetery stones, veterans of the Spanish-American War:

Jacob J. Yakle
Co. M 11 Inf.
Sp. Am. War

John J. Blessing
Co C
31 Mich. Inf.
Sp. Am. War

Fred J. Nobles
Co. C
31 Mich. Inf.
Sp. Am. War

The monument itself appears to be constructed of brick that has been painted.  It has a eagle at the very top. Each side has a brass plate with inscriptions.

On the front (east) is written:

In Memory of All

On the north side is written:

Dedicated to The
Area Residents
Who Served and Gave
Their Lives

World War II                               Korean War
1941-1945                                  1950-1953

On the back (west side) there is an American Eagle with flags. The inscription reads:

“We here highly resolve
that these dead shall
not have died in vain”
Abraham Lincoln

Edward Brazee        1934
Orville Gove             1931
Jack Hammel          1939
Nelson Hoekstra      1939
James O’Neil           1942
Gale Taylor              1943
Lester Wahl             1938
Donald White           1937
Charles Wilson        1933

Placed by
“Senior Echoes” staff, 1946
to honor alumni who gave their
lives in World War II

South side has a very unusual plate, which was cast in 1913 from metal recovered from the USS Maine, which was sunk in the Havana Harbor in 1898.  The plate holds the likeness of a lady with her arm outstretched, holding a shield that has the engraving of an eagle, itself holding a shield.  Above the eagle is the word Patriotism, below is the word Devotion.  The inscription of the plate reads:

Destroyed in Havana Harbor
February 15, 1898
This tablet is cast from metal recovered from the USS Maine.

In the lower right hand corner of the plate is the letter c encircled, followed by CHECK SC, 1913 Cast by Jno. Williams Inc., NY.

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Sunday, May 29, 2016

The FIRST Camping Vaca:: 1973

Copyright 2016, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Man and I have been camping a long time. Since 1973.  After his stint in the U.S. Navy, back home stateside, we had 2 weeks summer vaca from his job.  His parents had camping equipment.  We had very little money and two kids and a collie dog.  We decided that camping may afford us 2 weeks away, frugal and doable.  So, we borrowed a utility trailer from my dad, the camping gear from his parents, loaded up and we were off!

His parents joined us for some of the time.  It rained. And, rained.  And rained.  It rained about 75 % of the 2 weeks.

The "Tent" was 9 foot by 20 foot.  We called it a "army" tent.  If it was, I really am not sure. It was heavy! It had 4 ridge poles.  Lots of guide wires/ropes.  Lots of stakes.  Lots of work.  Took us 45 minutes to put it up, on a good day.

Cut to 2016, I have a new slide scanner I am testing out this weekend.  The first cube of slides contained 1973 camping photos.  Oh, yea!!  So, here are the first attempts with the new scanner and here we are camping in 1973.  Here is the tent, Carol at the picnic table, Man dumping water from the cooler, his Mom and son # 1.  The yellow things to the far right, are the boys Tonka truck collection.  

We had campfires when the rain was not putting them out.  This shot at night round the campfire.  Son # 2 in his yellow rain coat.  I am in a rain coat too, kinda an olive color. And, of course, Man, never chilly, just in the short sleeved shirt.

For years, I have had a memory of a photo from this vaca of me huddled by a campfire in that green rain coat, fire roaring, with the rain coming down.  I have yet to find a photo just like my memory provides, but, this one is close. I am huddled, hoodie up.  Man's mother has her hair covered with a rain cap.  Man, no jacket, of course.  The other gentleman, must have been a camper we met, do not recognize him.  If you look close you can see the campfire, pretty good one going.  Not sure you can see, but, on my computer with the ability to enlarge the photo a lot, there is rain dripping off of everything, the table, that bench on the right.  (Hey, as a reminder, if you click on the photo, it will open to a larger view, and I think you will see the rain drops on the bench that way!  LOL)  I am amused by my smirk.  I guess I was enjoying, even with the rain?

Our first camping trip.  1973.  Mid Michigan.  Rain.  Rain. And, more rain.  And wonderful memories.

And, I could not wait to go again in 1974.  

*  If you want to see our camping rigs, the full history via photos, you are invited to one of my other blogs/web sites, Reflections Goes RVing. This page has the images.