Monday, February 20, 2017

The Naming of Two Husbands - - I Love Death Certificates

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During the ongoing cleaning, organizing, consolidating work on the computer files and the genie data base, I sometimes find a document that is just a bit more informative than others, like:

Naomi Eley, born to Stephen A. Eley and his wife Anne H. Edwards.  Up until this past weekend, that was about all I knew about Naomi.

I now know she was married twice, check out box 18 on her death certificate.

Naomi's first marriage was to Wallace C. Varner, by whom she had a daughter, Mildred. And, then, Naomi was married to B. H. Lane.  By the way, B. H. stands for Benjamin Harrison.

I now have Naomi's death certificate, and have located her memorial on Find A Grave. 

I have located the date of her marriage to Wallace via the delayed birth registration of her daughter Mildred.

I have Wallace's death certificate.

I have Benjamin's death certificate and I know where he is buried.

I have the delayed birth registration and death certificate of Mildred.

The information is flowing in faster than I can process it.

I'm having a great time.

Yea, I love death certificates.


Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grove of the Patriarchs, Teal Blue Water and The Hike

Copyright 2017, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

In July of 2013 we were in the Mount Rainier Washington area.  Read that date, we are not there now.  Yes, I am that far behind in my travel posts.  I am sorry.  Life and fun got in the way.

Anywhoooooo, one afternoon we decided to visit the Grove of the Patriarchs and go for a hike.  The area allows you to visit Silver Falls and the Grove, both along the Ohanapecosh River.

The falls:

Man looks over the access bridge to the water flowing below.  It was a massive, stunning bridge:

After spending some time here enjoying we went back to the hiking path.

Look at the tree we had to walk under.  Look at the size of the tree to the right side of this photo.  

To get to the grove you must cross the suspension bridge.  

There goes Man, sure footed and moving along - - 

Seriously, look at the size of this fallen tree root system!  Gracious!

Peaceful, green, lush, quiet - - 

Now and then, I try something "different" with Sony.  Like panorama photos taken from ground to sky instead of left to right.  This couple sitting enjoying the peace, I had to try to capture the size, and the experience.  Of course, it is never even close, but, still, it's fun to try.

Look at the size of this downed tree by the hiking path/trail.

Before we cross the river once again, I stop to try to capture the teal blue of the water.


Fair play, Man gets to capture Carol crossing the suspension bridge.

Truly, it was lovely, the color of the clear water, the sound of water, the lovely Douglas Fir and western hemlocks, and western red cedars.