Friday, March 16, 2018

What Makes you tick? What do you dislike?

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This is part of the "The Book of Me, Written By You" challenge/meme for 2018.  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.

February prompts, 2 remain, they are:  What Makes you tick?  What do you dislike?

What makes me tick.  Genealogy.  Genealogy has made me tick for 27 years.  That’s a long time.  The tick - - has taken me to Germany and England to research.  I did a bit of research while on our 25th wedding anniversary trip to Hawaii.  I researched in Seaside Oregon when our RV, Tana, had a few issues and we were waiting for a part to arrive.  One year Man and I spent a full month  in Salt Lake City, I researched, almost every day while we were there.  It was grand, and I still have research I did there that I have not fully processed the way I want to.  We have spent hot, sunny, dusty days on the back roads of Iowa cemetery hopping.  We visited his great-grandparents haunts, places of marriage, birth, death.  We even took a photo of the street sign that we feel provided us with our surname, that’s a long story for another day, and here is the photo:

What makes me tick? Rving.  As you might have guessed many of my genealogy stories have been aided by virtue of the camping/RVing life we have loved since 1973.  That’s 45 summers, springs, falls, and yes, even winters of enjoying our tent, popup camper, and several hard sided trailer, up to and including Tana, our Heritage RV.  Tana was purchased in June of 2003 and has been from coast to coast, and border to border, and beyond that Canadian border.  In the summer of 2015 we finally made a trip to Nova Scotia, a bucket list trip at long last fulfilled.  It was beyond wonderful.  We have spent time in Alabama, Florida and Texas and Arizona and many places in between during the winter months.  There are a few states out east we have not visited with Tana (but, may have in previous rigs) and we have not visited Alaska (which remains on the bucket list).  We have camped in blizzards with brutal cold in Michigan and in 120 heat factor summer blasts in Iowa.

What do you dislike?  Liars.  Hateful people.  Bullies and narsarcistic personalities. Hypocrites.  Not real fond of snakes.  Any bug that jumps is way off my “like” list.  I hate jumping crickets and grasshoppers.  Just.  No.  Brussel sprouts, sorry, nope.  Computers (in any form, phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, etc.) that are being snarky.  In fact, I am not fond of machinery in any form, that breaks and does not operate in a proper manner.  I mean, shouldn’t tires last for 20 years?  You know, things should just work.  Always.  Without needing repairs or tweaking.  Right?  Exactly, I think so too.

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* .Photo of flat tire courtesy of nightowl at Pixaby, Creative Commons CC0.


Thursday, March 15, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks -Week 10: Strong Woman

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This post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme. This weeks prompt is, "Strong Woman - - what female in your family tree has shown remarkable strength, either physical or emotional?"

Man and I have been suffering from colds for a couple of weeks.  Sapped my will to do anything other than sleep and play solitaire.  I know better than to think I will ever catch up, but, patching sometimes will slow down the floods, eh??  Therefore - - 

I have written so much about some of my strong women in my ancestry here on Reflections.  So, when this prompt came up, I went, oh, dear.  And, so, I am going to take the "easy" way out once more.

So for this prompt, I choose to highlight once again, Lorena.  My great-grandmother.  My dad's grandmother.  He told me on more than one occasion that maybe she "poisoned" her hubbies with mushrooms.  She had 5 and they all died or disappeared from our family history. Needless to say, 5 marriages, 2 children by her first marriage, 6 children by her second marriage, and the mystery surrounding the passing of several of her hubbies, well, can we say, post fodder?  Oh, yes we can.  I have written about Lorena and her extended family well over 30 times here on Reflections.

So, without further ado, here is a link to the search of Reflections for the keyword, LORENA.  

Here she is just months before her passing, with, yeppers, yours truly as a wee bit of a babe.  To the left, my father. Sitting on the right arm of the chair, his mother, Florence.  And, ya, I have written about those two a time or two here on Reflections as well.

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