Monday, April 17, 2017

Deaths of Citizens Abroad

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The research/consolidation project continues, and sometimes it leads me to places I have never been before.  This is good, I learn, and, expand my family history.

Recently I was working some descendants of the Remley clan, I found information on 2 sisters, daughters of Jefferson Grant and his wife, Rachel Hargroves/Hargraves.  While working descendants of one of the sisters, I found a hint to look at the data base of Deaths of Citizens Abroad (I accessed via my subscription to Ancestry dot com).  I have never used this record set, but, there was one of the descendants. 

Leo was the son of James Leo Sanchez and his wife, Susan Tan Sanchez.  Currently I have recorded his place of death as "France".  I probably should change it to read, "off the coast of France". (Noting that data bases such as Legacy are not happy with off the coast of, maybe "at sea"?)

Susan was the daughter of Henry H (possibly Hughes) Tan and his wife, Francis Leonella Grant.

Frances was the daughter of Jefferson Grant and his wife Rachel Hargroves/Hargraves.

Leo died on February 15th, but, was not laid to rest in Savannah until March 7th.  That must have been a long almost 3 weeks for his family.  His Find A Grave memorial can be found here.

These are South Carolina families, back to the Civil War era.  I have not been able to trace it much further, due to the burned records.   Seeing that this is the first breakthrough I have had in this line in over 10 years, I am quite happy to be working on it once more.

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Friday, March 31, 2017

Federal Taxes Due, 1865

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Now and then, I find interesting little tidbits to add to my data base.

One was found in the U.S. IRS Tax Assessment Lists, 1862-1918 data base over at Ancestry.  

Princess Anne County, Virginia, home of my Dews clan at that time.

See, tucked in between Dyer and Davis, DEWS.  E. Dews.

Here is the full page, entries past E. Dews not included, in other words, cropped away.

A rough transcription:

ALPHABETICAL LIST of Persons in Division No Three, of Collection District No Four, of the State of Virginia, liable to a tax under the Excise laws of the United States, and the amount thereof, as assessed by A. B. Malborne, Assistant Assessor, and by John M. Donn, Assessor, returned to the Collector of said District, for the month of May, 1865.

Date of Demand: May

Name: E. Dews

Location: Princess Anne

Article or occupation: Income 1864

No in Abstract: 241


Valuation: 167

Rate of tax:   5 per ??

Amount of Tax Upon Particular Article  

Total: 83.57

If you happen to be a member of Ancestry, there is a description of the data base and the laws (in brief) here.  If you are not a paid member, you may (or not) be able to access this via a public library that offers Ancestry to it's clients.  A "Carol" summary is: on July 1, 1862 Congress passed the Internal Revenue Act, so as "to support the Government and to pay interest on the Public Debt."  Yes, debt from the Civil War.

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* E. Dews is my gg grandfather, full name, as recorded in my data base is Edward Dews, born about 1820, someplace in Virginia, died Dec 3, 1876 in Princess Anne County, Virginia.