Saturday, October 8, 2011

THE Trip, Dixie National Forest, Red Canyon, near Bryce Canyon Utah

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

(Warning, this post is a bit graphics heavy, all this beauty and wonder, I can't stand it, gotta share photos, lots of photos! LOL)

On May 13, 2011 Man and I set out for Red Canyon, just down the road a few miles from Bryce Canyon Utah.  Friend and fellow blogger, Susan of Nolichucky Roots had told me of their wonderful hike at Red Canyon.  Since she had suggested the Mossy Cave Trail we hiked on May 12th and enjoyed immensely, we knew we would also enjoy Red Canyon. And, we did!

Below:  The trail is red (but of course) sand and gravel and small rock.  We met a few other hikers along the way, some of them were rather chatty, so, we held back, sat and looked and sighed and absorbed until they were far in front of us, or we walked by them rather quickly and got way out in front of them.  Man and I both felt the need to experience the Pink Ledges Trail in nature's quiet, a few birds singing, ground critters scurrying around, and Mother Nature's wind whispering through the pines.  (No snakes tho, so glad!  LOL)

Below, time stamp from Sony, 2:58 P.M.

Below, time stamp from Sony, 2:59 P.M. Generally speaking, except when Man and I were trying to out-walk other hikers, we don't move along the trails very quickly.   So, you can see from the time stamps, the scenery changes quickly.

Below, you can see, we really were right in with the hoodoos, reach out and touch me they called to us, but, for the most part we were able to resist the calls, not wanting to leave oily finger prints behind.

Below, balancing act in progress:

Below, you can see the trail is very easy to follow, etched in the surface by many feet.  And, happily, not many hikers/walkers stray from the trail, leaving the delicate surface in tact.

Below, same 2 formations as in the far left of photo above.

Below, again, a close up of the photo directly above, getting closer to the formations:

And, last, but surely NOT the least, my favorite photo of the day, believe this was taken while we sat on a bench enjoying EVERYTHING:

This hike/walk, along with the one we took while in Sedona Arizona, were probably my favorites. Thanks again to Susan for the suggestion.

* I am not totally happy with the color in the photos today, it just doesn't feel or look right to me.  I was playing with many new settings on the camera this day, this hike.  The sun was blindingly bright, glaring back at me from every angle.  I am not sure the new settings were such a good idea!  LOL  Oh, dear, well, you know, maybe we just need to go back and do this hike again, and use different settings on Sony!  Ya, there is a really great idea, another shot at it!  Or shots - - just sayin' - -


Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

HOLY MOLY! What absolutely stunning terrain and you captured it so beautifully. Oh, SO agree about staying away from the noise of other hikers..exactly what I would want to do!

Nita said...

Beautiful Scenery Carol and what great photos! The day we went to Bryce, The Dixie National Forest was closed (as in totally snowed in). We knew we would like it, so will keep that in mind if we ever get to make a return visit to that area. It is definately not an early April happening.