Friday, October 7, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon National Park, Hiking Mossy Cave Trail

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

On May 12, 2011 Man and I approached Bryce Canyon National Park from a different direction, a hike at the Mossy Cave Trail.  Friend and fellow blogger, Susan of Nolichucky Roots was in the area just days before Man and I were.  We chatted and compared notes via email, she shared her experiences and her feelings during her visit to Bryce.

Susan, like I, has issues with heights and narrow walking/hiking ledges that over look the canyons.  Knowing that her issues were pretty much my issues I paid very close attention to her reactions and her suggestions.  She related to me how she really felt connected to the hoodoos when she got down among them, specifically at Mossy Cave and Red Canyon nearby.

After visiting Bryce Canyon National Park I decided I felt pretty much the same way.  As gorgeous as the hoodoos are, somehow I just did not feel connected or moved.  Several other friends have related how they thought Bryce was the most beautiful park they have ever visited. My photos show a gorgeous place.  But, still my heart did not miss beats, my soul was not connecting.

It was time for a good ole fashioned hike.  I chose Mossy Cave Trail because, frankly Susan could not say enough good about it.  She was certainly correct, about everything.  Once we got down among the hoodoos, looking up at them, instead of down at them, my reactions changed, my entire outlook and attitude changed.

Here, look at the hoodoos a bit closer.  Fabulous, aren't they??

Add water:

And, a water fall:

This is Tropic Ditch. it was completed in 1892.  It is a hand dug canal to provide water for the residents.  To reduce the work load of such a massive undertaking the pioneers chose a route that followed natural water courses where ever possible.  Except for in 2002 during a severe drought, water has run down Tropic Ditch for over 100 years.

And, there are windows, 4 in this particular grouping:

We did hike the section of the trail that takes you to Mossy Cave, my photos received a failing grade, but for us, it was such a minor portion of the day's experience.  The hike, the Tropic Ditch water, the windows, and being IN the canyon with the hoodoos made the day.

Finally, another panoramic photo:

Thank you again to Susan, you were spot on with your observations and suggestions.  Yes, I finally "got" the hoodoos and the magic.


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Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Awwww, georgous photographs!! I feel like I went on the trail walk with you!