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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

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Reflections and her Man wishing you a blessed and happy Easter.

* Image courtesy of Hans and Pixabay.


Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Genie Meetup And A California Geocache

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This is the fun part of traveling with Jolly, Tana, and Man.  Now and then we get to have meetups with other RVers and genie researchers.  This time it was another Lashbrook researcher, C and her hubs M.  They drove about 45 minutes to have lunch with us.  They are a totally delightful couple, he has a special twinkle in his eye and she is one of the most enthusiastic researchers I have ever met.  Man and C are distant cousins.  In fact, the way I figure it, they are 4th cousins, once removed.  So, they are cousins! LOL

Here is C and her man, hubby, M.

The cousins:

The internet friends and co-researchers:

We met and had a nice lunch (a buffet place, Man's smiling still!).  Then, somehow we got chatting about geocaching and next thing I knew, they were following us around Bakersfield, experiencing one infamous U turn  (yep, just one) and finding their first cache!  Do you see it??

Cute stuff inside, a very very nice cache indeed, and we logged our first California cache.

A very special day, one we will hold fondly in our memories.  Thank you C & M for driving all that way, it meant so much to us.


Friday, March 29, 2013

Found Those Hiding Turners, Yes, I Did, FINALLY!

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Yes, I still research (you know, genealogy, family research) now and then.  It is harder to find a hunk of time while we are traveling and enjoying the USA and shooting hundreds (well, thousands) of photos and blogging about it all, however, now and then, I just need to get some balance in my life and do a few hours of research.  Gotta have 15 to 20 web pages open, the photo digitizing program, the data base, and several other programs all going at the same time.  Flipping back and forth, recharging the batteries (mine) and hopefully kick starting the brain into function.

And, then there are these souls residing in my data base that I just cannot seem to stop researching.  Their stories have open ends, even tho I know they have passed to the great beyond.  Every time I pass their names in my data base, I search a little, wonder, why are you hiding, where are you??  Some just need to be found and will not leave me alone until I do.

Such is the story of Una Margaret (Grettenberg) and her hubs, Fred A. Turner.  I wrote about her parents way back in 2009.

I had Una's delayed birth record.  (Side note, I have never really figured out who Carrie the cousin who signs this document is, maybe I'll work on this again soon.)

Over the last few days, I have been reviewing the Lashbrook clan, adding some new names, finding a few here and there on Find A Grave and I even found the image (thank you FamilySearch) of Una and Fred's marriage.  I had the information from an index, but, there is nothing like the image, eh??  (This is the best I could do with this image, the online copy was so faint I could barely read it, but, I COULD read it!)

So, last night, I started again, over several hours I tried to chase down a suspected date for Una's death, I had this date, but could not verify it.  After a bit of deep digging, I found that some California deaths are at FamilySearch.  I finally found the correct data base (don't ask how long that took, what was I saying about trying to keep my brain functioning??  SIGH).  I actually found the certificate number, something that is missing from the online indexes.  Score!

I checked out the California Voting Registers at Ancestry.com.  Collected some interesting data there.

Actually did a map search (Google) and looked at the house of the last address I could find using street view.  IF the map showed me the correct house, well, today, a very pretty, well kept home sits at that address.

Eventually I wandered around the online services and located this death notice for Una.  Score!

Note, no information on burial or interment.  Well, we all know, one step forward, one sideways.

I also suspected a death date for Fred, and using the same data base and a little more sideways searching, I located a death notice for him.  Score!

Ah, ha, a bit of information on the interment.  Yep!  I was able to find a web site for the funeral home, attempted to write them an email. FAIL.  The email bounced in seconds.  However, there was a link to the blue social media page, and yes, I went there and yes, I sent them a message.  No response yet.  Fingers crossed.

I then did a generalized web search and hit a bonanza.  Transcribed by V. Gerald Laquinta. Found at the web site for Los Angeles County Biographies.  Thank you.  Well done!  Due to possible copyright issues, I will put a bit of the full biography here, and you can read the rest, here.

"For many years one of Alhambra’s leading businessmen and a civic leader of top rank, Fred A. Turner has seen the city grow and prosper since he first began to serve Alhambrans as a funeral director in 1913.  Associated with Pierce Brothers, the largest firm of funeral directors in the West..."

And, the last paragraph of that wonderful transcription, yes, you heard a few WOOTS from Carol!

 "Mrs. Turner, the former Miss Una G. Grettenberg, is also a native of Iowa, from Mitchell County.  She has been active on the Alhambra Library Board for close to twenty-five years."

There are some loose ends on this research, such as considering ordering Una's death certificate, as the index has her mother's maiden name all wrong, I sure would like to see that.  And, there is this article I found this morning in the Los Angeles Times archives from 1961 when Fred was awarded Man of Year Award Alhambra in 1961.  Might have to spring the $$ for that too.

But, in my heart I feel I have finally found their story and told their story.  Score!

* Need or want further source data, contact me, there is an email addy over there in that right hand column.

** Oh, and those disclaimer things the law says I need to include.  I pay for the sites I use that need to be paid, I do not get kickbacks, blah blah blah, see my Disclaimer tab at the top of this blog for full disclaimer.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Red Rock Canyon Nevada, Just Getting There, AHHH

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The official name of this area is Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, it is managed by the Bureau of Land Management.

One day during our week at Pahrump Nevada the winds were blowing.  The slide toppers were flapping, the noise was annoying.  So, we decided to take a day trip/ride back towards Las Vegas and take in Red Rock Canyon.  It was on the "hit", err, bucket list, and we decided we would rather be IN the wind than listening to it.  Have to say, for the most part, the wind was not an issue, even tho the sign indicated it could be.

The ride over gave me the opportunity to view some of the beautiful land forms from another angle, going east, vs the westerly view I had arriving at Pahrump. The land forms did not disappoint:

This one was very high up, that "divot" was interesting.  Divot?? More like a cave, eh??

Way off in the distance, yes, that is Las Vegas.  Glimering in the sun, wonder who won that day??  Or who lost??  Or is that a figment of our imagination??  It is rather misty, isn't it??

Back to nature's wonders, I could look at this all day long!

Entering the Red Rock Canyon National Preserve area:

Before we went on the 13 mile scenic drive we stopped at Bonney Springs, another ghost town.  Ghost towns are abundant out here, and so far, we have not tired of them.  We stopped for a few minutes, decided to split a burger (nomma nomma good), have a quick walk around and stretch our legs.  And, here is how I keep track of all of you while we are out and about.  (Geesh, Man, you could have tried to get me looking just a LITTLE bit more serious, don't you think??)

OK, the photographer in me is a sap for the touristy staged western theme:

Bonney Springs is where I captured the Turtle Tripod and the interesting signage for the, mmm, rest rooms:

After our short stop in Bonney Springs, there are those gorgeous mountains again.  I lost count of how many photos of these I actually took of these beautiful striped land forms, each mile we drove gave a different vantage point, the views always changing.

Next, I'll show you some of the canyon, lots of RED, I joked later, that my lungs were probably all red from the deep breathing of awe and delight!


Saturday, March 23, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Pahrump Valley Museum, Pahrump Nevada

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We enjoy visiting the local museums while we travel, these small towns have great museums.  Kudos to the local residents for preserving your heritage and history.  We find they are passionate about their towns and their collections.

This museum (according to the information from one of the staff) was gifted with a collection of sculptures, this is just one, of many, something a bit different.

I took no photos inside the museum.  They do have one of the most impressive collections of Lincoln (as in President Abe Lincoln) memorabilia I believe I have ever seen. They also have a very impressive display, including videos and photos and more about the Nevada Test Site, aka Nevada National Security Site.  There is no way I understood most of the display, but, it was a recent addition to the museum and was well displayed, roomy, techy.

The museum has a very nice collection of buildings, old ones, taken from locations around Nye County, dismantled in some instances log by log and rebuilt at the museum site.

One of the buildings is the Raycroft Railroad Tie Cottage, built in 1947 as a vacation cottage for Ida and Jim Raycraft.  It was built from railroad ties from the Tonopah & Tidewater Rail Road (note: they don't need to use creosote on the ties in this dry climate, they just do not rot away.)  Here is a room from the Raycroft cottage:

Lots of mining was done in this area, the museum has buildings and equipment that were rescued from old mines.  Here is Man gaining entrance to a "Miner's Cabin".  The information we were provided with during our walk around of the grounds tells us that these structures (shacks as they called them in the literature) built for housing were easy to dismantle if they wished to move it on to another mine or cheap enough to just abandon.

Inside, cook stove and some kitchen necessities:

And, in the other corner, a bed (I hear all the ewwwwwwwwwwwww's, I said them too, shudder, shudder).   

Little Red Schoolhouse, in use as late as 1945, it is from Clay Camp, Amargosa.

Inside the one room school house, and yes, in that back left corner, there is a dunce hat and chair.

Some more of the unusual but, oh, so interesting, buildings would be the grain silos, two of them in fact.  They were built before 1957 at the Pahrump Ranch, and are built of redwood.

We gained some appreciation and understanding of the area by visiting the Pahrump Valley Museum.

By the way if you are on FB (the blue social media site) type in the name Pahrump Valley Museum in the search engine at FB.  They have a page and some neat history about  the Little Red School House, arriving at the museum in 2006 and the rehab of it.  They also list upcoming programs and speakers and such.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Reality Days, Gotta Have Em

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We arrived in Bakersfield California on Tuesday.  Interesting campground, in the middle of an orange grove.  And, it is green here.  As in bushes, trees, grass.  And, some flowers too!

We are spring cleaning Tana, dumping a few pounds of desert dust.  And, I am working on tax prep.

We made a grocery run, after about 10 days, the pantry was pretty empty, took 2 grocery carts to refill.  Painful.  Been working on laundry too, but, with my beloved Splendide, that is just an ongoing project, and it provokes no panic.

We just realized that Easter is soon upon us, and we have no reservations.  Dang, hope we don't find ourselves in a WalMart parking lot for the weekend.  Guess we MUST work on that.

So, the trip posts will be coming along soon.  I'll probably work on Red Rock Canyon National Preserve in Nevada visit next. So pretty.  Only 250 photos to work through.  Alas, that is one reason I am behind.  Oh, and the fact that I self indulged a bit and did some family history work.  Added a few nice hunks of info last evening, ok, late last night (midnight is VERY late for this gal).  

So, we are taking some reality days, after Death Valley, Calico Ghost Town and Red Rock Canyon State Park in California (yep, similar name, different state, happy me, red red red).  I took over 2000 photos, yes, you read that correctly, 2000 in those 10 days of vacation mode delight.  I need the reality days!  

I have posted a few things over at Flora and Fauna, such as a  Yellow-Headed Jawfish and Greater Barracuda and Joshua Tree buds and blooms.  And, soon to come Seahorses and Shrimpfish.  Not my best work, by the way, but, something fun to share.

In the meantime, I gotta get back to Uncle Sam, he is rather unforgiving - - 

* Graphic courtesy of Pixabay and user Nemo.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Pahrump Nevada, Town of Signs

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Pahrump is an interesting town, one thing that struck me were the signs!  EVERYWHERE, signs.  Heavens, there is even a sign for signs.

It seems times have been rough, many of the signs are for property for sale or rent.

This is Nevada, gambling is legal:

Of course there are pawn shops too:

And, brothels are legal in Nye County.

Pahrump is also the home of an award winning winery:

A few of their award winning bottles, quite the display.

There are quite a few geocaches nearby, Man and I nabbed one near the winery:

On March 8th it rained and up in the mountains, it snowed, the next morning the clouds and fog were low, giving an "other-worldly" view of the snow laden mountains.  It was beautiful.

Our last night there was even a nice sunset.

Pahrump has a nice museum too, I'll tell you about that later.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

More Coffee Please

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One of my duties is backing Jolly up during the hookup procedures. The other day in Pahrump I did it in one. SWEET!

Today it took more than one. Took more than two. Sigh.

Well finally got Tana hooked up and we did our pull test and all was fine.

Then I went to go back into Tana when I discovered the steps were still down. GULP!!

And since I am posting this with the iPad and photos taken with same, well I have no idea if this is going to work. If not I will edit later. LOL

Well looks like you may see the photos. So, one inch from disaster.

Gotta roll and, yes, Mina, the front windshield is clean and the batteries are charged. Sony Too is ready.