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Sunday, February 25, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 8: "Heirloom"

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This week's post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme.  Week 8. "Heirloom".

The prompt for week 8 is:  Is there a special item that's been passed down in your family?

My favorite heirloom probably is the Whitmer Family Cradle.  Since I have blogged about it a few times, I'll just drop this link here, and you can go see for yourself.

So, for this week's prompt, I decided to focus on another favorite, the pot belly stove from the David Halterman farm.  I recovered it from the "chicken coop" wayyyy  up the hill at the farm.  Then, I discovered I have also written about that once, here.  

SOOOO, here are photos, first the stove:

And, the cradle (yes, that is Moi as a small person):

These "personal care items" belonged to Ida and David Halterman, and you can tell, these were NOT for show.  (wink, wink) .   And, the prior link, again, here on Reflections.

This bottle collection came from Minnie Halterman Trumbo, and I was told the bottles were from her own collection and from bottles from her parents, Ida and David Halterman, another one of my special heirlooms.  Yep, blogged these before as well

I have been blessed by having been granted the care of many of the family heirlooms.  I have written about them many times here on Reflections, and will continue to do so, I want my descendants to know about all this "old" stuff I own.

Even tho my favs have already been discussed here on Reflections a few times, I have enjoyed revisiting the posts and sharing with you, my readers, once again.



Sunday, February 18, 2018

What Do You Read, What Do You Collect?

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This is part of the "The Book of Me, Written By You" challenge/meme for 2018.  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.

I used to read, to relax, bodice ripper books, yes, those romance novels.  In the last several years, I don’t.  I have given away my collection of those books.  I read some technical books, and even those I pick at.  I’d have to say, most of my reading these days is research.  Finding ancestors.  I will say, that reading old newspapers on line is great stuff.

Look what you can discover in the newspaper.  This is Man's great grandfather.  The town is 45 minutes from our home in Michigan.  We had NO idea his grandparents lived that close, we only knew he had lived in Minnesota and Iowa.

Collect?  Ancestors of course.  I enjoy antiques but, these days they are only brought home if they are family related.  Below:  My great grandparents marriage certificate, the original and a photo of their three daughters.  They were hanging in the family home we sold a few years ago, and I was granted permission to bring them home.  

We also brought home a small van full of furniture, cause I could not part with it a fire sale prices.  Like this hutch.  I need to convince Man to move it into our "parlor".  

Till next time - - 


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 7: "Valentine"

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This week's post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme.  Week 7. "Valentine".

The prompt for week 7 is Valentine, and continues:
Is there a love story in your family tree? Maybe a couple was married on Valentine's Day or you have a valentine that one ancestor gave to another. Maybe you have an ancestor named Valentine.

Why yes, I have a few "Valentine"s in my data base.  Not all are "ancestors", at least not all direct ancestors, but, that's a small unimportant detail on Valentine's Day, eh?? In fact, I have 7, all but one of those happen to be males.  Here is a short review of my 7 Valentines.

Valentin Wettlaufer. whose bride was Catherine (any spelling will be accepted). Their son, Jacob (born 1860, died 1917, Canada) married into Man's Ruthig clan, one Louisa Ruthig (born 1861 Canada).

Valentine Daub, born 1862, died 1944. Canada. Married into another one of Man's families, the Gerths.  Valentine's bride was Barbara Gerth, who was born 1986, died 1929.  Canada.  My data base shows them as the parents by 10 children.  Research continues.

Valentine Ruthig/Rudig, born 1821 in Schoenenberg, Bayern, Germany, died 1883 Perth County, Ontario, Canada.  Married Margret (Marguarita) Zinkann in 1847 in Upper Canada.   She was born in 1831 in Germany and died in 1889 in Canada.  Valentine and Margret had 12 children that are recorded.

Valentine Schafer whose bride was Mary Grub. Their son Charles (born ca 1883) married another Ruthig bride, one Emma, who was born 1886 in Canada.

Valentine Wagner, born ca 1699 in Bavaria Pfalz, Germany.  He is son (MAYBE) of Peter Wagner and his wife, Anna Margaretha Mozen.  My notes field is filled with warnings that Valentine may NOT be their child.  Further research is truly indicated.  (One - Moi - needs TIME)

Valentine Peter Ruthig, born 1902 in Michigan. Died 1946 in Michigan.  Married Esther K. Brooks, she was born 1908 in Indiana, died 1994 in Florida.  They had 2 children.

Valentine Virginia "Jack" Stokesbury, born 1916 Pennsylvania.  Died 1945 California.  Married John Joseph "Joe" Marchant. Joe was born 1915 in Virginia and died in 1973 in California.  They had 3 children that I am aware of.

Happy Valentine's Day from Man, Sir W, Moi and our "Valentine" kin.

* #52ancestors

** Any and all corrections/hints/help, always appreciated.  Note:  Yes, I have research done and not posted to the data base, that is why the over one year long consolidation project, the ongoing consolidation project.


Monday, February 12, 2018

America WHO?

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Before you begin, you might want to review Whatever Happened to America Bowen, Is She America Gill?

Cuz Fran and I have been brainstorming and burning up tons of bandwidth on the internet working on questions I raised in that post on America.  

Due to the small issue of some missing/burnt records (sadly, not uncommon in Southern States), we have some holes in the research, happens when there are no records.  But, we have decided that we agree that America Gill is NOT America Bowen Gill, but is instead America Woods Gill.


We believe that America Woods was born to James Jackson Woods and his first wife Nancy Davis. America was born around 1855 and appears on the 1860 and 1870 US Census reports in Bulloch County, Georgia with her parents.

Between the 1870 and 1880 census several things happen in this family.

1.  Nancy passes. 

2. James Jackson takes as his second wife, Annie Bowen.  Annie is the child of Hezekiah and Pharaby Bowen.  Just to keep this muddled, Annie Bowen Woods would be the aunt of the America Bowen I have been searching for.  Yes, Annie married a man with a daughter named America.  Yes, our heads are spinning.

3. America Woods, daughter of James Jackson Woods and Nancy Davis Woods marries one Peter Gill and appears with him on the 1880 census enumeration.

We followed America and Peter in my last post.  Peter (Petter) Gill appears in the 1900 census for the last time and America Gill appears in the 1910 census for the last time.  At least in Bulloch County Georgia.  Neither has been found elsewhere, anywhere, yet.  Cause you know, they could show up somewhere, sometime.

America and Peter Gill’s daughter, Emma, is buried in the Woods Cemetery.  James Jackson Woods and Annie Bowen Woods are buried there as well.  Emma, if our logic and research hold, is Jackson's granddaughter.

Here are Annie's and Jackson's headstones.  I took these photos in 2014 when another cousin gave us a fabulous "cooks" tour of Bowen highlights of Bulloch County Georgia.  Cousin Fran has a different date for Annie's death, that being 1888.  I know, I know, this is never easy.

Find A Grave has the Woods Cemetery online, here.

So, after burning up a bunch of bandwidth and sharing the frustration and some dark evil laughs, we agree, America Gill, wife of Peter, is one America Woods Gill, daughter of James Jackson Woods and his first wife, Nancy Davis.

Which still leaves us wondering - - America Bowen, daughter of Hezekiah Bowen and his wife, Martha Sikes Bowen - - where is she, or where did she go?

So, there is a family tradition/story that I was unaware of, Fran knew it.  It goes like this:

     America married a dude by the name of F. M. Davis.  They moved to Arkansas where she died prior to 1908, that being the date of the death of her father Hezekiah. Family stories that have been passed down (but not to me until now!  LOL), that Hezekiah was quite distraught to have learned of his daughter’s death.

If you remember from my last post on America, I mentioned that there was indeed an America Davis enumerated on the 1880 Emanuel County Georgia census with one F. M. Davis.

And, then, NOTHING.

  I could not find them on any 1900 census, anywhere.  I could not find any grave memorial, no death records, NADDA.

UNTIL one day last week, when I found an Application for Letters of Administration for one America Davis following the death of one F. M. Davis in March of 1892 in Sevier County Arkansas.  (There is an accompanying Administrators Bond in Sevier County records, not shown here.)

And, then, I burned up another big bunch of band width, over at least 2 full days, looking all over the internet at anything to do with Sevier County Arkansas for any additional clue to find America OR F. M. Davis.



The search continues.

* One of my first research tactics this week was to review every female named America in the 1870 census of Bulloch County Georgia.  There were 28.  Many were too young, too old, or married with children.  They were easy to dismiss.  But, still 28 ladies named America in just one county of Georgia in the 1870 Census??  Kissing away the bandwidth! 

** Fran, contact me if I have errors.  Of course, you will!  Thanks for the fun this week.

*** As always, we all know it takes a village and a good number of genie angels to collect our family stories.  If you have hints or photos or documents or family stories, I welcome your feedback.  (And, yes, you may tell me all about the typos too!  LOL)


Sunday, February 11, 2018

What do (or did) you do?

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This is part of the "The Book of Me, Written By You" challenge/meme for 2018.  You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.

This week's meme is:  What do (or did) you do?

Personally:  Mother, grandmother. Wife, daughter. Sister, Aunt. Friend.  (Below, me with the grandtwins.)

Working life:  Store clerk, bookkeeper, secretary, office manager.  (This phone switching box was used in the real estate office I worked in for about 9 years.  We used it until about late 1980's. And, yes, I did disconnect callers until I learned to operate the system, more than once! From my personal collection.)

Volunteer in many areas of interest, currently on leave of absence.

Researcher.  Amateur photographer.  Blogger. RVer, lover of travel, nature and sunsets.  (This week in Needles California, where we are living this month.)


Saturday, February 10, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 6: "Favorite Name"

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This week's post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme.  Week 6. "Favorite Name".

I gave this a lot of thought.  With well over 18,000 individuals in my data base, it was difficult.  Seriously, I don't think I have a favorite.  So, I, once more, went a bit of a different route.  Headed over to the data base and looked at the file statistics.  It really is a fascinating little report, well, maybe not so little.

However, anything that catches my attention and makes me review and or giggle at myself, that's all good stuff.

Here are my most popular surnames and given names.  First the surnames.  Only surprise, and probably should not be is that Smith is number 4.  

Here are the most popular given names in my data base.  Look at number 1.  Really?  I think I have some explaining to do, to me!  HOW did that happen?  I think I know.  I think I need to review and see if I can change a few of those Mr. first names to, you know, oh, maybe, John?

Have you ever checked your data base for statistics??  You might be surprised.

** #52ancestors


Monday, February 5, 2018

Whatever Happened to America Bowen, Is She America Gill?

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

America, oh, America, where did you get off to?

America was born America Bowen about 1859 in Georgia per the 1860 US Census of Bengel, Bulloch County, Georgia.  Her parents were Hezekiah and Martha (Sikes) Bowen. She is enumerated with her parents once again on the 1870 U.S. Census of Bulloch County, Georgia. She is not found enumerated with her parents again.

I have yet to discover a marriage record for America.  To any dude, anywhere.  Or at least one that I buy into - - see end of this post.  *

That said, I have always wondered about America Gill and hubs, Peter on the 1880 US Census enumeration of Lockhart, Bulloch, Georgia:
     Peter Gill , age 22 and America Gill, age 20.  They are enumerated in the household of John and Annie Bowen.  John is her uncle (if I am correct in my logic here).

I have reviewed the 1900 census of 1320 Militia District, (Laston), Bulloch County Georgia, where we find America Gill, wife, age 45, born March 1855 (? maybe, this one is very hard to read), married 20 years, 3 children, 2 of whom still survive, born Georgia, both parents born Georgia; Petter Gill, age 45, born April 1855, married 20 years, born Georgia, both parents born Georgia, farm laborer.  It is interesting to note that enumerated nearby are James J. Woods (uncle by marriage), Samuel Bowen (brother), L. A. Scarboro (hubby of her 3rd cousin) and Absolum Scarboro  (uncle by marriage).  This is the last time we have found Peter Gill anywhere.  No death record, no grave, nothing in the newspapers I have checked (so far, you know, hope springs eternal.)

Let's look at:  America Gill is located on the 1910 U.S.Census, 1320 District, Laston, Bulloch County, Georgia in the house hold of her son, James T. Gill. She is listed as mother, age 55, married one time, age at time of first marriage 29, 3 children, 2 of whom survive, born Georgia, both parents born Georgia; James T. Gill is shown as head of household, age 21, married for 5 years, born Georgia, farmer; Ruthie, wife, age 18, married 5 years, 2 children, both survive, born Georgia, both parents born Georgia; Othello, daughter, age 4, born Georgia, Clarence, son, age 3.  Looking around the neighborhood, I still find James J. Woods and Absolum Scarboro nearby.  Brother Samuel is still around Laston, but not enumerated on the page before or after America and her son James. T.

This is the last time I have been able to locate America on the census.  I cannot find any death record, grave record nor have I been successful finding her in any newspapers (searched Genealogy Bank and Newspapers dot com, both of which I have paid subscriptions to).

You will note that in both the 1900 and 1910 census it is reported that America had 3 children, but that one had passed.  Emma J. Gill, daughter of Peter and America Gill, born December 15, 1880, died March 21, 1881. She is buried  in the Woods Cemetery, in Bulloch County, Georgia.  I visited here with the help of a Bowen cousin who is very familiar with the area.  Here is her headstone, remarkably well preserved.

And, so, even after a day's worth of review, I still ask, whatever happened to America Bowen, is she really this America Gill?  My instincts tell me, yes, this is correct.  See new link below for my next installment on America Bowen.

* I have found other researchers that indicate she was married at age 11 to a man in Marion County Indiana.  Sorry, I just don't buy that one.  Place and age both tell me, mmm, nope.

I have found a number of researchers that indicate she was married to a F. M. Davis.  I want to research him more, I am skeptical tho.  Skepticism reenforced by the 1910 census that shows the America Gill I am following around Bulloch county  was "M1".  Or, only married one time. That would be column 8, if you are wondering.  There is however, a F. M. Davis with a wife, America found enumerated on the 1880 U.S. Census of Emanuel County Georgia (right next door to Bulloch County).  I have found nothing more, yet, on either of them.

America?  Give it up - - I want answers!

NEW NEW NEW:  Updated after many hours of research, see my next post on America Bowen, America WHO?


Sunday, February 4, 2018

How do you De-Stress?

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Back in 2013, I started writing the weekly meme,  "The Book of Me, Written By You".  I did not finish the challenge, but, I have the prompts saved, and hope that maybe soon, I can address more of them.  I really need to spend a lot more time here at Reflections.  That said - - You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.  This prompt was from the first set of prompts, it is not the full prompt, as I have chosen to only write about part of it.

Prompt for week 32 was - How do you De-Stress?

Read, Swim, Walk, Music, Yoga, Sport, Anything else?

My best de-stresser:  Nature and hikes in same. Like these photos from 2015 show.  Two sunsets from Needles California:

The next three are from near Boulder, Lake Mead.  Water of course.

Hiking.  With little (or no) phone connection, peace, quiet, solitude, exercise, de-stressing at it's best.

What will we find next - - peaking through the tunnels into the possibilities. 


Saturday, February 3, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks - Week 5: "Census"

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Back in July of 2009, as a newbie blogger I wrote a piece I called "Citizenship vs love".  I decided to revisit that post as part of my participation in Amy Johnson Crow's 2018 version of the 52 Ancestors meme, week 5. "Census".  One of the questions asked was, "What intriguing find have you made in a census?"  I have to say, all these years later, that the story of Eula Lashbrook and her citizenship still intrigues me.  What follows is in part, the original post, and in part some new insights on the whole story.  As always, review, review, review, plays a HUGE part of my research these days.  And so:

Would you give up your citizenship for love?? There was a time when a lady would lose her American citizenship if she married an "Alien".

This is a snippet of the 1920 U.S. Census, Black Hawk County, Iowa.

This is Eula Lashbrook Jensen and her second husband Carl Jensen. Carl claims to have come to the US in 1904, as you can see from column 13.  (I have never really found any documentation to support the 1904 year of immigration column for Carl.  The search continues.) He states he has filed his papers for Naturalization as you can see from column 14. However, what really interested me is column 14, and you will see Eula is shown to be an "Alien".

Eula's grandparents were born in England and in New York. So, by my count she was a second generation natural born citizen (via her paternal lines), but she was an alien in 1920.  Her direct paternal lineage goes like so:  Eula, born 1890 in Iowa.  Father, George Lashbrook, who was born 1860 in Wisconsin.  Her grandfather, William N. Lashbrook, who was born 1824 in England.  Her great-grandfather was Richard Lashbrook, who was born in England around 1793.  Richard and his wife, Ann, with a pack of kids, left England about 1830, traveling first to the Quebec Canada area, and a year later moved into the Clinton County New York area.  In 1840 Richard filed a Declaration in Clinton County New York.

However, Eula became an Alien, when she married Carl in 1919, even though she was born in Iowa, and her father was born in Wisconsin. Naturalization processes and requirements have changed many times since 1790.  For researchers this means we find ourselves searching the rules that were in effect when our ancestors lived. I ended up here, during one such search. Now, please note, this site will not be sufficient for the legal eagles, but, does help the novices, like Moi.  I believe the law change of 1907 is what applies to Eula's situation:

"Act of March 2, 1907 
1. An American woman – even born in the US – lost her citizenship when she married an alien and takes on his nationality. She could obtain it back if her husband naturalized. 
Total residency in US: 5 years; 1 year in state; 2 years between declaration & petition."

When we pay close attention to those small columns on the census reports we discover really interesting historical lessons and a few oddities as well. 

Paying attention to those small columns brings me to the 1940 US Census enumeration of Carl and Eula. (I did not have the 1940 census when I first wrote about Carl and Eula in 2009.) Here is a partial screen shot, showing Carl C. (indexed by the way at one genie site as Tensen) Jensen.

As I studied this, my eye was drawn to that "4".  Here is another screen shot of the same thing, different view.  I have drawn a sad looking arrow to the "4".

I noted this was in column 16 of the census, but, I had no idea what column 16 was supposed to record, so, off I went again and I ended up here.  I note this is considered an "Abridged" version of the instructions.  After you have fun and learn something by reading along, head over to the bottom of page 8 and the top of page 9.  Yes, here are two screen captures that address column 16 specifically:


I have looked at these paragraphs, and frankly, I just do not see anything about a number.  As a follow up, when I noted that these pages came from an "abridged" version of instructions, I went looking again and found the full deal here.  I see nothing about numbers. Just "Na", "Pa", "Al" and "Am Cit".

So, what does that number "4" mean?? If I had a hunch, I would say the enumerator for some reason recorded how long Carl had been a naturalized citizen.  The search will continue, of course.

And, that is about as far as I have been able to get with this (remembering life and such has a way of getting in the way of research, dang it!).

So, what did these two census enumerations tell me? Well, that I need to do more research, lots more.  And, that naturalization laws have changed many times.  And that review is ALWAYS a good thing.  That even after all these years as a researcher, there is more to learn.  Keep an open mind, watch those thin little columns. Don't be afraid to set aside a search and come back later, even years later.

* Previously I had discovered this and only this about Carl's attempt to become an American citizen:

        According to "Black Hawk County, Iowa Petition for Naturalization Book 1", compiled by Black Hawk County Genealogical Society, 1988, we find:

Jensen: Carl Christian
Dist. Ct. B.H. Co. Ia Occupation: Farmer & Road Superintendent. b. 3 Apr 1884, Tollose, Den. Emigrated: ca 11 Oct. 1902 from Liverpool Eng. to New York on vessel Locania arr. 18 Oct. 1922 (??) Intention 5 Mar 1910 Waterloo, Ia. Not married. Denied. Dated: 18 Dec. 1915 B.H. Co., Ia. Nat. # 206.

Of course, this is confusing and does not match the 1920 census enumeration that states he arrived in 1904.  Contacting the court directly for a copy might explain away my confusion.  This source quote states he filed an intention in 1910, but, arrived in 1902 or 1922??  (I may have a photo copy of the above at home in my hard copy files, yes, I could have typed it wrong, of course!)

Slugging around in the mud, I am!  LOL

**  #52ancestors

Friday, February 2, 2018

3 For the Price of 1, Getting to Know You, 2018 Version, January Prompts

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This year I am trying to post short, to the point type of posts.  Sorta.  Ya, I have failures. 

Back in 2013, I started writing the weekly meme,  "The Book of Me, Written By You".  I did not finish the challenge, but, I have the prompts saved, and hope that maybe soon, I can address more of them.  I really need to spend a lot more time here at Reflections.  That said - - You too can be part of this experiment/experience, there is more information here, and at this Facebook page.

So, I have decided to take 3 of the prompts for January and combine them into one.  The prompts are:

What do you enjoy?
Who inspires you?
What do you want to be doing that you are currently not?

What do you enjoy?  Well, that has not changed much over the last 20 years or so of my life.  Computers (this is a LOVE/HATE thing), cameras, travel and genealogy.  Family and supportive friends and my yorkies, go without saying.

Who inspires you?  Those who are fighting for our country and truth.  My artist friends.   #MeToo.

What do you want to be doing that you are currently not?  Hiking, more than I do.  Learning the ins and outs of DNA. Learning more about Photoshop tricks. Taking more photos.  Visiting more "new to me" places.

* Photo from Route 66 near Kingman Arizona, as viewed from my rear view mirror.