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Monday, December 25, 2017

This Day A Child Was Born - - -

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* Image courtesy of https://clipartpig.com/ .   (Link non-functional as of October 2018)


Sunday, December 24, 2017

Friends of Friends: Mills Eley, 1805, List of Slaves from Appraisement, Isle of Wight County Virginia

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As I work through the documents I have collected over the years, I find facts to share.  Such as:

Part of the appraisement of Mills Eley, dated 1805, Isle of Wight County, Virginia, with a list of slaves, our focus for today.

Mills Eley, Probate, Appraisment, date submitted to Court, Isle of Wight County, Virginia was June 3, 1805.

This transcription is to record the names of the slaves.  Values all recorded in "pounds" on original, only numbers shown here in this transcription.

Negroes, towit, Peter 100 - - Jack 40 - - Scotland 90 - - Nath 90.  (Line totals 320)

Gilly  60 - - Jenny 30 - - Aggy  75 - - Voylet of Young Child (?) 90  (Line totals 255)

Tarley 30 - - Selvey  30 - - Abram  20 - - Moses  24 - - Lucy 15  (Line total 119)

Ben  36 - - Beck  15 - - Cherry 5  (Line total 56)

I have several other pages of Mills Eley's probate case.  If you are interested in same, please contact me via this blog, in comments.


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

B L O G - C A R O L I N G, 2017 Style.

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In past years, our blogging mistress, footnoteMaven, has sponsored our annual Caroling via our blogs.

For several of the past years I have chosen "Little Drummer Boy" as my caroling blog choice.  For several years, it was the version done by John Denver.

Last year I found 6 new versions, all done by bells.  

This year, I am going to share with you the version done by Mannheim Steamroller.  Man and I had the thrill of seeing them in concert, LIVE, a few weeks ago, a highlight of our winter escape.  They played and had this video showing behind the stage on a huge video screen.  Man and I were both delighted.

And, just for fun, I found this one,  Snare Drumline.  May it give you chills.

On Edit, you might also like this, if you are a drummer lover, by Lagu Rohani Terbaru

May the holidays bring you cheer.


Monday, December 18, 2017

Heading to Two Medicine, Glacier National Park:: The Trip, The Encore'

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August 2013

Finally we have some blue skies again.  We are going for another short boat ride and a guided hike, the clouds here will lift later, but, what a nice way to start the day.

We make a few stops along the way for photos and history lessons.  Here at Maria's Pass we see this obelisk and markers.

I particularly love the quote by Theodore Roosevelt.

Near East Glacier Park Village I stop for this photo op, I am a fan of sculpture such as this:

As we turn to go towards the Two Medicine area we see horse back riders and their dogs, enjoying the day:

We stop at the edge of Two Medicine Lake, pretty little place:

Another view, SIGHHH:

One more view:

We make a short stop at the Two Medicine General Store where we have a snack and visit with this creature, a columbian ground squirrel.

Time for our boat ride, that is the store.

Yes, there is at least one water fall:

The mountains loom above, in all their grandeur.

Off the boat, we are ready to hike.  I'll bring you that next time:


Sunday, December 17, 2017

Missing, One Yoke of Oxen, 1847

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On cool and rainy days, such as this, I work on the ongoing "consolidation" project.  Of course these days, that also means I am tweaking the work flow on the new Mac, Moriah Mackenzie.  The fun thing is I rediscover some fun things I clipped over the years about ancestors and I am learning a few neat tricks with the new computer and software.

And, thus, I bring you:

This is Man's g-g-g-grandfather, Richard Lashbrook who we have written about before here on Reflections.  He was born and married in Devonshire England, moved to the Quebec area about 1830, slipped over the country border into New York by about 1831, stayed in Clinton County New York for about 10 years, give or take and then, via, we believe, the Erie Canal, packed up his large clan of kids and grandkids and ended up in McHenry County Illinois, where he lived out his life.

Seems in September of 1847, he had some oxen stray away from the homestead.

I have never heard otherwise, we hope he was able to locate the strays.

This clipping is from the Chicago Illinois publication the Weekly Democrat.  It was found in an online representation of the work, "Vital Records from Chicago Newspapers, 1847", compiled and published by the Chicago Genealogical Society, 1979.


Glacier National Park, Water, Lakes, Waterfalls, Repeat:: The Trip, The Encore'

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JULY 2013

Our last day in Glacier and we ended it with a boat ride out of the Many Glacier area.  It was perfect.

Despite the cold water, many venture out, a few in kayaks.

On the boat on Swiftcurrent Lake, we get a wonderful view:

We are headed for that quaint little red building, where we will get off the first boat and will get on another.  Small hike in between.

You can see from this map, our route, leaving Many Glacier hotel, crossing Swiftcurrent Lake.  The dotted line is the Grinnell Glacier Trail, we walk from the dock on Swiftcurrent to Lake Josephine.

The view of Lake Josephine just before we board our second boat.  For those that may be interested, altitude is 4882 feet above sea level.

I can only imagine how gorgeous this would have been if the skies had been blue, but, alas, this is what we saw, and seriously, nothing wrong here, eh?

And, then, came the waterfalls.  Sony, zoom and I had a blast.  I am only sharing a few of these photos, I took so many!

And, let there be water falls, mountains, and glaciers.  Remember this is at the end of July.

And, water falls from another angle.  I believe there were 4 distinct falls here.

The teal color of the water is true, comes from glaciers melting.

Heading back to Many Glacier Hotel.

One last photo of the Swiftcurrent Creek running briskly down the mountain.

This ends our dream trip to Glacier National Park.

Oh, my, I just found a BUNCH more photos.  Some with blue skies! Stay tuned.

It was marvelous, surprising, and yes, we left much unseen.  Fodder for future trips??  Maybe.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Glacier National Park, Many Glacier, They Swim WHERE? :: The Trip, The Encore

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                                            JULY 2013

Some day I might finish sharing the wonderful days and experiences we had while near and in Glacier National Park in July of 2013. Here are a few more.

We are headed to the area of the park known as Many Glacier.

As we drive along Lake Sherburne, you may remember this day was rather overcast, the clouds never lifted.

Ooopsie, free range area.  No it is not allowed to take home a side of beef, just saying - -

Driving Route 3, still along Lake Sherburne.

Off, wayyyyyy off, center photo, what looks to be a water fall.  Since I don't remember, we can just say it was and pretend.

No words, just beauty.  SIGHHHH

This appears to be Swiftcurrent Creek, which leads from Swiftcurrent Lake to Lake Sherburne.  I think you can agree that if I have not labeled this correctly, it is a lovely place.

This is the roof of Many Glacier Hotel.  We are standing near the parking lot, which is obviously, above the hotel.  What a view.

We went inside and had a "sit".  Man's feet and a glorious view

The view with an assist from the zoom of Sony.

As I sat there enjoying the views, all of a sudden, I spy something splashing in the lake.

I put the zoom on the camera to work, max zoom, had a hard time holding it, so some of the photos were obviously out of focus, but, seriously, what is this, someone swimming???  Yep, you bet!

I snooped around the net a bit trying to find the temp of the lake water in July.  No reference to the subject I found had any numbers, but, all agreed it is C-O-L-D!!!  And, look it is TWO swimmers dragging something behind.  Have no idea what.

Another shot of two sets of arms.  All I can say, is brrrr.  I do seem to remember they were swimming quite quickly.  And, they are wearing wet suits.

The large fireplace in the hotel lobby,  yes, burning.

Man and I booked a boat ride.  Stay tuned.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The 2017 Version of the Dreaded Holiday Letter

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It’s time for the dreaded holiday letter, the 2017 version.

I seriously have no idea where to even begin.

So, let’s try a calendar approach.

January, February and part of March 2017 found us near Fountain Hills Arizona where Al had prostrate cancer treatments. The treatments went very well, the after affects were not as bad as they could have been. His PSA has dropped dramatically and the doctors are quite happy. He walks around telling all, I will not die from Prostrate Cancer, I will die with Prostrate Cancer.

Part of March and April took us to Cottonwood Arizona where he continued his healing process. With Sedona within miles, healing is gonna happen, body and soul.

By May we were back in SE Michigan where we tackled the acres. I had been suffering from a partially frozen shoulder for 18 months in late 2015 and through 2016, the plants and weeds went wild. Over the winter 16/17, the shoulder healed and once again I could move and work, it was quite wonderful actually.  We worked all summer long, but, failed to conquer it all.  However, we were very pleased with what we did manage tho. 

June, July, August, September and October, we dealt with that yard, needed a new fridge which we are well pleased with. We also needed a new door on the back of the house. Ordered in May, but, not ordered by the sub-contractor, then was ordered wrong, finally was mostly installed in late October. Had a broken spring on the garage door. Ya know, you stay in a house for 22 years, stuff just starts failing. Pull out the wallet, fix and move on to the next problem. We are never bored.

Later summer brought hurricanes. UGH. We had Mom evacuate for Irma, she caught one of the last planes out of Ft. Lauderdale. She got to visit twice this summer. We spent a number of hours getting her new iPhone and iPad all set up. Her iPhone case is the envy of all women in Ft. Lauderdale, let me tell you, bling supreme.

As one who lives with the Demon (diabetes) and living with one who is a survivor of cancer, we find as a couple that we share our "reduction of stamina" issues. This is actually a good thing. When we travel we no longer disagree about how far we can go in one day or how long we will stay. LOL. It took us 2 weeks to get from Michigan to Las Cruces, our first stay for the winter. One month in a favorite place.

Our current plans, as I frequently say, are written in dust, but, they include several months over in Arizona, revisiting some places and staying in new places as well. Come April 1st, 2018, we will begin the slow trek back to Michigan.

2017 has been a year of stress and grief, having lost several family members, including recently, my uncle Charlie. He was 93, lived a good life and was well loved by his family.

Man and I are deeply concerned over the state of our nation. We see much that is alarming. Frankly, from my seat, I am rather horrified that this new “norm” is what we are leaving for our kids and grandkids to deal with. Our generation, the “hippies” that preached love and peace and a side of “weed”, thank you very much, have turned out so much differently. Surprisingly tho, we seem to still embrace the right to free speech and protest and march for what we feel strongly about.

This fall, as I talked about a few weeks ago, I jumped out of the Microsoft Windows family. Slowly, I am adjusting to my new world of Apple. I’ll say, I am not one bit sorry I moved on. The desktop rides well in Tana, is easy to set up, plug it in, grab the wireless keyboard and mouse and turn it on. Boom. I can leave it on for days if we are parked somewhere. It’s becoming more and more simple and amazing.

We continue to enjoy and worship the little yorkie, Winston. He is a show stopper, every one he meets ooooohhhs and ahhhhh over him. Of course, he sucks it up.

Man and I wish you and yours the very best holiday season and much health, success and happiness in 2018.


Saturday, December 9, 2017

The Rain, The Raincoat, The Camping/Rv Story Begins Here

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I have looked for this photo for several years.  Since I cannot remember if I have shared before, I am going to share now.

This was taken in Harrison Michigan during what I believe is our first camping trip.  So, 1973 or 74.

We took the 2 sons, the collie dog Thor, the HUGE 9 foot by 20 foot camping tent, and tons of camping gear packed in my dad's open utility trailer, and off we went.  Ford Motor Company insisted we take two weeks vacation, along with every other plant rat, the first two weeks of July.  Man's parents joined us for much of the time.

Below, left to right, Man's mother, Millie.   Moi (the one in the rain coat with the hoodie - - to try to keep dry in the rain/drizzle).  Man.  And, some one we don't know.  LOL .  Man's father took the photo with his camera, loaded with slide film.

If you study the photo you might catch the fire blazing tall and warm. You might also note that the bench on the far right, is dripping wet. No gear on the soaking wet picnic table. Cause it was raining.  I have no idea why Man has on no jacket of any kind, but, I do know he hates rain coats, I do not.  He likes umbrellas, I do not.  He did not get cold, I always did.

The first year camping and my memory is that it rained just about 80 % of the time.  It was probably more like 60 %, but, hey, this is my story and my memory.  It rained and rained and rained some more!  We played cards in the tent while outside it was pouring down deluges. It came down so hard the water seeped up through the floor of the tent.  Did I say, it rained?

You would think that after that I would put a stop to all this camping nonsense.  Yet, here it is, well over 40 years later and we are still at it.  No tent, that's long gone.  We did the popup camper, long gone.  We did the tow behind with a bunk house and no slides (bestest ever camper for a family with young boys), long gone.  We did the tow behind with no slides, a rig meant for 2, long gone.  And, now, we tow with big ole Jolly, the Heritage RV, Miss Tana, strongly loved.  If you are interested, I have a page on another blog that shows the rigs.

In the 40 plus years, we have traveled from the Mexican border to the Canadian border and a time or two over to Ontario and in 2016 to Nova Scotia.  We have traveled from east coast, Atlantic Ocean to west coast, Pacific Ocean.  We have camped in most of the 50 states, sans, Hawaii, Alaska and a couple of states along the eastern seaboard.  Lost count of the National Parks and Monuments we have visited and no idea of how many nights we have spent in various state campgrounds/parks.  We have experienced glorious sun and more than one tornado threat/near hits.  We have winter camped (cross country skied there, just open the door, step out in the snow and ski!).  We have traveled during such cold weather that we had no running water for 2.5 days. We have done 1700 miles in 5 days of hard travel and 1750 miles in 14 days/nights.  These days, 14 nights are so much more enjoyable.  We have visited so many museums and gardens that, again, I have lost count.  Every little burg, county, town, village has something to offer those who are interested in history and the heritage of our country, they teach us to be humble and to understand the struggle of our ancestors.  We have had to shoehorn Tana into some unbelievable situations.  We had a flat tire on the 101 north of San Francisco, hope to never have that experience again.  We towed Tana up to a campground near Yosemite at 15/20 MPH, with no guard rails and me looking down hundreds of feet down at tree tops.  It has been quite the journey, 40 plus years and counting!

I have no explanation as to why I have loved this for over 40 years. But, I have and I still do.  I feel more like me in my Tana than I do in my stick built, and our home in SE Michigan is very nice and filled with my heirlooms, my family. I have no explanation and, thus, make none.

And, to think it all started with 2 weeks of rain and me in my rain coat, standing by the campfire IN the drizzle/rain.  Not sure if you can see it, but, I have a smirk on my face.  Maybe I knew even then - - 


Monday, December 4, 2017

Aunt Geneva Writes, Page 10

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As genealogists go, I have been a pretty lucky one.  I have had great helpers, genie angels, and my great-aunt Geneva Halterman was interested in this sport and contributed our lines to several family books.  I am also lucky enough to have copies of 10 pages of history she wrote.  In a series of 10 posts, I will share them.  Images and my attempts at transcription of them.  Here is page 10.

Later in upper forties and fifties, Linden Wenger served as pastor, living in the community.

In the 60's Harley Good was the pastor. (The upstairs was remodelled for class rooms, oil furnace (beaded - - word crossed out) was)

{{In her sister Minnie's handwriting - - not sure she may got confused}}

If you see errors in my transcriptions, please notify me.  Thanks to all my helpers and the family researchers that came before me.


Aunt Geneva Writes, Page 9

Copyright 2017, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

As genealogists go, I have been a pretty lucky one.  I have had great helpers, genie angels, and my great-aunt Geneva Halterman was interested in this sport and contributed our lines to several family books.  I am also lucky enough to have copies of 10 pages of history she wrote.  In a series of 10 posts, I will share them.  Images and my attempts at transcription of them.  Here is page 9.

there was not adequate space for the classes in the main church -

There were indoor rest rooms, so for the purpose of sanitation it was necessary to have indoor rest rooms for (word for lined through) and more space for class rooms. It seemed desirable to sell this property and relocate (below the word relocate are the words build elsewhere, both lined through) elsewhere.

Land was purchased 4 miles north of the W Va State line along route 259 and work wa begun in early 1973 on the new church under the director of Pastor Good.

On Sunday AM April 15 (or 16, the number is written over and hard to read), 1973, the last meeting were held at Mt. (Mornin - - lied out) Hernan, and from then on services were held at the new Mathis Menn. Ch.

The congregation is a merger of two churches, Buchhorn and Mt. Herman.  The new church was dedicated on Sun. Sept. 16, 1973.

This new stone building includes a sanctuary, that seats 300, a downstairs assembly room - - s. school rooms, kitchen, nursery, and pastor's study.

The new church was built at a cost of 47,459.17.  There was 5000 man hrs. donation.  The stove and labor were donated from the local community

On the debt of the church on Sept. 16, 1973 was $13000.  The offerings that day were $818.  Labor and funds were from the two congregations & David Auysburge spoke at the dedicatory services.

If you see errors in my transcriptions, please notify me.  Thanks to all my helpers and the family researchers that came before me.