Thursday, October 6, 2011

THE Trip, Zion National Park, The Ride Out, What a Finale'

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Our day trip to Zion National Park on May 11, 2011 is coming to an end, we have taken the shuttle bus for the entire route, we have had a visit to the Visitors Center and the Zion Human History Museum, we have been totally overwhelmed by the entire park, the towering formations, some a deep deep red, and others a stark difference, almost white.  Evidence of water falls, and some active water falls.  We saw a few examples of Flora and Fauna, although we did not see big horn sheep or other creatures said to be about the park.  This page reports that there are 68 varieties of mammals alone!

After viewing the movie at the Zion Human History Museum we had a snack on Big Butt's tail gate and started out for the return drive to Bryce, up that curvy switchback road, through the tunnel, taking our time and trying to absorb all the beauty, beauty like this:

Our take on the day, first, of course, for us, a day is never enough.  SIGHHH.  Next, the shuttle is necessary, we so get that, but, we felt we did not get to really see that part of the park very well.  The shuttle services the hikers quite well, but not those of us that gawk.  (LOL)  We came away from that experience a bit disappointed.  However, the drive into and out of the park via the tunnel and the switchbacks was by far, no doubt about it, the best part of the day.  (No, we did not get to drive the far west side of the park, and I just know we could have spent days doing that part!)  I'll say it again, the drive into and out of the park to the east was by far the BESTEST!!  AWESOME!!  BREATHTAKING!!  MEMORABLE!!

After the tunnel, on the way home, the sun sinking into the western horizon gives us different views of the formations, so, even if you think you saw them going in hours earlier, you will still enjoy them going out.

The day ended with a repeat visit to Bryce Canyon National Park's Sunset Point to try to capture, well, snicker, the sunset!  Attempt failed, but, we did not mourn, for we had the fabulous day trip to Zion remember.



Nita said...

Zion is such a beautiful place. Glad you were able to enjoy at least the one day there. Maybe some day you can go back before April 1 and spend more time there. At least then you would be able to take big butt and stop where you want. As usual, great pictures.

Sherry - Family Tree Writer said...

Great photos!! My mom has been to both of those parks several times! Like you guys, she traveled w/her hubby in a "big butt" pickup and fifth wheel, and later in a big motor home.