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Saturday, June 27, 2015

Grandtwins and Horse Camp

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This week the grandparents and the grandtwins went to horse camp.  They rode, we did not.

Tana parked with the other trailers, including horse trailers that have living quarters in the front.

The first sunrise, Monday morning, was stunning, looking down at the training areas, a tractor grading, preparing for classes and learning to come.

Later in the ring.  The grandtwins with grampa looking on.

One of the English classes:

This is a double class, two classes in the same ring at the same time, each using half of the ring.  These students were in "western" riding classes.

One of our views.  We actually had a nice campsite, overlooking the practice rings and the barn.  We could sit and watch lots of activity.  It was worth the trouble setting up (yep, took 3 times to get Tana in there correctly, long story, best forgotten.  LOL)

Twin "M":

Twin "L":

Monday evening, we had a bit of Mother Nature excitement.  We were evacuated.  

We had pro-active cautious weather aware staff at the campground and coordinating staff running the camp. They took VERY good care of us. They made us aware of where we would need to go and what conditions would deem what to do. So when it came time to move us into a safe place they knocked the on Tana's door and told us to evacuate.  So we spent a bit of time in the safe place with lots of kids and a few dogs and a bunch of parents with every weather app imaginable up and active.  Happy to report that we had just some heavy rain and that was about all.  There were tornadoes that night in SE Michigan. Prayers for those affected.

There were lots of other activities to keep them busy when not in class, such as a friendly game of cards:

The horses on break, having a snack of fresh grass:

One evening, games, involving, water, kids, some mud, and a lot of fun.  Water balloon tossing:

And, then, bucket brigades:

And, yes, the ever popular, tug-of-war.  Note, the mud in between the teams.  After this they played a VERY long game of "flags" in another arena.  It went on for hours.  Tired kids slept well that night, but, there was a considerable amount of "I'm tired" whining heard the next morning.

They fed us well, 3 squares a day:

They had a "head to head" riding contest, western riding.  I did not have a very good vantage point for photos for this event. It was fun to watch.  As contestants were eliminated the hooting and hollering from the crowd grew louder.

A photo op at the end of the week:

And, the sun set on the week, it was a great camp.

It was a great experience.  Met lots of very nice people.  Stepped out of our comfort zones.  And, yes, if asked, we would do it again.


Our Cappy Has Crossed the Rainbow Bridge

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This last week Man and I accompanied the grandtwins to horse camp.  Sadly on Tuesday, our Captain Hook, aka, Cappy, passed.

Our last york, born in February of 1999, here he is Christmas of 1999.

He was the sweetest dog we have ever had the pleasure of sharing our lives with, but, he was camera shy. Even peaking around corners at us you can tell he does not like the camera.

Mom tried to get photos for Easter one year while in Tana, ya, he is sticking his tongue out at me.

After MANY snaps, I finally got this, marginally decent.  He still is NOT smiling at me.  

He would hide if he thought I had intentions of bathing him.  I know he figured I could not see him.  Silly kid.

But, if you held food in front of his nose, he might cooperate.

Cappy visited the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific. He was within miles of the Canadian/USA border and the Mexican/USA border.  He was a well traveled pouch.

Our hearts are heavy, our home is empty.  This is the first time in over 30 years we have not had a yorkie to greet us with wild excited yelps when we return home.


Monday, June 15, 2015

Blast from the Past: Raw Peanuts and Sun Squints :: 1960

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Tis a summer of purging, organizing, scanning and more purging.

Today's offering, my paternal grandfather, sent us this rather large bag of peanuts in the fall of 1960.  I believe they were raw.

I have had a photo of the bag, mother, brother and moi.  Today, I found one of father, brother, and Moi.

I love how the guys are squinting.  And, Moi, pretending to eat a peanut.  Pretty sure I did not eat it, I am not fond of them raw now.  

I believe that may be the backend of my father's Falcon??  Real sure it is my mother's Metropolitan.  There is another photo of the peanuts with brother and Moi here, and a bit of a story about the Metropolitan.

* And, now back to the scanner I go, see what else I can find that is a blast from the past.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tell Me It Isn't So - - Off To High School - - Already??

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Yes, indeedy, the grandtwins are off to high school. Yesterday they had a graduation ceremony.  Man and I got up very early and off we went.

Man takes a mean photo, don't you think??  Dang that brightness making us all squint.  LOL

Congrats to our dear grandtwins.  And, the parents!  Well done.


Friday, June 12, 2015

A Scientific Fistic Encounter

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

From the Weekly Republican-Traveler,  Arkansas City, Kansas, published on 14 April 1898, page 2:

“Dr. Lashbrook and Geo Wilson got loaded with "white mule" yesterday afternoon and had a scientific fistic encounter.  The doctor said that Wilson made the assertion that he was a little the best man in Arkansas City and the manner in which he said it kind of riled him.  In fact it made him warm under the collar.  He regarded it as an insult to his manhood.  He gave the subject careful thought and finally concluded to resent the aspersion. He claims that he knew George was pretty scientific, but, he weighed the matter well in his mind and reasoned that he was stouter and that it was about a stand off.  Anyway, the got into a fight and the way they scratched each other faces brought blood in profusion.  The fight was short, time being called by Marshal Callahan, leaving the question of who was the best man unsettled.  Policeman Mantor locked them up in the city jail so the could think over the error of their way.  In police court this morning they got the usual fine and costs.”

*Image courtesy of The Project Gutenburg, EBook of The Confessions of a Poacher, by Anonymous

** I will confess that I had to Uncle Google "fistic"  (of or relating to boxing or to fighting with the fists) and that some of the verbiage of this article had me shaking my head in confusion.  Really??  "that he was a little the best man".  Trouble with the typeset or an apprentice?


Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bonneville Fish Hatchery Oregon, Fish for Man, Flowers for Moi :: THE Trip, THE Encore'

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Back two years ago, YES, two years ago, while in Oregon, waiting for Glacier National Park and the Going to the Sun Road to fully open, Man and I visited the Bonneville Fish Hatchery.  That was on June 28, 2013 to be exact.  Not today, we are NOT in Oregon today.

(By the way, the next photo IS out of focus, it's not your eyes!  LOL)

OK, so, I will admit that when a number of our friends suggested we go to this dam (photos in next blog post) and fish hatchery, I was, like, OHHH, brother.  Not enthused at all.  And, I will admit that once there, I had a nice time. May have had something to do with the flowers, eh???

So, it was fish for Man and flowers for Moi.  Not presented in order, by the way.  One fish for Man and one flower for Moi, repeat till we have seen all the photos.

Still fish, just statuary style.

Yep, fish:

Man and flowers.  He always wants to know, "do they smell"?

Believe these are rainbow trout:


Fish for Man, flowers for Moi.  Indeed a lovely stop, enjoyed by both.  Next up, the dam.  Had a nice visitors center.