Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lightbox Comes to Reflections - - Maybe?

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Blogger has apparently enabled "Lightbox" on all blogs as the default. You can read all about Lightbox in these two posts by Blogger Buzz, the most recent post from last evening, and then the first one.

Per their own post:

"Lightbox is a whole new way to interact with photos. When clicked, images now expand into a shiny new overlay that displays them at their full size for optimal viewing."

So, today, we are gonna give the lightbox a test run here on Reflections.  I have chosen a few favorite photos from past posts and let's see how this works out.

Please let me know, like or no like!  As far as I am concerned the jury is out on this one, so far, seems slow loading the photos when there are more than one, might be the air card, not sure.

Please leave comments, yah or nah??  What say you??

*Of course, the test depends on Blogger leaving this "improvement" in place long enough for you to read this post Thursday AM!  LOL  Otherwise, you may just enjoy the photos, and have a nice day!


Jasia said...

I love it! Surprisingly, I'd never heard (or experienced) Lightbox until I read your post this morning. I don't know how that happened. But anyway, I tried it out on both my desktop and my iPad and it rendered beautifully on both. And that is truly appreciated because not much renders well on the iPad.

I tend to click-to-view-bigger mostly on photoblogs I follow, not so much on genealogy or other blogs. I had to go try Lightbox out on my PhotographyGene blog and I really like the way it looks. I'm actually quite fond of the new dynamic layouts for photoblogs too.

Carol said...

Jasia, thanks for your feedback, I went and viewed your blog and yes, I really like it.

I found out about Lightbox because I subscribe to Blogger Buzz, otherwise I would have never figured it out either! LOL With so much going on with blogs and google+ and google+ photos and picasa and facebook I hoped it would help me with some of the changes. Obviously, this time it did! LOL

Hummer said...

It is nice. I had not heard of it either will check it out to see if available on mine.

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

It's really odd...I have had lightbox for several weeks on my blog. But, about 3 days ago I noticed it was gone again and now it's back. I really like it because now when you click on a photo it doesn't take you to another page to view it. I think it's a great improvement myself.

Susan Clark said...

I don't notice a difference on my cell phone - mobile app may not have it. On the laptop it works really well for photographs, but I have concerns about it for images of documents. It's much harder to magnify images - something useful for genealogy posts where we may be decoding handwriting.

Carol said...

Lisa, they did mention they had turned off and then back on, never a dull moment, eh??

Susan, you make a valid point, which I will investigate, thank you. Do note we can turn off and on, of course that would be for entire blog, not post specific.

Fran, the default for all blogs seems to be on.

Apple said...

It looks great with your pictures. On my blogs I reduce the size of my pics so much that they are actually smaller if you click through so my readers will most certainly be disappointed.

Linda McCauley said...

I'm a little late to the party but Lightbox has grown on me. I initially did not like it at all but I don't dislike it anymore. I just noticed (if this was an option initially, I missed it) that there is a link for "show original" on the lower left of the screen and if you click that you get the picture the old way. I like having that option for things like Susan mentioned and that makes me like Lightbox a little better.

Carol said...

Apple, I don't reduce mine that much, usually a photo is about 5 inches wide (if you were to print it) and about 150,000 to 210,000 bytes.

Linda, that Show Original may be something new, or I totally missed it. Thanks for pointing it out!

Michelle Goodrum said...

I finally got a chance to play with it. At first I didn't see that it was any big deal. But then after clicking around, I think I rather like it. I like that all the pictures from your post are on the one screen to look at close up without having to go back and click on the next one.