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Friday, November 30, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Avery Island and New Iberia Louisiana

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While on Avery Island we stopped by the visitors center for the Jungle Gardens.  It is 170 acres, drive-able, with pull offs and parking spots along the way so you can get out and walk parts of the gardens. It sounded fantastic, but, we all decided that we would pass it by, as it is late fall and much would be sleeping.  I did snap off this photo of some beautiful live oaks laden with spanish moss.

Next stop was Konriko Rice Mill and Museum (and of course, a store! WOOT.  More fun just like at the Tabasco Store, and yes, they had samples!)

They have been in business for 100 years, it is the oldest rice mill in the United States. They have a nice history, here.

Rice, spilled during the process of weighing the loads.  This is rice in the raw.

Rice bag.  I really should have purchased some just for the burlap type bag!  LOL

After a delightful and informative tour and movie, and a slow walk around the company store and of course, a taste of rice, it was time to go find lunch.  We headed to downtown New Iberia, took the first large parking spot we could find for Jolly and walked along the water on a short boardwalk.  Friend D insisted I needed this photo, fences and bridges and greenery, all things I love.  I agreed with her! A sign nearby said Bayou Teche.  I feel some more research coming on!  LOL

We found a buffet luncheon place open, but, about to close.  We were the last patrons of the day, we were well fed, great southern/cajun cooking, reasonably priced, servings large!  A most enjoyable meal!

This is Yolanda, she is a local, a single mom, proud of her children, a delight to listen to.  Man asked her for a photo, and she struck the pose!  It was too bad they were closing, I am sure Yolanda could have told us stories for hours.

Along the boardwalk we found a number of sculptures and art work.

Peepers, closer.

Fun, eh??  And, the day is not over yet!

* That disclaimer thingy:  Konriko did not ask us to visit, or write about our visit.  They gave us a bit of a taste of cooked rice and entertained us for a small entrance fee.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: Tabasco, Lots of Tabasco!

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Tabasco sauce, who knew the production and the history could be rather fascinating?  On Avery Island, near New Iberia Louisiana they grow, and brew up the hot stuff.

Every good visitors center must have some charming art showing off the product and the history.

Below, mixing up just a bit of Tabasco.  They do not allow photos in the manufacturing and packing plant, but, suffice it to say, it was rather impressive, they have labels, for example, for 19 non-English speaking languages.  The production lines really move along, all those bottles, spinning and getting labels and being shipped to a store near you!  Tabasco is loved world wide.

Tabasco sauce is aged for 3 years in white oak barrels (that is salt on the top to allow gases to escape but, no ickies like bugs to get into the sauce as it ages, oh and the salt is mined right here.)  The sauce is made from the capsicum frutescens pepper plant.

There is a store nearby which sells more things Tabasco than you will ever, EVER need!  Coffee mugs, chili bowls, ice cream, Tabasco of course, playing cards, jewelry  clothing, lights, you name it, they have cornered the gift items market.  You could easily spend a small fortune and several hours perusing that store!  FUN FUN FUN!

Just outside the store are these two pieces of sculpture.  Take a guess the name of the fish sculpture - - ya, Tabassco.  Snicker.

I will tell you that one of these fun sculptures was also a geo-cache.  Yep, got one in Louisiana!

Our day has just begun, I'll tell you more next time around - - till then - - happy saucing with Tabasco!

* Tobasco is a registered product name. They did not ask us to visit, they gave us a couple of small bottles of sauce to taste, as they did every other visitor who took the tour. That is the disclaimer stuff that law requires I do. SIGH


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: New Orleans to New Iberia, Louisiana

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We have an aversion to running our rig on I-10. Well, we have had in the past.  Reason, it tore us up, it was rough, lots of "chucking", you open cupboards later and everything falls out, it is hard on a rig.  So, when we left New Orleans we decided to try 90 west to New Iberia where we were going to stop to learn all we could and more about Tabasco sauce.  Yea, really!  LOL  Friend Mina and her hubs stopped there a while back and they kept reminding us that it was something we needed to do.  So, we decided to listen and just do it!

Man and I had run 90 before back in about 2007.  It was a pretty good road then.  Now, it is pretty good, decent, till about 20 miles east of New Iberia.  Whew, then, it acted like I-10.  Chucking.  ICK.  But, we managed and here are a few shots taken from Jolly at 55 and 60 MPH.  It was a rather gray day, but no rain.

Below, a bridge, I know, boring stuff, just a bridge.  But for some reason I have become enamored with bridges and the structure as a piece of art. I know, weird, eh??

Saw some barges along the many water ways, rivers,  and canals.  Saw sugar cane growing and some rice fields ready for their next planting.  Saw some crop fields that we could not identify the crops.

90 is built with many bridges, some high ones like the one above, others running for some distance, but, just feet above the swamps and bayous.  As you drive along you can look down at the Cyprus trees and their water loving "knees".

And, a double bridge, we drove over the one on the left.  Love Love Love the structure of the one on the right.

We were driving along the Atchafalya National Heritage Area.  I had NO clue, so went surfing.  From what I can determine we were driving the Bayou Teche Corridor Region, see this map.  This page says it is the nation's "largest river swamp, containing almost one million acres of America's most significant bottomland hardwoods, swamps, bayous, and backwater lakes."

So, even though 90 is not as good a road as it was, except for those 20 miles of serious chucking, we did enjoy our ride from New Orleans to New Iberia. We found a campground to park the two rigs (our friends J & D and their Motorhome joined us in New Orleans, we will travel together for the next several months!)  and rested a bit, the next day, Tabasco!


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday :: Cowles Mead Cemetery, Natchez Trace

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The Cowles Mead Cemetery is located near Clinton, Hinds County, Mississippi.  The cemetery has 3 interments, is represented on Find A Grave, here.  The Find A Grave memorials are well done, with some interesting history and photos.  Really, you must visit.

This sign explains some about the family and their story:

The cemetery is very small, thinking about 15 foot by 15 foot (IF !).

*The Find A Grave site has more photos of the stones and inscriptions.


Monday, November 26, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: New Orleans, A Visit At Night

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We visited New Orleans in the early evening and night, which is of course, a totally different experience than during the day time. It also just so happened that their football team had a huge win just before we got downtown via the trusty shuttle from the campground.  Again, many, many thanks to Google Plus friend Dawn, who really showed us her town as our photo guide.

First a walk along the Mississippi, where we saw these brave souls "doing" NO in a bit of a different way.

Cruise ships depart the harbor frequently, there were two leaving this evening, this one a Carnival cruise:


Walking the streets as it gets darker:

Looks as if someone partied a bit too much??  Or stepped off a curb and twisted an ankle?? Well, probably partied too much and stepped off the curb - - LOL

Below, the Royal Sonesta.  Dawn managed to get us access to the pool area.  I love the lighting, don't you?

Yes, we walked Bourbon Street, dodging those celebrating the win and of course, celebrating whatever else they thought was worthy.

Our stay was short, but, mighty impressive, we packed a lot into one day and one evening.  Many thanks to our photo tour guide, Dawn.  We had a blast!


Sunday, November 25, 2012

THE Trip, THE Encore' :: New Orleans, It Is All About The Details, Part Two

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Yesterday I brought you a number of photos of the details of New Orleans, looking a bit deeper into the mystical and spiritual beauty. Today, the rest of the photos.  More door knobs, roofs, wrought iron, door knockers, doors and shutters, and a couple of different things, well, I thought they were different and interesting.

Below, look close, the roof is curved, no trick photography, seriously:

OK, even the trash can adds something to the symmetry of this house, only in New Orleans I suppose!

Below, this decorative cover is almost on street level, I thought maybe they were air vents?  

Closer, yes indeedy New Orleans!