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THE Trip, THE Encore' :: The Maps, Part Two

For prior maps of THE Trip, THE Encore' please view this page.  In some cases day trips are included.  Day trips means, we did not drag Tana around behind Jolly!!

Map 31, Groveland California (yes, we took that 120 BACK outta there, to Jackson California.  About 70 miles.

Map 32,  Jackson California to Lodi California, about 45 miles.

Map 33, Lodi California to Santa Rosa California, 94 miles.

Map 34, Napa Valley Day Trip, 80 miles.  Did NOT drag Tana.

Map 35, Bodega Bay and surrounds, Day Trip, 65 miles.  Did NOT drag Tana.

Map 36, Santa Rosa California to Greenbrae California, 40 miles.

Map 37, Greenbrae California to Willits California, 120 miles.

Map 38, Willits to Medocina and Fort Bragg California and back to Willits, Day Trip, 86 miles.  Did NOT drag Tana.

Map 39, Willits California to Benbow California, 65 miles.

Map 40, Benbow California to Shelter Cove California, 54 Miles, day trip.  Did NOT tow Tana on this one!

Map 41, Benbow California to Fortuna California, 52 miles.

Map 42, Fortuna to Fortuna, via the Lost Coast, Day Trip, 100 miles.  Did NOT drag Tana on this one!

Map 43, Fortuna California to Trinidad California, 40 miles.

Map 44, Trinidad California to Crescent City California, about 60 miles.

Map 45, Crescent City California to Gold Beach Oregon, about 60 miles.

Map 46, Gold Beach Oregon to Coos Bay Oregon, about 80 miles.

Map 47, Coos Bay to Lincoln City, Oregon, about 125 miles.

May 48, Lincoln City Oregon to Bay City Oregon, about 52 miles.

May 49, Bay City Oregon to Gearhart Oregon, about 45 miles.

Map 50, Gearhart Oregon to McMinnville Oregon, about 90 miles.

Map 51, McMinnville Oregon to Troutdale Oregon, about 65 miles.

May 52, Troutdale Oregon to Packwood Washington, 150 miles.

Map 53, Mount Rainier Day Trip to Paradise and Stevens Canyon, 80 Miles.  Tana did NOT go on this trip!

Map 54, Mount St. Helens National Volcanic Monument Day Trip, 104 miles round trip, same route in and out. Tana did NOT go on this ride!

Map 55, Packwood to Sunrise (Mount Rainier National Park), Day Trip.  About 90 miles round trip, same route in and out.  Tana did NOT go on this ride either!

Map 56, Chinook Scenic Byway Drive, Day Trip, 135 miles.  Tana did NOT go on this ride!

Map 57, Packwood Washington to Fall City Washington, 130 miles.

Map 58,  Fall City Washington to Cashmere Washington, 122 miles.

Map 59, Cashmere Washington to Post Falls Idaho, 193 miles.

Map 60,  Post Falls Idaho to Libby Montana, about 140 miles.

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*Maps via Microsoft Streets & Trips.


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