Saturday, October 1, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon National Park, Bryce Point

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

May 10, 2011, still cold, still snowy, but, we are determined to try visiting the park once more.  As far as we know we are about half way through our visit and we are getting snowed out.  So, after a slow morning (PERFECT morning for us) we load up and off we go to the park, once again.

Did I mention it was a bit cold??  Below, Sony captures the temp from Big Butt's rear view mirror.  Can we spell, BRRRR???  Yes, I believe we can!  LOL

This first photo shows the beautiful canyon snow covered, I am not totally sure where this photo was taken, me thinks, maybe, my brain cells were frozen???  It was near the area called Bryce Point.  You will note that the background of this photo shows snow squalls, ok, a partial white out down there.

Below, panoramic of Bryce Point, elevation 8,300 feet.  In the background, left side, another snow squall.

Whites, reds/pinks, oh, my!!!  The areas that look like sand paintings just astound me!

Another panoramic, I was taking photos as fast as I could, my fingers were getting rather chilled, err, frozen.

Below,  no words, just beauty, accompanied with a lot of snow in the background mountains:

Below:  The signage around here chatted about "Grottos", I see lovely doors and windows.

Below:  More windows:

Below:  Here comes the snow again:

Below, my fingers frozen, my tummy hungry, more snow rolling in, we decided to go have some lunch.  On the suggestion of friend and fellow blogger, Susan, of Nolichucky Roots, we decided to visit the Lodge in the park proper.  It was a great suggestion, we had a wonderful lunch and enjoyed looking around in the lodge.  When we arrived in the parking lot, it was snowing, big wet flakes:

After lunch we will visit Sunset Point and Fairyland.  Yes, there will be more snow!



Susan Clark said...

White snow, red rocks, green trees. Fabulous pictures. I'm grateful you persevered.

Karen said...

Not to long ago you made a comment about taking too many pictures - I disagree! Can't get enough of beautiful shots like these. Just awesome. Thanks for all the work you to go in order to share them.

Sharon said...

Posting a comment for your blog!! Yeah. I really enjoy reading your blog and love them pictures. I travel with you.

Carol said...

Thanks Susan, Karen and especially Sharon!