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Friday, September 30, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon National Park, Inspiration Point

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More of our visit to Bryce Canyon National Park, May 9, 2011.

Even though we woke to snow at the campground and thought that perhaps the day would be spent in clouds, and a bit of gloom and doom (which represented our disappointment at seeing the snow accumulation) after a couple of hours Ms. Sun made an appearance.  We quickly grabbed maps, Sony, lots of warm layers of clothing and headed for the park.

Inspiration Point was our first stop, it is rather inspiring isn't it??  And, because one photo just does not catch it all, here are 11, my eyes wander in amazement to take it all in, and so does Sony.  And, still, we cannot do justice to this beautiful hoodoo land.

Our next stop will be Paria View, which turned into a shortened visit, but one that was so full of Mother Nature and her brat, SNOW, that I don't think we shall ever forget it.


Thursday, September 29, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon, A Snowy Morn

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This is what we saw on the morning of May 9, 2011 when we awoke.

It was the first snow accumulation we had experienced in quite some time.  We have seen snow flakes, sleet, and experienced a LOT of rain (Gulf Shores Alabama, 15 inches in December of 2009 and another 9 in January of 2010).  There had been snow over in Sedona when we stayed in Camp Verde.  But, we had not seen a snow accumulation like this since early April 2009 when we were at the stickbuilt.  Funny, how I found it nice to photograph, but, otherwise have not missed it!  LOL

*There are 2 more photos of the pines and the snow over at Flora and Fauna today.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rally Time! Winding Down

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Monday, I taught my second class and then took 2 other classes my self.  Whew, it was a B*U*S*Y day.  Seemed like the photo information that I added to the class was well received.  However, I took no photos, UNTIL pot luck supper time.

Empty plates, a bottle of wine, we are ready to enjoy a HUGE meal!

Coffee, tea, water, lots of refreshments:

And, FOOD:

And, OHHHHH MYYYYY, the desert table, oh, I took this photo before it was really loaded down, believe there were about 2 times this many deserts on the table by dinner time!  Not a carb or calorie in the tent this night, NONE!

Our last official day of the Rally was on Tuesday, the guys had a number of seminars, and the gals went to lunch and shopping.  I took a few photos on our shopping trip, mostly of flowers and such, hoping to get a few nice photos for Flora and Fauna.  The Rally ended with an ice cream social, again, no photos.  Isn't that unreal, Carol + camera = NO photos??  Hey, even Carol gets to take some time off for FUN!

Fellow MOC member and friend Ron Lichtenberg  shared this photo of our rigs he took from his roof!  Told ya that would be a cool photo!  Thanks Ron!!

A HUGE thank you to our Wagon Masters, Rosetta and George Person.  They must have worked VERY hard before the Rally, because events ran smooth.  They did a great job setting up the facilities and making sure we had everything we needed, from tables and chairs to power, even a freezer for our ice cream.  I cannot tell you, from a purely selfish point of view, how wonderful it was to show up to teach my classes and not have to worry about sufficient power.  THANK YOU ROSETTA AND GEORGE!!  (Thank you to Lynne Carothers for the photo.)

Sadly, every Rally must end, dear friends head to the next campground, the next experience, home to family.  Many of us will remain friends for many years to come and rejoice each and every time we meet, at rallies and in campgrounds across our great nation.  And, so, to, the 2011 MOC Fall Rally comes to a close, the last sunset:

Safe rides to all, until we meet again - -


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Son # 2

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*Photo temporarily removed by Reflections.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rally Time! Desert, Breakfast, More Crafts and Paper Bags

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Remember I mentioned that we were going to an "Amish" dinner.  Yes, it was good, and then some.  I did not take a lot of photos of the food, as, well, I was busy passing the plate to Man and enjoying my dinner.  I did however, take a few of the deserts, like this ice cream sunday, numma numma!

Now, that was dinner, and, can you believe it, by the next morning, we were all hungry again, and so, off to the MOC pancake breakfast we went.  The MOC gals and guys are GREAT cooks, and, no one went away hungry!  More numma numma!

After breakfast there was an indoor yard sale.  Those that had items to sell brought them to the tent, set up their wares on the tables, and sold whatever they could.  Meanwhile the gals were back over in that small tent having one more craft class, this time they are making "altered cookie sheets".  Take a cookie sheet (or pie pan) that is magnetic, decorate, add a ribbon or two and you have a place to hang notes and such.

Below:  I just LOVE this scrapbook paper that several of the gals used to decorate their altered cookie sheets.  I don't have a photo of a totally finished product, there are cute little clear buttons that are glued to a magnet, clothes pins that are decorated and magnetized, and a ribbon to hang the finished magnet/bulletin board from.  This appealed to so many because most of us have no place to hang the grocery list or those tickets to the opera or ball game.  A bit of function, a bit of design, the altered cookie sheet, aka, bulletin board was a huge hit.

The final activity of the day was the Great Goshen Swap, a fancy white elephant type of game.  Bring a gift, wrapped, which you turn over to the hosts, they place each gift in a brown paper bag.

All participating pick a bag and open the gift to display.  Next round, everyone gets the opportunity to keep their gift or exchange it for something you like better.  Watch out tho, because if you don't say, "I'm sorry", you forfeit the exchange.  Oh, yes, some totally forgot the "I'm sorry", which, of course, became fodder for much teasing, laughing, red faces and more teasing!

And, that is how you spend another wet dreary icky weather day at a rally - having fun in spite of it!  We do LOVE our tents!

And, yes, we are getting a tad bit tired of all this liquid sunshine.  Really, enough already!  SIGHHH  (I heard rumors that some MOC members were seriously considering ordering up pontoons for these rigs, that is how much rain we have had.)

Two more official days of the 2011 MOC Fall Rally, Rally on - -

*Sorry bout the change in the title, I was sorta tired last night when I posted this and forgot to finish the title.  LOL  I know you understand!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rally Time! The Gal's Craft, The Dude's Repair.

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Saturday at the Rally was, well, drippy, wet, rainy, but thankfully, as I write this, it has not been too windy nor unbearable cold.  We have these great tents, with sides!!  and lights and tables inside.  So happened that today was also the day for some crafty classes.  Fun tie die with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol for the gals, followed by these cute toilet paper pumpkins and for the guys, repair of our "beloved" (see the sarcastic quotes?) day/night shades.

And, so, the photos!

See, easy and you can tell by the grins, we had fun!  Hardly noticed it was pouring rain outside our cheery tent! And, someone's new grandbaby, is gonna have a one-of-a-kind onesie!  Can all you gals go, awwwwww!  Ya, I know you are!

Below:  The toilet paper pumpkins, too cute, don't you think??  If I had not said they were made from toilet paper who would know??  And, if you ever run out - - oh, never mind, I know you have already figured that out!  LOL

While the gals were laughing and being creative, a lot of the guys (with one of our gals who was one of several instructors) were being creative as well, fixing those day/night shades.  Up side of this class, Man took one of our shades that has been inoperable for months, and it is now FIXED!  WAHOOO!

Rain, what rain??

Later today, is the Amish Dinner, OOOOHHHH MYYYY!!!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Rally Time! Food, Tents, Classes, Gals Driving, Plant Tour

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

And, so, our 2011 MOC Rally has begun.

We have two tents, this is the "small" tent, 20 ft X 40 ft.  I will teach two classes here, and will attend several more.  I do not know the size of the "big" tent, but, it holds well over 200 of us with some room to spare.  Pot luck meals and other classes and activities are held in the "big" tent.

Setting up the Meet and Greet, the kick off affair of the Rally, as always LOTS of great eats.  Lots of fun meeting new friends and attendees and refreshing old friendships from prior rallies.

My set up for teaching the MOC novice forum class.

One really special class offered is a driving school for the ladies.  This is to familiarize them with the hitching up process, driving (yes, with a BRAND new Montana in tow! they trust us to NOT wreck them!) and backing up the unit.  I have taken this class once before, it is so well done by the staff of Montana.  I was given the opportunity to take it again this year.  I wanted another go around at backing up.  I am happy to announce that I felt very good about my attempt/practice this year.  No, I am not going to be able to shoehorn Tana into a snarly campsite, but, I do feel I can manage to help Man and not panic if he asks!

Below:  Classroom portion of the driving school.  Our instructor presented the materials with some humor, and succinct discussion/instructions.

Below:  There she goes, yes, SHE, is driving!  It has been amazing to watch the ladies that were truly terrified of pulling their unit after they have attended class.  Many of them post in the weeks after the Rally, on the MOC, "I did it, I pulled our unit for 100 miles on the expressway!"  What a confidence builder this class has been, many thanks to Keystone and Montana for offering us gals such a wonderful opportunity!

Another highlight of our MOC Rally is the plant tour.  It is pretty hard to describe the experience of seeing these units on the manufacturing line!  At the beginning of the line they haul in a frame with some wheels, at the end of the line they wheel out a unit you could live in from that moment on.  Man and I have been coming to Elkhart County Indiana for well over 25 years, and have been going on plant tours for all those years.  I did not take a lot of photos in the plant, but, the one below is kind of interesting.  These are slide rooms being manufactured.   They are built and then lifted into the units.

During our special plant tour we are also given a peak at brand new prototypes, new models, new enhancements, new color schemes.  We are asked to not take photos of the prototypes, and I did not.  We are also asked to not give away any secrets, yet.  Lets just say, there are always some really wonderful new things coming out each year and 2012 will not disappoint.

So far the weather has been favorable, not hot, not cold, not wet, not yet.  Chance of some wet is called for in the forecast for the next couple of days.  No campfires, I for one will take this opportunity to take an extra nap or two!  LOL