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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Interesting Things We See in Campgrounds

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Just before we pulled out of Gulf State Park this popup camper set up in the site next to us. It is spring break time, need I say I could not even get a count on the number of tweens and teens were in and out of this site?
Some of the kids needed to learn some campsite etiquette, but otherwise, they were very quiet.  I think this screen had something to do with that, eh??  The sheet, errr projection screen, was covered by the image.  Have no idea what they were using for equipment to shoot the images at the screen, but, it was remarkably clear (yea, I peaked  LOL).  Hey, it kept em quiet.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Caching Critters, Otherwise Known as Blog Fodder!

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I'm convinced, geo-caching is a great way to find blog fodder, just lookie the critters we found in one afternoon.

Below, next two photos, have NO idea what they are.  They were guarding a road, one on each side, facing each other.  They looked like they had been there for a bit of time, there was lichen growing on the surface.

Yea, really, how cool is he??

And, this one too:

One more, gotta say, this one had one ugly face, poor thing, hope his/her mother loved it.

And, mmmm, what???  Sony was zoomed a bit, mmm, columns??

Closer up, well, I'll be, cannot help but wonder, why, and how they got here, in the middle of rural Baldwin County Alabama??

Got bull??

Or, how bout, a huge and I do mean HUGE, spider: 

And, what is this??  A hiding dinosaur, two critters for the price of one.

Note:  Not saying if any of these critters were hiding caches, just that I found them while we were out driving to and from finding caches.  Wonder what else we can find??


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Name Game

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(First and foremost, many, many thanks to all who played the name game with us, it's been fun!)

At long last after seriously considering ALL the names offered up by friends and readers and all the creative choices we could ourselves dream up, we have decided, the new ride's name is:


AKA, Jolly Green Giant Big Butt 4

Thanks to MOC friends Bob and Mina for the suggestion of Jolly Green Giant, Man loved it!  I added the Big Butt 4, cause, it has a big butt, it has 4 doors, it is 4 wheel drive, it has 4 wheels on the back axle and it is the 4th Big Butt.  (Big Butt was our GMC, Big Butt 2 is owned by Bob and Mina, Big Butt 3 is owned by MOC friends Coleen and Ray and we now own Big Butt 4.)

I have already shortened the entire thing, to simply:


So, we have put some 400 plus miles on Jolly towing, the mileage is what we hoped for considering a new engine, and our weight.

A short report card on Jolly: LOVE the turning radius, we feel like we are driving a car not a long bed truck.

LOVE the radio/sound system.  Never could stand the one in Big Butt it was too soft or too loud, and there were no in between volumes.  Jolly's radio has great volume control and we can turn it up or down from the radio or from the steering column.  Slick.

Seats are more comfy than we thought they might be.  Gotta admit those air conditioned or heated seats are kinda nice.  Who knew?  MMMM, Mina knew.

The cabin is extremely friendly to those of us who spend LOTS of time in these trucks. Creature comforts are real important when you spend hours driving and toting Tana, and they are even more important when we take 12 to 14 hour day trips.  Jolly ranks VERY high on creature comforts and those creature comforts sure were among the major determining factors in the purchase.

The side view towing mirrors, OMG.  Man praises them every time we pass another vehicle on the highway.  He is in LOVE!!

And, then there is the power.  Awesome!  Power and more power and more - - - well you get the drift.

Don't like:  GPS/Map program, lame.  No one we know that has it likes it.  So, we all use external GPS units.

They hid the external temp and compass deep inside the operators dashboard, no longer visible by the passenger.  HUGE NO LIKE on this one.

So, a few no likes and a lot of likes, err, loves.  We have hopes that Jolly will live up to it's new name, and that we shall have a jolly time in the new ride.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tuesday's Tip, Be Brave, Search the Surname as a Given Name

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Recently due to some new experiences I have had in my research life, I came up with the idea that I should try to search a surname by inputting it into the given name area of search engines.

Well, my my!

On one such experiment, I did get quite a few hits.  Two new obituaries were found this way, giving some hints and some additions to the data base.

Be brave, think out of the "search" box.  Type that surname in the given name spot.  See what happens.  You might get lucky, you might not, never know till ya try!

This particular search resulted in 1 data base with 668 hits. I'll be busy for a hour or so.

* The disclaimer, the graphic came from a screen capture I did of the search box at Rootsweb.com.   There was no request to review or use this web site.  I did so, because it was quick to access.  Reflections does not make any $$ off my mention of web sites, products, etc. etc. etc.  They own the copy right, I use some of the products, if they are $$ to use, guess who pays that $$, yepper, MAN does!   OK, we do, I do, he does, it comes out of our retirement funds.  LOL

Monday, March 26, 2012

Swinging Bear

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Gene has been at it again, this bear is very near the entrance of the park.  Makes me smile!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

1940 Census Release, Almost, ALMOST!

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Time is marching on, the April 2, 2012 9 A.M. release of the 1940 U.S. Census is drawing closer and closer.

The frenzy is gathering strength for many.  If you have not been caught up in the frenzy, I suggest you try doing a Google search on the term, 1940 census.  Oh, yea, you will be reading for a while!  LOL  For example, here is The National Archives page about the 1940.  The National Archives has FAQ pages, codes, questions asked, information about enumeration district maps, instructions for the enumerators and just so much more.  Why, they even have a link to Stephen Morse's great ED finding page, which is another must place to visit, learn and use in the next few days.

For others, we are gearing up for the indexing.  We have been at FamilySearch.org and the1940census.com practicing our indexing skills.  If you have not signed up to index yet, you can do so at the1940cenus.com site.

I have no idea where Man and I will be on April 2, 2012 at 9 A.M.  I can tell you that sometime that day I will be jumping on the indexing site.  I hope you will all be there with me, remember, I am counting on all my friends, researching genie types and all of the rest of you too to help me get this DONE!!  THE Trip, THE Encore awaits, I am really hoping we can get this done by departure date, about November 15, 2012.  Maybe I am dreaming (like what is new, eh?), but, the power is with us, and in our numbers, the more of us there are to index, the sooner this will get done.

Remember, each page will be indexed by two different indexers.  Any time there is a disagreement, the page will go to an arbitrator.  Take your time indexing each page, even though I am in a HUGE hurry to get this done, don't hurry to the point that you make typos (mmmm, why would I know ANYTHING about this, eh??)  Steady as she goes will hopefully keep the accuracy rate UP and we won't over burden the arbitrators.

We are ALL volunteers, the indexers AND the arbitrators.  We all have good days and bad, but, we will get this done, it will be a great project and product and you will hear me WAHHOOOING as Tana and the new ride and Man and I and fur kids head out next November to discover more of our beautiful western USA.

Now, if I have not persuaded you with this guilt trip, then, how bout PRIZES??  Yep, there are prizes, you can find out all about it on this page at the1940census.com.    Seems that this week the prizes are Visa gift cards, now, who can't use one of those??  Seriously.

So, sign up to index, figure out how to enter the Visa gift card contest and hold onto your hat, it is almost, ALMOST time for the 1940 census release!

* The disclaimer, there are side benefits for being a 1940 census ambassador.  SOOO, I need to reveal, as part of the1940census.com ambassador program this blog post enters me into a drawing for an Amazon Kindle Fire, which is this weeks prize. I gotta tell ya this, so I have.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tables of Five Hundred

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From the October 23, 1921 issue of the Seattle Daily Times, Seattle, King County, Washington:

"Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook entertained Saturday evening with a Halloween party. Tables of Five Hundred were in play, high score being made by Mrs. G. Salzer. Miss Lura Madden gave a number of interpretative dances.  "Barcarolle," "La Tzigone," and "The Scarf Dance." Those present were Miss Marie Freund, Miss Pauline Gaupp, Miss Ruth Tunander, Miss Cleo Madden. Miss Lura Madden, Miss Ada Osborne, Miss Lydia Johnson, Miss Violet Ward, Miss Naomi Ward, Miss Johanna Juneman, Miss Alma Juneman, Miss Ida Seggelke, Mrs. E. W. Easton, Mrs H. Salzer, and Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook.

The game Five Hundred was devised in America shortly before 1900 by the United States Playing Card Company.  It is related to Euchre (which Man LOVES), you can read all about Wikipedia's take on the game.

Mrs. W. T. Lashbrook is Freda B. Salzer, born Dec 20, 1894 in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington, married to Warren Thomas Lashbrook on Aug 22, 1917, at Agate, Lewis County, Washington.  She died on Jul 15, 1982 in Centralia, Lewis County, Washington.  Freda and Warren had no children.

Mrs. G Salzer, who won high score this day of cards was Freda's mother.  Mrs. E. W. Easton is Mabel Rosetta Lashbrook, Warren's sister.  The other ladies names are not represented in my data base.

*  Clip art courtesy of Open ClipArt Library.

** Out of curiosity, I went searching for more information on the dances, in my short/quick search I did not find anything of substance on "Barcarolle," or "La Tzigone."  However, "The Scarf Dance" did lead me to this most interesting dancer of over one century ago, Isadora Duncan.  Seriously, I just never know what I will learn when I start researching a blog post!

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Motley Crew Goes Day Tripping

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(Ya, we were in a cemetery, geo-caching with friends John and Donna.)

* Thanks to John and Donna for a great day, and for the photo as well!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lorena Estelle Eley Norsworthy Dews Harlow Lenahan Collins::116th COG

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It is time for the 116th Carnival of Genealogy, graciously hosted by Jasia at Creative Gene. The challenge this month:

Picture/Story for Women's History Month. March is Women's History Month and we will once again honor a woman from our family tree by featuring her in the COG. This time we will do so by starting with a photograph and telling either the story of the photo and/or a biography of the woman pictured.

So, here is my photo:

This is Lorena Estelle Eley Norsworthy Dews Harlow Lenahan Collins, this photo reportedly was taken about 1918.  It is believed she is standing on the steps of her home/boarding home which was located at Money Point, in the Norfolk Virginia area.

Lorena was my great-grandmother via my dad's side of the family.   Lorena was born July 4, 1866 near Zuni, Isle of Wight County, Virginia.  Her parents were Solomon B. Eley and Sarah Anne Darden (who always seemed to go by Sallie).

By the time this photo was taken she had been married at least 3 times, and possibly was a honeymooning bride, on marriage # 4. In total she married 5 men, she outlived 3 of the 5, she divorced one and we just are not certain what happened to the fifth.  My dad always said, in a joking manner, that she fed them all poisoned mushrooms.

Lorena has been the subject of several posts here on Reflections, one such post is 4th of July Wishes of a Different Sort, which features a photo of Lorena holding me in her lap just months before she died.

Lorena married Mills L. Norsworthy Apr 1, 1883 in Nansemond County, Virginia.  Sometime before December of 1888 Mills had died and Lorena was a young widow with one child (there may have been other children by this union, but only one survived).

On Oct 27, 1887, in Norfolk County, Virginia, Lorena married hubby # 2, my direct ancestor, William Henry Dews.  Lorena and William had 6 children, 2 of whom died as infants.  William himself would die a tragic death around the 1st of January 1907 in Kempsville, Princess Anne County, Virginia after a falling off a wagon cart just before Christmas.  No death certificate or record for William has been found, however a very short news article was found mentioning the accident.  No burial record has been found either, as the church where he reportedly was buried lost all records to a fire.  William's death in early 1907 left Lorena with 1 son and 3 daughters from that union, the youngest being my grandmother, Florence, who was barely 3 years of age.

Lorena needed to find a way to support herself and her children.  She chose to run a boarding house and was doing so by the time the 1910 US census was enumerated.

Lorena next married Apr 4, 1911 in Norfolk County, Virginia to a James Harlow.  She divorced him in 1915.

Her next hubby is our MIA, according to an old index I found years ago, she married Robert Lenahan/Linehan on Aug 20, 1918 in Norfolk County Virginia.  While writing this post I discovered indexing  at FamilySearch.org, that Lorena and Robert married on the same day (August 20, 1918) in Elizabeth City, Pasquotank County, North Carolina. Robert appears on the 1920 census with Lorena, she was still running her boarding house.  No further record of Robert has been found after the 1920 census.  Family tradition has is that Lorena had him declared dead after 7 years.  No records have been found to support or deny that tradition.

And, last, at the young age of 70 years 9 months and 6 days (give or take), Lorena took as her 5th and last hubby, one John/Jehu/Gehew C. Collins.  John died in October of 1944 and is buried in the Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia.

Lorena eventually moved to 815 Freeman Avenue, in Norfolk (now Chesapeake) Virginia.  This address is quite close to Money Point, she did not move far.  She died in late February of 1949 and was laid to rest at the Riverside Memorial Park Cemetery, Norfolk, Virginia.  Several of her children are buried nearby.

The boarding house provided a home and an income for Lorena allowing her to support her children.  Two of her daughters would meet their husbands in that boarding home.  One of those couples were my grandparents.  In the 1930 census my grandparents and their young son, my father, are living with Lorena in that boarding house at Money Point.

I have been very lucky to have a few of Lorena's possessions from her boarding house, one is the boudoir chair found on this Reflection's post,  Treasure Chest Thursday, Lorena's Boarding House Boudoir Chair.

By looking at Google Maps, it becomes quite evident that few homes are still standing in the area known as Money Point.  We have no exact address for the boarding home, the 1920 census seems to indicate it might have been 19 Money Point, and the 1930 census has no addresses shown at all.  The boarding house is most likely long gone, as are so many of its boarders and occupants.  We have several poor photos of what we believe to be the boarding house, and stories shared with us by those who remember it.  All in all, that is rather sad, considering the huge role that boarding house played in the lives of 3 generations of my ancestors.

Lorena standing on her boarding house stairs, a bride 5 times, a widow 3 times, a woman who raised children who, according to all stories that I heard, loved her and each other.  A woman that did what she had to do to survive and provide.  Thank you Lorena for your strength.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gene the Carver, a Follow Up

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You remember these posts, right?? About Gene the folk art craftsman that does these wonderful wood carvings??  Here is my first post, Campground Fun, Gulf State Park, and my follow up post, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, A New Critter Sign .  And, I certainly hope you did not miss this post, Gulf State Park, Gulf Shores Alabama, Another New Critter, WAYYY Up There.

As I mentioned in that last post, I have been meaning to stop and chat with Gene.  I finally found him home, I had the camera and had a few minutes to stop and chat.  And, I had questions to ask.

First, here is his "workshop", out along one of the hiking/biking trails here in the park:

You can see from this close up, that Gene does in fact get his carvings quite smooth.  He tells me that it is all in the technique and angle of how he holds the saw.  He does put a "finish" on them, if painted he uses an exterior household paint, other wise he uses a clear exterior finish.

And, here is the tool of the trade, a simple chain saw, and it is not all that large, just enough, I hazard to say.

Here is Gene and one of his bears:

Gene calls this folk art (my term), 'chain saw carving'.  He calls his business, "Natures Creatures".  Gene donates the creatures that are here in the park, and does sell some of his creations.  

Man and I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know Gene and his lovely wife Avis, I hope you have too. 

*  Disclaimers:  You can reach Gene at this email addy.  I provide the contact information as a service.  As you may have noticed I do not monetize any of my blogs. When I chat about services, products, etc, I use them, good or bad, endorse them, or NOT.  I have not received any $$ to chat about services, products, etc.  Gene is a talented artist, I thought I would give you a way to contact him if you are so interested.  If you do contact him, tell him Carol said "Hi".  All purchases, prices and all that stuff are between you and Gene.  

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neptune or Poseidon

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Neptune (Latin: Neptūnus) was the Roman god of water and the sea, the Wikipedia page is here.

Poseidon (Greek: Ποσειδῶν) was the god of the sea, there is a Wikipedia page here.

We found this version of the sea god at the Barber Marina.  Not quite sure if there is a reason this beautiful water fountain is here, but, forget the reasons, we enjoyed stopping, and photographing.

*Special thanks to RVing friends John and Donna for taking us here during a geo-caching class/introduction they gave us.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Yes Indeedy, It IS Spring Break

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Gulf Shores is pretty quiet over the winter months.  Snow birds (winter residents from the far north) are here, but, it is quiet, meals and senior discounts make for reasonably priced dining, we never wait to be seated at the restaurants, minor traffic jams (if any at all) , the beach is ours to walk in peace and solitude.

And, then, spring break starts!  Prices go up, crowds form, 2 hour waits for seating at the local eateries, traffic jams where you convince yourself that it is a good thing because you can listen to the new radio in the new ride, children's squeals of delight are to be heard, and the beaches are crowded with people having fun --

Yep, it is spring break in Gulf Shores!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Break, Got Umbrella?

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Even on hazy, foggy, less than sunny days, the beach lovers grab the umbrella and venture forth.