Friday, October 14, 2011

THE Trip, Day Trip, LONG LONG Day Trip, Part 1

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

On May 15, 2011 Man and I set out from Bryce Canyon for a drive and a day trip.  Our plans were somewhat written in dust, as they seem to frequently be.  The day turned into over 13.5 hours of driving about 250 miles, sightseeing, oooohing, aahhhing, 2 large mountain tops (times 2, cause we did the route over and back exactly the same), the million dollar road and well over 625 photos.  Can we say sensory overload??  Yea, we can.

Here are some photos as we left Bryce Canyon, driving east:

(Note:  each day we started out with a clean windshield, in fact, by now in THE Trip, we had become rather paranoid about cleaning it.  In our normal life, we clean now and then, but are not over the top concerned, a streak here and there, oh, well.  But, not by this point of THE Trip.  By now, I did not want streaks, nor bugs, nor reflections.  But, alas, sometimes, you still get streaks, reflections and those dang bugs keep committing suicide on our windshield.  You will see those kinds of defects now and then in my photos, because, they are still photos of stunning scenery, bug ickies, streaks and all.  Remember, I am taking many of these photos from Big Butt, through the bugs, streaks and coloration of the sun screen stuff built into BB's windshield and while rolling, sometimes at speeds between 55 and 65.  I was happy to have a bug smear now and then, eh??  LOL)

Our goal, softly written in the dust was the Grand Staircase Escalante-National Monument area, and Anasazi State Park, and see what we could see, mmm, had the energy to visit.  By the end of the day, we had also had a quick drive through of the Capital Reef National Park.  Here is the route, same way both directions.

The day, the VERY long day, and just a few of the many, many photos will be coming along in a number of posts, I have no idea how many, they are not written yet, truth, I have not even been able to preview and choose all the photos yet.  Gonna take some doing, and some time!


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