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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Those Ancestors - - They Just Keep Surprising Us.

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Seriously, you just never know what little tidbit of your ancestor's life may show up.  Or when.

Recently during a visit to Michigan, Mom brought along photos and such.  And, this!!!

Who knew??  I can tell you, I had no idea.  She believes this was around 1936?  I can tell you that badge was very well made, and preserved.  Well preserved.  

Indeed, they just keep surprising us.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Oh, Edna. If This IS You, Just Too Sad for Words

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The other night the 1921 Canadian Census became available online, thanks to the Library and Archives of Canada.  

I hit up the search engine late in the evening, cause, well, I had to.  Sleep?  Nah.  Search. Ya!

I went first to Nova Scotia to see what I might find on Man's Fenton clan there.  I found the enumeration of William and Ida (Jarvis) Fenton and noted there were 2 adopted sons in the household.  Both with the surname of Sisco.  I dug around, messaged with a Fenton researcher I share with and we identified both.  

My fast and furious searches and clicks and shocked findings are a blur now, so, to tell you the chronological search is just about impossible. Plus the fact that as the night grew cold and old and the new day dawned (meaning I searched until about 2 AM in the morning), and I grew tired, ok, MORE tired, well, the gut kept screaming, this is IT, THIS IS IT!.  But, I was so taken back by the revelations, that I knew I had to try to sleep on it, and redo the research and make better notes, and really give this all some time to seep into my core.

The short of it is, that I went to the Nova Scotia Vital Statistics site and I searched Sisco, and I started looking at just about every Sisco birth, marriage and death available.

Before I go on, I would urge you to read my story about Man's grandmother, Edna May Fenton Stevens.  Pay particular close attention to her MIA years, 1901 to 1918.  Also, note, that we have installed a headstone for Edna and Arthur since I wrote this post in 2010.  I'll be here after you read her story - - 

So, you read it?  From the piece, you saw this right?

"She does not appear on the 1911 census.  In fact, from 1901 until 1918 we have no idea where Edna is or what she is doing."

In all these years, despite many hours of researching, and even a quick trip to Nova Scotia last year, I never found another hint of any kind at what happened to Edna.  Not. One.  Hint!

But, while hunting Sisco, I found this birth record.  Please note, this is only part of the record.  From the top, name of the child, sex, birthday and place, name of father, maiden name of mother, residence of father, occupation of father, place of birth of father and race of father.

Note the name of the mother.  Edna May Fenton. As far as I know, and believe me, in this game, we never assume we know it all, there is only one Edna May Fenton that lives or lived in this area of Nova Scotia.  Man's grandmother.

You know I went looking for a marriage.  And, there is one, sorta. There is no date or place of the marriage.  Her age is not given.  Her name is noted as May Fenton.  There are no parents names. The record does not state where the parties of the marriage were born.  No name of the person that married them.  In other words, we have his name:  Alvin Sisco; her name:  May Fenton; his age is given as 21, he is a bachelor, she is single, and he is a labourer and they both live in Yarmouth.  You can find it on that Nova Scotia site, search for Sisco, marriages, 1908.

OKKK, from here on out, I am going to just list events in time line fashion.  Since I am sure in my own heart, but, feel still a bit shaky at the paper trail, please take this with a grain of salt.  I may have the wrong Edna May Fenton.  (It happens.) My findings so far, all events in or around Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.

1908 Alvin Sisco and May Fenton at least file some paper work indicating a marriage between the two.

March 25, 1909, Muriel Sisco is born to Alvin Sisco and Edna May Fenton..

May 15, 1910, Alice May Sisco is born to Alvin Sisco and Edna May Fenton.

May 8, 1911, Bernie Sisco is born to Alvin and Edna May Fenton.  More on Bernie later.

1911 Canadian census we find Alvin born Sept 1887; Edna born March 1890; Muriel born March 1909; Alice born May 1910; Bernard, born May 1911 (he is listed as one month old).  Also in the household are David and Arthur Sisco, whom, I have determined are Alvin's brothers.

Jan 29, 1912, Alice May Sisco dies, father Alvin.

April 13, 1912, William Sisco is born, father Alvin, mother Edna May Fenton.

June 22, 1913, one "Bernard" Sisco dies, father, Alvin.  Age 13 months.  It is my belief that this is actually William Sisco born on April 13, 1912.  Given name in error.  From grief and ongoing health issues of the father, as:

August 14, 1913, Alvin Sisco dies, he had been ill for well over a year.

Now, extra notes I have gathered and am still working on:

That Bernard Sisco born May 8, 1911 is found living with William and Ida Fenton on the 1921 census as an adopted son.  Bernard Fenton dies in 1934.  Birth date of Bernard Fenton is the same as that of Bernie Sisco.  Parents listed on death certificate are William and Ida Fenton.  I know, it is muddy.  Bernard Fenton who died in 1934 is the same as Bernie Sisco born May 8, 1911.

Muriel Sisco marries one Roland Archibold Jacklyn.  The marriage record names her father as Alvin and her mother as Edna Fenton.  

You bet the search continues. And, yep, I am still in a bit of shock.  After 26 years of research, I figured I would never find Edna from 1901 to 1918.  There is still the time period of 1913 to 1918.  How did she get to the greater Detroit area to marry Man's grandfather?  Where is Muriel between 1911 and 1935?

Is this even close to being correct?

If it is, Edna gave birth to 4 children, 2 of whom subsequently died, and her husband died as well.  All of this took place from 1908 to 1913.  Five short years.

Just too sad for words.