Sunday, October 2, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon National Park, Sunset Point

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

May 10, 2011, after our lunch at the Lodge at Bryce Canyon National Park, we went back out into the park, next stop, Sunset Point.  Lets get started with a panoramic:

Deep, deep canyons, many hikers enjoy hikes down there, yes, there are some down there in the following photo, look closely.

Below:  zoom the same photo, see, there they are.  Man and I did not hike down into the canyon for several reasons, one, the altitude; two, the slippery wet muddy red sandy soil; three, the trails sometimes came very close to the edges, I know you all remember my reaction to the Palm Springs Tram.  Then there is the truth of the issue, it is certainly easy to walk down, but hiking and tromping back up is an entirely different experience.  OK, it is harder than heck, for us of the older set, especially at over 7,000 feet elevation!  But, hike we did, later in the week.  Yes, I have photos!

Deep, deep canyon, ohhh, I said that, well, it is worth repeating.

Below, another, no words required photo:

More of those hoodoos standing in sand dunes.  I always look and think/question, how DID that happen, Mother Nature and her brats, they sure can make beautiful contrasts, magnificent art.

You can really see the white hoodoos in this photo, all different, all spiritual.

Our last stop of the day, Fairyland, bet you know why it was the last stop, yep, the S word, snow.



Nita said...

Bryce is just so beautiful! I can't stop thinking about it. Personally, I felt it was the most beautiful National Park we visited. We didn't get to see Fairland as it was closed due to snow. It sure looks like a fairland to me from the pictures.

Susan Clark said...

I agree, Nita. It affected me even more than the Grand Canyon or Death Valley (which I adored). Not sure why, but it is my favorite.

Another pick a superlative post, Carol. Thank you!

Nita said...

Wish I had the option to edit. I spelled Fairyland wrong! Oh well!

Carol said...

Nita, we won't tell! LOL