Saturday, October 1, 2011

THE Trip, Bryce Canyon National Park, Paria View and No View

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

May 9, 2011 at Bryce Canyon National Park.

After our visit to Inspiration Point, we moved along to Paria View.  It was here that Mother Nature and Father Winter caught up to us.

Below:  One of the first photos I took here, possibly one of my top 5 favorites from our visit to Bryce, must have something to do with that tree, AND those bare roots!

The photo (above) was taken at 3:08.  I have never changed the clock on the camera, not even sure where to change the clock on the camera, so I think that is 3:08 EST.  It is probably hard for you to tell, but you are looking many miles off in the distance when you look at the top center of the photo.  The distance factor comes into play as you view the next photos.

The next photo was taken at 3:09.  The next 7 photos were taken all of the same view, I stood in one place, and just shot the event.  The time stamp for each will be noted, the zoom is different on several.  I am not sure just how far it is from where we were standing to the far side of this photo, so, I am gonna guess somewhere between 5 and 15 miles.  Disclaimer, I could be so totally wrong, but, I don't think it changes what happens in the next several photos/minutes.  We are looking at that white misty/cloud/snow stuff that is starting to head our way.

Below, time stamp, 3:09, the rolling mist has blocked the view of most of the background.

Below, time:  3:11, Mist is thicker, ok, the snow is closer and heavier.  LOL.  Note it is starting to cover the trees and such on the far right of the photo.

Below, time:  3:11, more snow mist, almost looks like fog, doesn't it?

Below:  time:  3:11, yes, still 3:11, no time stamp available for the seconds of each minute (well, none that I can find!  LOL)  By now the snow had just about swallowed up the entire formation in the background and is starting to fall into the canyon between that formation and where we are standing.

Below:  time 3:13, what formation???  Oh, that ghost of an image, yea, that formation.

And, finally, below, time stamp, 3:13, what canyon???

In about 5 minutes, the visibility dropped from miles to less than 50 feet.  It was an amazing experience to stand in one place and watch it roll in at that speed.

At this point Man and I left Paria View, and left Bryce Canyon National Park.  We love Big Butt, but that truck really is the worst vehicle we have ever owned for driving in snow.  So, we left the park before the driving got dicey. But, we shall return, several more times, before we leave the area.



Susan Clark said...

Gotta love timestamps! Amazing series, Carol. You must have felt you were about to be swallowed up.

Lori said...

Oh my goodness, Carol. These photos are absolutely stunning! How inspirational!

Carol said...

Thanks Lori, Yes, Susan it did swallow us up! LOL It was an amazing experience for sure.

Cheri Hopkins aka You Go Genealogy Girl #2 said...

What beautiful views again Carol. Your photos are awesome...I'm jealous! Sure do give the rest of us the feel of being there.

Becky said...

Love it! Great series of shots, Carol.