Sunday, October 16, 2011

THE Trip, Day Trip, LONG LONG Day Trip, Part 3

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Lets continue our drive and sightseeing along Scenic route 12 through the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument.  We are working our way towards the little town of Boulder and towards the "Hogback", a patch of road that you will NEVER forget once you have driven it!  But, we have lots of breathtaking and interesting photos to look at first.

Below:  I know, you cannot see the road.   This photo was shot in a spot where the edge of the road overlooked a drop off.  They make those drop offs pretty tall and long and deep in this part of the world.  I was trying to capture the depth of the canyon, which is pretty impossible without 3D, but, I think you can sorta get the idea.  The road we were on (really, we were) ran from left to right in this photo, photo taken out of the side window of Big Butt:

Below, telephone poles, or power poles, but, really??  poles!  I know, everyone wants phone and cable and power, but, I am always surprised to see a pole out in the desert and wilderness like this.  And, pray, tell me, what about the work required to put those poles up.  Yes, boggles the mind and the imagination.

Next 2 photos were taken from the same vantage point, just moving around the landscape, see the structure in the first photo far to the right, same structure is in the next photo in the middle.  (Have no idea if this is a private home or a business.) Maybe this is the guy that needed the poles??  And, can you imagine, how far they have to go for groceries, and can you imagine living with this magnificent scenery daily?  Be still my heart!

Below, this photo taken near the Escalante River, in fact, in the middle of the photo you can see the lighter colored pavement, that is the bridge over the river.

Below:  on the left side of the road, which, by the way, we have to drive on the way home, you can see another section of road built pretty much on the edge of the drop off to the canyon below:

Below, we have now driven to just about that very section of road.  Compare the white rock structure on the right side of both photos.  Ya, a bit close on the edge, Man did an outstanding job of driving, I actually did not have too many occasions where the "white knuckle" phenomena took over. That said, I sure do not want to drive this road during rain or ice or snow storm. No thank you.

Next post I will attempt to show you the Hogback section of the Million Dollar Highway, another attempt to show you what no camera really can.


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