Sunday, October 23, 2011

THE Trip, Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument, and Beyond

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

The day after the LONG LONG day trip we were out again, working hard to see as much of this fantastic area of Utah as we could.  We had driven the Scenic route 12 all the way to Capital Reef National Park and back, but there was so much left to explore.  We decided that since it had been dry for a few days we would drive out Grosvenor Arch way and see if the road was passable.

The brochures covering the area all have the following types of warnings, pretty much word for word:

PLAN AHEAD when heading into the backcountry. Start with a full gas tank and carry extra food, clothing and water....

ROADS within the (area) are mostly dirt, clay or gravel. Dirt surface roads are subject to flooding and impassable when wet. High clearance four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended. Please inquire at visitor centers for road conditions.

WEATHER can change suddenly in the (park)....

FLASH FLOODS are possible any time of year. If the potential for storms is high for the region, avoid traveling in narrow canyons. Camp on high ground, away from steambeds. If you find yourself in a flood situation, climb to the highest possible point. Flood conditions usually subside in 8 to 12 hours, but it is possible to be stranded for several days.

So being cautious, as we have been all along during THE Trip, we knew we would only drive to Grosvenor Arch if we could first determine the true road conditions.

Kodachrome Basin State Park is 10 miles south of Cannonville Utah, the road is paved.   Grosvenor Arch is about 11 miles south of Kodchrome Basin State Park, the road is NOT paved, 11 miles one way of unpaved road.   The brochures say to allow at least 1.5 hours round trip for the trip from Kodachrome to Grosvenor and back.  It took us about 2 hours.

So, it made sense to us to have our first stop at the Grand Staircase - Escalante National Monument Visitor Center at Canonville Utah.  Visitors Centers have proven throughout THE Trip to be perfect beginnings of our stops at the national parks and monuments, and state and county parks as well.   Stop and get the "insider" information.  So happened while we were at this Visitors Center we heard a report from an employee that he had just driven the road to Grosvenor Arch and it was passable with no issues.  Good to go!

But, before we jumped into Big Butt for our drive/adventure out to Grosvenor Arch and of course, Kodachrome State Park we took a few minutes to review the displays inside and outside of the Visitors Center.  Outside displays were quite interesting, and included the silhouettes I have included in this post.  The display talked of early pioneer settlers and Native Americans.  Personally, I found them subtle, charming and artistic.

Next, more scenery, of course.  I took over 340 photos this day trip.  (And, if you are keeping track that means I took nearly 1,000 photos in two days.  Shazam!!!)

We toured this area on May 16, 2011.



Amy O'Neal said...

I love the silhouettes!

Sharon said...

I love the silhouettes and was wondering how you did that when you answered my question. I love traveling through your pictures and stories (descriptions).

Hummer said...

This looks like a great place to visit. I too love the silhouettes. The Hero and I missed this one.
Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Poole said...

Charming. I can see why you took so many photos.

Karen said...

The silhouettes are fantastic. I know its a lot of work to process your photos and write your blogs, but how nice it is for your readers!! I've seen so much of the country from my computer chair! :) What fun adventures you have!

Carol said...

Thank you all, Amy, Sharon, Fran, Barb and Karen for your comments.

These were so captivating.

Thank you Karen for your comments on the time involved, for recognizing the effort. It is a lot of work, no doubt about it, but, so rewarding and fulfilling, and I am so glad you are all enjoying the fruits of my labors!

Total win and total fun!

Nita said...

Great photos Carol! Like everyone else, I love the Silhouettes! Will add that one to my list also!

Lisa Wallen Logsdon said...

Very cool...I've not seen this before. Totally agree with Karen..I see the country from my computer chair through your photos! :-D