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Monday, February 25, 2019

Sedona and the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the Day After the Storms

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After two days of significant, historical, epic amounts of snow in Sedona and surrounding areas, Man and I knew we had to take a ride to see and, of course, take photos.  We ended up at the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which was a perfect place to be.  Roads, cleared, walkways wet but clear.  Views outta this world!

In the side view mirror on the way from Cottonwood to Sedona, aka, 89a:

The Chapel, from the lower level parking area.  

We walked up to the chapel, altitude difference was 120 feet. It was about 40 degrees, as you can see, abundant sunshine, no wind and totally glorious.

And as always, with all things technical, when I went to take a panoramic photo with Sony III, I found the direction was messed up.  And, of course, standing there, I could not figure out how to "fix" it.  Of course.  Man says to me, turn the camera the other way, won't it work that way??  Dude!  The photos are wider, and not as long, but, Carol likes.  LOL . Two of these are similar.

Add in some sun and lens red spots, cause you are "not" supposed to shoot into the sun, mmm, why not??  I think it adds some interest.

I took a bit over 200 photos. It was fantastic!


Saturday, February 23, 2019

Wintering in Sunny Arizona.

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Here we sit in Camp Verde, Arizona, land of desert and sun, and this happened:

We had about 4 to 5 inches the first day and another 4 or so the second, per the official Man measuring stick.  Six miles from here, Camp Verde had about 2, per the official reports.  Four miles or so from here, Cottonwood had 5 inches and Sedona between 8 and 13 inches (again, per the official reports)

Man cleaning the satellite, a gal has to have her telie and, well, so must Man! (We are glad that it is not on the roof!!!)

No, we do not have grandchildren with us, this little girl lives nearby.  She and her family, are originally from Florida.  They are here living after a serious issue with mold in their home.  It's quite the love story, parents loving their children and everything they will do for them, to keep them happy and healthy.  The kids love the snow! 

Ice cycle hanging from my clothes dryer on the back of Tana, all 2 inches of ice!  LOL

Looking out Tana's office window, towards Sedona.  The red is covered by all that snow.

The San Francisco Peaks, about 50 miles away.  There is some red!!  Photo thanks to much zooming from Sony III.

Winter happens, Mother Nature shows us all who is boss.  This has been a historic and epic winter here.  This is the second major snow storm since New Years Eve 2018. They usually only get snow here once every 4 years or so.  Yep, we witnessed records.  

RVing, is always an adventure.