Thursday, October 27, 2011

THE Trip, Heading to Kodachrome Basin State Park

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

May 16, 2011

After leaving Grosvenor Arch we had to drive the 11 miles of dirt/gravel roads back to the pavement and Kodachrome Basin State Park.  Here is part of what we saw, but first, a photo of a photo found on a sign at the beginning of the unpaved road.  It explains to travelers what not to do while driving the back roads of Utah.  I think it says a lot.  Ohhhh, that was a few years back if you look at the car and the clothes, but, it does tend to get the idea across, doesn't it?

The next 3 photos are of the same formation/area, taken from different vantage points, take a moment to note the road conditions, steepness included.

Below, see the tree growing W*A*Y up there, on the second plateau from the left.  Mother Nature, provides some "different" scenes for our viewing pleasure.

Below, at this point the road splits and crosses this wash twice.  This section was a bit rough on the way in, so we decided to try the other section on the way out.

Below:  We pick this section of road, but it was still a bit rough.  The amount of water was not concerning, it really was just a dribble, but, previous rains and snow melts had made a sharp divot, down and back up, a little jarring to the bones.  Drove through without slowing down too much, of course we were not going very fast to begin with, but we did not want to end up like that dude in the first photo, eh??  LOL  Remember, as much as we love Big Butt, it is not a 4 wheel drive vehicle, and is actually the worst vehicle we have ever driven in snow.  The worst!  Slip sliddin' away - - -

Below:  Looking back up the wash.  I'm gonna take a stab at this and say that when the water is really running deep and hard it would cover all that is white in the photo, what cha think??

Special contrast, red, white, magnificent.  Sometimes it reminds me of sand art.

It sure seems that every mile brought some new experience, a new view of spectacular scenery, a new challenge to the senses.

I am soooo ready to go back, if only, maybe, I can dream right, THE Trip, Part Two???

But, first I must finish showing you this trip, next up, Kodachrome Basin State Park.  Just wait - -


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Grandma MG said...

Steeeeeeeepppp!!!! White stuff - snow or the salt in Utah??? Such colors in contrast!!!