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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Slots and Boats, Page Arizona :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Man and I have been doing the tours.  Dropped a dime or two - - ya, more than two.  Gorgeous stuff to tour round here.  We are tired.

So, only a couple of photos tonight, teasers.

From Secret Canyon:

And, from a 2.5 hour boat tour on Lake Powell which took us into two canyons.  See Man's hat and a section of the boat and some great rock formations??

OHHH, you want to see water, to prove we were on the lake, ohhh, OK.  Find the kayaks.  BIG rock eh??  I believe they said about 200 feet shows above water at this point.

We have one more day here in Page, and then  - - - -


Saturday, March 28, 2015

Jolly Conquers (Err, Drives) Paria Station Utah :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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Jolly the truck, the big hauling machine, took us for a grand ride the other day to Paria town site.  Down 6 miles (one way) of dirt roads, ruts, bumps, small wash outs easily driven over, more bumps, ruts and dried up "washes". There was no mud by the way, roadway totally dry, even the washes.

We had stopped at the picnic area for a rest and chatted with some other visitors who assured us that we could get to the cemetery via Jolly and indeed, we could get to the river.  They had just come from there.  We looked at a "shortcut", this wash, but, decided to take the long way around.  Yes, there is more to this story - - you know there is.  What you cannot see from this photo is how much of a drop there is and how steep it is.

This sign was almost at the end of the road (the river).  Man and I had to laugh.  We had been through several washes, over lots of ruts and bumps and they put the sign here??  Actually, the thought that some youngsters had moved the sign crossed our minds.  Those kids these days!  LOL

The sign reads:  High clearance, 4-wheel drive vehicles recommended.

This is the last few hundred feet before the river.  Those bushes create a tight passage, Jolly got his sides scraped and scratched a bit.

You can see the marks left by the twigs in this photo, poor Jolly.  Sure needs a bath. Jolly is playing hard!

We made our way back to the "shortcut".  Man decides to investigate up close and personal.

My view at the edge of the wash.  (Note the dusty hood.  Yep, been playing hard.  SOOO much fun!)

You KNOW Man went for it.  On the way up the opposite side. (And, yes, I got out and took photos.  I think I was supposed to watch Jolly and clearances, oh, yea, I did that too!  LOL)

This photo gives you some idea of the "pitch" and the depth of the wash.

Ya, Man is smiling.  Thumbs up dude!

Jolly was there, from this angle looks rather benign.

Jolly and Man had a blast!  Jolly may have slight scars to remember the day by.  We have a few days left in the area, who knows, we may go back.

* We are fully aware that this little wash may not look like much to those who are experienced in living and playing in these areas.  This is however a step out of our comfort zone.  And, being 6 miles out, with no cell phone, we tend to be VERY cautious.  Besides, I threaten Man with serious repercussions if he gets Jolly stuck or messes up the running boards.  You can ask Man!  LOL


Friday, March 27, 2015

Cappy's Winter Sojourn 2014/15 ::Paria Station Area Utah

Copyright 2015, CABS (and Cappy) for Reflections From the Fence

Hey folks, Mommie finally let me post here on her Reflections.  Bout time!

SOOOO, this winter Mommie and Daddy have been traveling out west.  They really like it out here.  Me, well, ya, tis great when they let me ride along for day trips.  I don't like the days they leave me in my crate in Tana so much. Talk about B*O*R*I*N*G.  And, I miss Mommie and Daddy soooooo much.

OK, enough whining.  Yesterday Mommie and Daddy took me along.  They loaded my crate and some food for snacks, my leash, and off we went.

We drove east and stopped at some pretty cool places, an overlook of Wahweap (Lake Powell).  Further east we stopped at a couple of Visitors Centers, which I did not get to go into.  Bummer.

Then, we started down this really long road, to a place Mommie told me was called Paria Town Site.  Mommie and Daddy drove very slowly, it was a pretty place, and to be truthful, some of the road was a bit rough.  Jolly the truck had no trouble, but, Daddy needed to drive slow so we were not jostled (isn't that a big word for a yorkie to know - - jostled - - yorkies are very smart ya know.)

One time when Mommie and Daddy stopped I told them I really needed to sniff around (translation, I HAD to PEE!) Lookie what I found:

Mommie took another photo to show you, I could not identify the prints, but, Mommie thought, maybe a bear?? Really???  How scary is that?

Update:  Since we posted this, Mommie's friends have informed us that these are paw prints most likely are the prints of a coyote.  Whew.  Don't know bout you, but, I sure feel better!

One of our stops Daddy carried me out on this "point" so I could get a better view of those beautiful mountain things.  Mommie said there was a lot more blue in them than shows in the photos.  Mommie and Daddy REALLY loved this area, they took FOREVER to drive to the river (which they did NOT let me play in - - bummed).  They sure waxed poetic about the colors (ya, another big term for a yorkie, I told you, yorkies are brilliant!)

Truth is I had a very hard time getting Mommie and Daddy to leave the town site road so we could get on to the next adventure.  Boy, they really loved it out here.  Wonder if they love me that much.  (Mommie here - - yes, Cappy, we do love you that much!)

Next Mommie and Daddy stopped to take a hike back to something called "Toadstools".  Mommie said there was no way I could stay in Jolly, it was too warm, so, she grabbed the blue jean tote purse that Gallagher used to ride in a lot and put me in there.  Well, my, my.  I may actually like this tote purse riding.  Trouble is, it got a bit warm in there and Mommie ended up carrying me over half of the way, about a mile??  Tee hee.  I was hiking!  In Mommie's arms.

Mommie and I are discussing these Toadstool things.  She like them, I just closed my eyes cause of the bright sun. What do you think of the Toadstool?  There was another one a bit further down the hiking trail, and maybe some white ones, but, Mommie and Daddy said we had hiked enough, cause, ya know, we had to go all the way back to Jolly.

On the way back to Jolly, I studied the path closely.  Mommie gave Daddy a smile.  See, she is carrying me.  Yorkies have such a good life.

Then, Mommie actually let me down to walk a few feet.  She was careful to not let me near the edge.  Thanks Mommie, it was a ways down there, especially for a yorkie.  Tee hee, do you see Daddy's head/hat shadow?

Mommie gave me lots of drinks of water, I am special so she shared her water with me.  I can drink it right out of the bottle.  (OK, Mommie can pour it into my mouth right out of the bottle -- joint efforts!)

Well, I had a great day, I was tired and after my dinner I took a very long nap, right till breakfast time today.

It's a great life being a traveling yorkie.

(Wonder if they will take me sightseeing today??)

Cappy reporting from Page Arizona.

**MMM, Carol here - - sorry Cappy - - you cannot go today.  Sorry.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Went Looking for a Cemetery, Found Instead Stunning Beauty, This Ones for Emily :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

 When Man and I were staying in Leeds Utah we had the distinct pleasure of meeting Emily and Bill.  Without writing a book, let's just say they are totally delightful and they KNOW the area of Paria Station of the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  They really know it.  They were volunteers there for many years.  Emily typed up well over a page of suggestions of things to see and do while we were in Kanab and Page.  We are working very hard to see as much as we can from their list.

Today, we did part of # 3 from her typed list, 3a to be exact, the PariaTownsite.  We had stopped at their old office, see, Emily, we really did, and Man has the brochures to prove it!

We decided to start at the Paria town site because the young lady in the station mentioned there was a cemetery down there.  Everyone knows I cannot resist a cemetery.

So, went for a drive looking for a cemetery, we found much much more!  We found a HUGE hunk o heaven.

See, we did the drive, here is a dusty GPS photo to prove it.

This out of focus photo shows the early part of the drive (about 6 miles one way).  Up and down, dusty but, currently dry road:

Starting to get "purdy"

You know I am loving this already, tis red!

And, then!!!!  OHHHHH MYYYYY:

Yes, we have panoramic, but, let me tell you, this does not begin to capture the beauty,nor the colors, the blues just don't show well.

We drove, we stopped, I took photos, we drove, we stopped, I took MORE photos:

From another vantage point:

We stopped at the picnic area, read some signs and then, we headed for the cemetery (and - - - - )

And, the Paria River!!!  Note the sign indicates we should not drive Jolly over/through the river.

After a few minutes of gazing at the wonder and the beauty, we turned Jolly around and out we headed, 6 miles back, but, first we stop many more times, and take tons more photos.

One more, for tonight.

Some time I'll share the cemetery, yes, we found it. And, some of Cappy's adventures for the day.

Thank you Emily, it was more than fantastic.  And, so were a lot of the other things you have suggested.  Not sure we can get them all, but, we sure are having a blast trying!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona :: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

Copyright 2015, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Antelope Canyon, Page Arizona, late afternoon tour, no sun streams to capture, due to the time of day. Photography wise, it became a study of shapes and swirls.  I was allowed to use the flash on one photo, which is not included in this post.  Many photo shot towards the ceiling, there were enough people in the canyon to make it difficult to take a photo at ground level without also capturing some of the other visitors.  Most photos on this post were digitally edited, sharpened, contrast and brightness, and in a few, a bit of the "pink/red" that my eyes saw, added back in. For this study, no people, just the shapes and swirls and a spot of color here and there,  see if you can find blue - - 

Yes, panorama turned on it's side:

This shot is the canyon wall, yes, the stone runs parallel to the ground.  

Bucket list - - check!