THE Trip, The Maps

Maps begin at our first campsite after leaving Michigan.

Map 1.  Auburn Indiana to Champaign Illinois

Map 2.  Champaign Illinois to Springfield Illinois

Map 3.  Springfield Illinois to Eureka Missouri

Map 4.  Eureka Missouri to Joplin Missouri.

Map 5.  Joplin Missouri to Norman Oklahoma

Map 6.  Norman Oklahoma to Grapevine Texas

Map 7.  Grapevine Texas to Odessa Texas

Map 8.  Odessa Texas to Carlsbad New Mexico

 Map 9.  Carlsbad New Mexico to Las Cruces New Mexico.

Map 10.  Las Cruces New Mexico to Tombstone Arizona

Map 11.  Tombstone Arizona to Brenda Arizona

Map 12.  Brenda to BLM Land near Quartzsite

Map 13.  Quartzsite Arizona to La Quinta California.

Map 14.  La Quinta California to Salton Sea, near Salton California.

Map 15.  Salton Sea California to Winterhaven California (near Yuma).

Map 16. Winterhaven California to Gila Bend Arizona.

Map 17.  Gila Bend Arizona to Gold Canyon (Apache Junction) Arizona.

Map 18.  Gold Canyon Arizona to Camp Verde Arizona.

Map 19.  Camp Verde Arizona to Tusayan Arizona - - The Grand Canyon.

Map 20.  Grand Canyon to Monument Valley Utah.

Map 21. Monument Valley Utah to Moab Utah.

Map 22. Moab Utah to Salina Utah.

Map 23.  Salina Utah to Bryce Canyon Utah.

Map 24.  Bryce to Zion National Park, day trip.

Note, we drove from Bryce to Zion and back to Bryce
via the same route, same day.  A long day it was!
Map 25. Bryce to Capital Reef National Park, day trip.

Note, we drove from Bryce to Capital Reef National Park
 and back to Bryce via the same route, same day.
Another long day!
Map 26, Bryce Canyon to Fillmore Utah.

Map 27, Fillmore Utah to Salt Lake City Utah.

May 28, Salt Lake City Utah to Idaho Falls Idaho

Map 29, Idaho Falls Idaho to West Yellowstone Montana.

Map 30, West Yellowstone Montana to Billings Montana

Map 31, Billings Montana to Buffalo Wyoming, short stop at Little Bighorn National Monument.

Map 32, Buffalo Wyoming to Custer South Dakota.

Map 33. Custer South Dakota to Sidney Nebraska.

Map 34, Sidney Nebraska to near Grand Island Nebraska (click on map image for a larger version.)

May 35, Near Grand Island Nebraska to Greenwood Nebraska.

May 36, Greenwood Nebraska to near Amana Colonies Iowa.

Map 37, Amana Colonies Iowa to Joliet Illinois

Map 38, Joliet Illinois to Elkhart Indiana.

The full trip: