Thursday, October 6, 2011

THE Trip, Zion National Park, Part 4

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

More of our day trip to Zion National Park, May 11, 2011.

Back on the shuttle we rode to the end of the road, Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, where we got off the shuttle again and walked around a bit.  Of course, I took photos and I snapped a few photos of deer and a waterfall.

Not sure how tall this water fall was, but, it dropped for a VERY long distance.

Mist from the waterfall:

After spending a delightful stop here at the "end" of the road, we took the shuttle back to the Visitor's Center, caught these photos along the way:

Below, taken from the shuttle bus while in route, it was clouding up, and yep, there was a brief rain shower.

After leaving the shuttle bus, we drove over to the Zion Human History Museum where they had a 22 minute film on Zion, we caught the last showing, glad we did not miss it, well worth the time.   (Note:  We found all the short films at national parks we visited during THE Trip to be very interesting, most were well done, some of the "theaters" had issues with acoustics, but over all, we enjoyed them.)



Barbara Poole said...

The one with the mist is especially nice. I think you and I stood in the exact spot for one of those pictures. Lovely.

Susan Clark said...

So glad you guys made the drive (and it is an amazing drive!) and got to tromp about Zion for a bit - complete with blue skies!

Love the mist photo. We didn't see that so this is an extra treat.