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Monday, December 17, 2018

The 2018 Holiday Letter, From Our Home to Yours

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It is that time of the year once again, the (dreaded) holiday letter.

It's been a quiet blogging year, only 72 posts so far this year, despite my intentions to do more.  Recently I discovered that many of the links I have searched hard for while blogging, including them for your education and reading enhancement have gone bad.  Just what I need - more projects. SIGH.  I see in my future blogs that links will be limited.  I just cannot keep doing this stuff over and over, there are over 2300 posts on Reflections, that's a lot of reviewing and fixing.  Time taken away from new posts.  

I have been working on computer and genealogy consolidation projects, and am further behind than I was at the end of 2017.  SIGH.  I am not sure how that happens, but, it does.  I think it is a good thing, as it means I have made more discoveries!  (And, Carol grins in delight!)

I have had Moriah MacKenzie the Mac computer for a bit over a year, I am still learning.  Overall, I am very happy with my move away from Windows and have no regrets.

Man and I are looking forward to more use of The Estate (our new little Motorhome for summer camping and touring.) We will start serious research of Alaska right after the first of 2019.

Between the Demon and the prostrate cancer we are both fighting the battles and are reasonably happy with where we are these days. We are still able to hike, maybe a bit shorter hikes and slower, but, we are doing it!!  Here is Man as we hike in Tucson in late November this year hiking the Bowen trail a part of the Tucson Mountain Park system.  The Saguaro were spectacular.  We have really enjoyed hiking in Tucson this year.

Our Sir Winston, the spoiled and much loved yorkie is still a joy, cept when he is being the guard dog supreme.  He loves his walks, still only tolerates bath time.  Loves his ball and the treats we stuff in there.  He is the apple of his dad's eyes.

We hope that your year has been blessed.  No matter what religious holiday you may or may not celebrate, we send our love.  

May 2019 bring you peace and abundant joy.

* Holiday photos taken in 2016 at the Mesa Arizona LDS holiday light show.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, Tucson, Arizona, Two Visits, 2014, 2018 The Fire Separates Them

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In December 2014 during our stay in Tucson we visited the DeGrazia Gallery in The Sun.  We visited again this last week, 2018.  In between, about September 2017 they had a tragic fire in the chapel.  This post will show first, some photos from our first visit, second, some photos from this past week, showing the damage.

Gotta love the whimsy.

The chapel.

Original art work by DeGrazia.

Outside, again, loving the whimsy.


Note the charred wood at the top, over the doorways and the beams.  It was a bit difficult to get photos as they have blocked access to the doorway during this sad time.

The altar, the seats, totally blackened.

Altar, via Sony zoom. 

Again, note the charring of the wood and some blackening of the wall art/paintings.

Outside, the evidence, again, black chars.

Close up of that window, showing the damage.

They are restoring/repairing the chapel.  Time frame to finish unstated.  Decisions about the destroyed and/or damaged artwork are still being made.  Some are opposed to having the paintings themselves replicated by another artist.  We wish them all the best in this undertaking, this is such a special place in Tucson, beloved by so many.

* DeGrazia maintains a web page, and a Facebook page. 


Saturday, December 15, 2018

Biosphere 2, Oracle, Arizona:: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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YES,  December 2014, during the Winter Sojourn 2014/15 tour.

Yes, I am still 4 years behind in my trip posts. 

This day trip was extremely enjoyable, and educational.  Surely, I don't remember all the science, but, I came away impressed.

After you pull off the highway, it's a bit of a drive in, nice view:

Putting Sony to work, a panoramic:

After parking Jolly, on the walk into the facility, I was entertained by this little fellow.  He was not going to make it easy for me, but, I do like the photo.  Thank you Sony zoom.

I took quite a few photos of the facility, I found it interesting, artistically, with a side of sculpture/art.

This is the door you enter the Biosphere through, sorta spaceship like.  LOL

Vegetables grown in hydroponics, I have grown my houseplants in hydroponics, it works and it is clean, no dirt.

Not sure what this is looking into, but, I do like this photo, even if it is a little off center.

The next three photos are taken in the greenhouse area.  The humidity was very very high and it shows in each of these photos.  They are not out of focus or badly processed, just that mist/humidity.

In another section of the greenhouse, it was much more arid, that's some version of a yucca, in full bloom.

Another bird to entertain me, living in this arid greenhouse area.  And, no, the thorns do not bother the birds at all.

A final shot as we head back to camp.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Asarco Copper Mine Tour, Sahuarita Arizona:: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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YES, early December 2014, during the Winter Sojourn 2014/15 tour.

Yes, I am still 4 years behind in my trip posts. 

This was an interesting day trip, and seriously, the details and science and understanding of the processes were forgotten long ago by Moi, but, the equipment and such are still fascinating.  And, mmmm, HUGE!!

There is a very nice visitors center with displays. Outside of that area I found these:

From a different angle:

They take you to the other displays and buildings by bus.  The docent explains the business, again, the details escape me 4 years later, but, it was quite fascinating and detailed.  So, a few photos.

A overall view of the mine area:

Sony Zoom!!

Panoramic of the mine:

Piles of ore:

Inside, machinery, well explained, and yep, Carol has no clue now!  LOL

Truth is, I could have blogged this experience immediately afterward and would not have been able to share the science and details.  I am pretty sure tho, that if it interests you, a web search will provide all those goodies for you.


Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Tubac, Arizona, Center for Arts & the First State Park: Winter Sojourn 2014/15

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YES, early December 2014, during the Winter Sojourn 2014/15 tour.

Yes, I am still 4 years behind in my trip posts.  

Tubac, how eclectic can you get?? If you visit Tubac, you will find you can get VERY eclectic.  It is the home of Tubac Presidio State Historic Park, Arizona's first state park and home of many shops and world class galleries.  I mean, when the first photo you take of the day is this??  Well, you expect it's gonna be a lot of fun.  It is indeed more than life size!

At the state park:

Sorry, I don't remember the particulars about this - - 

There were a number of displays, history lessons in the making.  This one, I think, is worthy of sharing.  To which I say - - "Oh, my aching bones!"

This is a bed which the signage described thusly:  adobe benches covered with sheepskins and reed mats for mattresses.  Coarse woolen blankets were used for warmth on cooler nights.

And, to this, my feet go, "oh, no!".  With all the rocks and stones and gravel we walk on around this area of the country.  I would not last long with this for shoes.

The following photo was taken through the glass of the display case, and Sony did pick up some reflections from the surroundings.  It's not the best photo in the world, but, oh, my.  This is a Spanish Colonial carved wood stirrup.  OK, how cool is that??

Those of you who know one of my addictions, err, hobbies, is genealogy, you just know I was stopped in my tracks with the signage concerning this OLD thing!!  (Again, please forgive the glare and reflections, they have this, rightfully so, stored behind glass.

It said:  This is a Ossuary (a depository for human remains) OR a Tabernacle box.  It is carved and painted wood adorned with the twelve apostles.

Back outside, the flora and unique displays always get my attention.  I don't touch tho - - 

You may remember that I mentioned art - - 

A fun day. Eclectic.