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Thursday, May 24, 2018

European Union Stuff

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

This European Union GDPR stuff is confusing at best.
I have done some incomplete research on the subject, I sure am confused, as are many legal eagles.  Seriously, if they can't figure it out, how do you think I am going to?
From this article, I feel I do not have to take ANY action, and, here is my reasoning, directly quoted from this article:
"Exemptions and Derogations
While the GDPR has broad implications for commerce, it nonetheless exempts certain entities or activities from compliance. Below is a non-exhaustive review of key exemptions.
Personal or household activity
Article 2(2c) states that the regulation does not apply for data processing :by a natural person in the course of a purely personal or household activity”."
I believe this is purely personal and a household activity.  I have NEVER monetized any of my blogs or web sites.
I have deleted the email follow widget, the subscribe widget and the followers widget, as a matter of prudence.  I have also removed from the blog any other widgets which may have lead to web sites who may or may not have complied with the new rules.

I have close to 2300 posts here and about 5140 comments since 2009 when I started this blog.  I am not removing or editing any of this at this point, although I reserve the privilege of changing my mind later.

If you make a comment here you will note I have a disclaimer about email contact via that format.

I have never maintained any email list, nor have I ever had a newsletter attached to my blogs.

I make no representation that these actions make me confirm to the European Union law.  As stated above, even the legal eagles don't seem to know what to do.  I honor the theory of privacy tho.  Even if the cow was let out of the barn many years ago.  Good luck to all.


Sunday, May 13, 2018

Jumping Into The Uncertain New Adventure, Happy Anniversary To Us

Copyright 2018, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Man and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary this winter. It was a momentous day, a visit to his cancer doctor in Phoenix and a meal in a nice German restaurant we found last winter, in Scottsdale, with puppy friendly dining. Desert was in another sidewalk cafe as we strolled along the streets of Scottsdale, gawking at the art galleries.

As we are getting older, day by day, and thank goodness we are, we find that the cancer and the Demon, have affected our stamina and this affects our travel in our beloved Heritage RV, Tana.

One item on Man’s bucket list is Alaska. We have discussed this for a few years, back and forth we go, take Tana, or not. Look at all our possibilities, look at cruises, which I have reminded him several times, is not likely to go well, he leans towards motion sickness. Oooopsie.  We have discussed truck campers. Nope. Smaller 5th wheel. Nope. Smaller tow behind. Nope. Motorhome. Well, maybe?  We looked at full size Class A Motorhomes.  Nope.  Class B or B plus or Class C.  Maybe.  Slides vs no slides.

This winter we discussed this again. And again. And again.  Since we are both going to turn that 70 this year I reminded him, we need to stop talking and either do something or forget this bucket list, once and for all.  Tomorrow is NOT promised.

So in celebration of 50 and 70 we found something and we jumped into the uncertain new adventure. We did it, we purchased a tiny motorhome.  It suits our comfy level as far as budget. We fought concerns of how well built a new unit may be.  We jumped anyway.  GULP!  We fought the insane dark interiors that have been and continue to be the rage of RV manufacturers. Sigh. We fell back to functionality and ignored “purdy”, deciding a stark modern and clean cut look would do.  We decided to forgo a slide and step over each other’s legs. We went with a rig that is about the same width as Jolly, which I feel comfy driving. The width of a rig has always been what gives me moments of pause, much more than length. We will, as our plan goes, not be towing a car, so we will facing the challenge of minimalism.  If we want to go sightseeing, shopping, or out to dinner, we will have to unplug and roll.

It’s tiny, compact and did I say, tiny?  The packing will be a challenge. I did say tiny, right?

It drives like a dream. Has a cool back up camera that acts as a rear view mirror while driving. It’s tiny, so fits between the lines in parking lots nicely. It will however, require 2 spots for the length, and we will continue to park wayyyyyy out, walk to the stores or restaurants and register "steps". I need steps each day for the battle of the Demon, so parking wayyyyyy out just is not an issue.

Oh, for now Tana stays.  This new addition, nicknamed “The Estate”, will be for late spring, summer and early fall fun.  Tana is for “winter get away from snow and cold” travel.

It’s tiny,  but it it is mighty noisy. That is another challenge or, rather a series of challenges, we will be facing.  Neither of us does extraneous noise well, so this will probably be THE largest challenge. We were aware of this, and it was an issue that held us back for many, many months. Man may have the advantage here, he can turn off his hearing aids.  Snicker.

Happy anniversary and birthdays to us.  Welcome to the family tiny, tiny kiddo, “The Estate”.

* This is the Coachman Freelander, built on a Transit chassis, model 20cb.   The 2019's are coming off the line now, we got one of the last 2018's.