Thursday, March 4, 2021

Luther Dews, Cleaning Files Fun, OR, Lookie What I Found

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I have to laugh when a friend complements me on being organized.  If they only could see my messy computer files. I am trying, one more time to clean up disasters, err, my computer files.

The other day as I was working in the data base I found this in Luther's text file.  Frankly, honestly, and embarrassingly, I could not remember what in the world this meant.  Shame on me.

Luther Dews
 in the U.S., Army Transport Service, Passenger Lists, 1910-1939
Name: Luther Dews
Departure Date: 17 May 1918
Departure Place: Newport News, VA
Address: 549 Chapel St
Residence Place: Norfolk VA
Father: Robert L Dews
Ship: Madawaska
Rank: Private
Service Number: 2471949
Notes: Company B, 319th Infantry, 80th Division

Today I found the image for this tidbit.  It was buried on my hard drive, deep in the dark recesses of what I laughingly call, organized file structure. I have digitally edited the image somewhat, removing a number of names,  I have maintained the original full octane version of the file, but, not on my data base.  I downsize images there so as to save storage room in the data base.  It used to be more important to do that, not so much these days with the cheaper storage we have available.  

Anywayyyyyyyy - - here it is - - - Luther is number 92.  I like that it names his father and home address.

The collection is from Ancestry dot com, I located the description here.   Part of the description of the data set is:

"The U.S. Army Transport Service (ATS) was established in 1899 as part of the Army Quartermaster Department. It was originally created to manage the transport of troops and cargo on Army ships that travelled between U.S. and overseas ports during the Spanish-American War. During World War I, the Quartermaster Corps managed the Army's deepwater fleet."

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Sunday, February 28, 2021

Speaking of Full Moons, We Were, Weren't We?

Copyright 2021, CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Recently, during a cleaning seige, Man and I pulled a old suitcase out of one of the closets.  And, yes, that is a rope handle.

It was time to rediscover what goodies it was protecting.

Lots of wedding photos, portraits, photos with family significance, almost all of which I had previously scanned and linked to my database.  

Still, what fun we had looking at them all once more.

I frankly did not remember this photo, but, we know it was taken and processed in his basement darkroom.  We have no date, but, around 1960ish is close enough for us.  

And, since we just had the February "snow" full moon - - 

I'm not quite sure why all the black around the outside is strangely shaped.  But, when I think of the state of photography equipment in that era, plus his printing in his own darkroom, I'm soooo impressed.

We were speaking of full moons, weren't we??  Of course we were.