Monday, June 27, 2022

It's Summertime, Which Means, It's Gardening Time.

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Research and such has taken a back seat, temporarily, to the gardens.  

Here is my pink flowering crab apple - - 

I love this deep yellow iris.

I have three of these pink petunias hanging on the front porch, one had a nest problem.  LOL. We ended up with one cowbird egg and 4 finch eggs.  By the end of the process we had one cowbird fledge and 2 finches fledge.  

More petunias, I have a variety of colors.  And, they cut well so I can bring some in to the house enjoy the color inside too.  These next two are hanging baskets.

Petunias in pots, the pink ones, one pot went flowerless, for several weeks, then, bam, it bloomed profusely. 

These verbena have out performed any I have ever had. Tucked in with them are some deep purple petunias. Yes, I have a lot of petunias this year.

We have had quite a few fawn sightings this year. We might find one per year, but, this year, we have had at least 4 sightings.  The mom's drop them off for the day in our yard, and return hours later to reclaim them.

This photo, poor quality, and that's an overstatement, still brings smiles.  I caught one of the fawns being "picked up" by mom after a day in our yard.  It was running to mom with joy and jumps.  Every time I see this photo I giggle.

I have never had a hibiscus, till this year.  It was thick with foliage, and was blooming.  Then, it got testy with me.  Leaves started turning yellow and falling off, 10 or more a day.  Flowers, slowed.  I moved it to a less sunny spot, kept feeding and today, I had 4 blooms.  And, 10 more leaves on the ground!  LOL. 

Will return with some more genie posts soon.  In the meantime - - happy gardening.


Sunday, June 5, 2022

Marietta "Etta" (nee) Butts Patton Bennett, and Marietta (nee) Pickler Bennett, Must We have Two Marietta Bennetts? Research Report, the As It Is Series

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This continues a series of posts, done in a very efficient (make that speedy fast) manner to share some research on the ancestors.  This is NOT intended to be the end all to end all report.  It's a work in progress, to show you what I have found, right or wrong. Kind feedback is welcomed via comments.  *Note:  This one sure did not end up being fast, took me hours to try to figure this out.  It is all correct? Well, I think so, but, I am not betting my morning coffee on it.

Let's begin - - 

Meet - - Marietta "Etta" (nee) Butts Patton Bennett, shown here with her parents, her first husband, Sylvester, and their children.

You will note, I have no death date or burial information for Marietta.  It's messy.  Let's see what I have managed to find - - 

Ettie Butts
in the 1870 United States Federal Census
Name: Ettie Butts
Age in 1870: 8
Birth Date: abt 1862
Birthplace: Illinois
Dwelling Number: 884
Home in 1870: Township 2, Santa Barbara, California
Race: White
Gender: Female
Post Office: Santa Barbara
Occupation: At Home
Inferred Father: Norman Butts
Inferred Mother: Caroline Butts
Household Members Age
Norman Butts   42
Caroline Butts   26
Debert Butts   10
Ettie Butts 8
Oliver Butts   6
Annie Butts   2
Ellen L Butts   1

Maretta Butts
California, U.S., Select Marriages, 1850-1945
No record image
Gender: Female
Marriage Date: 07 Nov 1877
Marriage Place: Sonoma,California
Spouse: Sylvester Payyon
FHL Film Number: 873933


Marietta Butts
Marriage • California, County Marriages, 1850-1952
Cite This Record
"California, County Marriages, 1850-1952," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 9 March 2021), Sylvester Patton and Marietta Butts, 07 Nov 1877; citing Sonoma, California, United States, county courthouses, California; FHL microfilm 1,031,223.
Name Sylvester Patton
Sex Male
Age 24
Marriage Date 07 Nov 1877
Marriage Place Sonoma, California, United States
Event Type Marriage
Birth Year (Estimated) 1853
Birthplace California
Spouse's Name Marietta Butts
Spouse's Sex Female
Spouse's Age 16
Spouse's Birth Year (Estimated) 1861
Spouse's Birthplace Illinois
Record Number 11

* I find it intriguing to see that the county clerk claims to have the permission of the parents.  I wonder if that record still exists??

Marietta Patton
in the 1880 United States Federal Census
Name: Marietta Patton
Age: 18
Birth Date: Abt 1862
Birthplace: Iowa
Home in 1880: Paicines, San Benito, California, USA
Dwelling Number: 125
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Sylvester Patton
Father's Birthplace: Illinois
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois
Occupation: Keeping House
Household Members Age Relationship
Sylvester Patton  36 Self (Head)
Marietta Patton 18 Wife
Mary E. Patton  1 Daughter
Charles W. Patton  6/12 Son

Her husband Sylvester dies in April of 1894, his demise was fraught with jealousy, impending divorce, gunshots and several news articles.  Sylvester has no Find A Grave memorial.

Etta Patton
 in the California, U.S., County Birth, Marriage, and Death Records, 1849-1980
Name: Etta Patton
Gender: Female
Event Type: Marriage
Marriage Date: 1 Sep 1894
Marriage Place: Tulare, California, USA
Spouse: Frank Bennett
** Note:  No image found, yet.

*No need to show children, as far as I have determined, Frank and Etta had no children together.  

Etta Bennett
in the 1900 United States Federal Census
Name: Etta Bennett
[Etta P Bennett]
Age: 38
Birth Date: Jan 1862. ** consider with some trepidation, but, for now - - 
Birthplace: Iowa, USA
Home in 1900: Township 8, Fresno, California
Sheet Number: 15
Number of Dwelling in Order of Visitation: 318
Family Number: 325
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Frank Bennett
Marriage Year: 1894
Years Married: 6
Father's Birthplace: Illinois, USA
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois, USA
Mother: number of living children: 6
Mother: How many children: 7
Can Read: Yes
Can Write: Yes
Can Speak English: Yes
Household Members Age Relationship
Frank Bennett  38 Head
Etta Bennett 38 Wife
Orval Patton  19 Step Son
Orrin Patton  16 Step Son
Lillie Patton  14 Step Daughter
Minnie Patton  11 Step Daughter
Chester Patton  9 Step Son

Mariette Bennett
in the 1910 United States Federal Census
Name: Mariette Bennett
Age in 1910: 48
Birth Date: 1862
Birthplace: Iowa
Home in 1910: Township 5, Tuolumne, California, USA
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Mother-in-law
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Francis Bennett
Father's Birthplace: Illinois
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois
Native Tongue: English
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Years Married: 15
Household Members Age Relationship
Hughes Watson  28 Head
Minnie Watson  21 Wife
James Watson  3 Son
Francis Bennett  49  Father-in-law
Mariette Bennett 48 Mother-in-law
Chester Fallon  17 Brother-in-law

M Etta Bennett
in the 1920 United States Federal Census
Name: M Etta Bennett
Age: 50
Birth Year: abt 1870
Birthplace: Iowa
Home in 1920: San Jose, Santa Clara, California
Street: Nor Street
Residence Date: 1920
Race: White
Gender: Female
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Marital Status: Married
Spouse's Name: Francis Bennett
Father's Birthplace: Illinois
Mother's Birthplace: Illinois
Able to Speak English: Yes
Able to read: Yes
Able to Write: Yes
Household Members Age Relationship
Francis Bennett  58 Head
M Etta Bennett 50 Wife

Etta Bennett
in the 1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Etta Bennett
Birth Year: abt 1864
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age in 1930: 66
Birthplace: Iowa
Marital Status: Married
Relation to Head of House: Wife
Homemaker?: Yes
Home in 1930: Exeter, Tulare, California, USA
Map of Home: Exeter, Tulare, California
Street Address: South Filbert
Block: 3 and 1
House Number: 224
Dwelling Number: 262
Family Number: 268
Age at First Marriage: 29
Attended School: No
Able to Read and Write: Yes
Father's Birthplace: Iowa
Mother's Birthplace: Iowa
Able to Speak English: Yes
Household Members Age Relationship
Francis Bennett  69 Head
Etta Bennett 66 Wife

Frank dies in 1932, noting I have not found a Find A Grave memorial for him, and a short newspaper clip states no names of survivors, etc.  I have done no ancestral line research on him.  Maybe sometime.

Even after many hours at the computer, Marietta had not been found in the 1940 census, so I did one last search, leading to this enumeration in Colorado.  I can find no reason (so far) to have her end up in Colorado.  I know of no family connections there.

Mattie E Bennet
in the 1940 United States Federal Census
Name: Mattie E Bennet
Age: 77
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1863
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthplace: Iowa
Marital Status: Widowed
Relation to Head of House: Inmate, in Old Ladies Home
Home in 1940: Denver, Denver, Colorado
Map of Home in 1940: Denver, Denver, Colorado
Street: W-38th Avenue
House Number: 3876
Inferred Residence in 1935: Denver, Denver, Colorado
Residence in 1935: Denver
Sheet Number: 7B
Attended School or College: No
Highest Grade Completed: Elementary school, 8th grade
Hours Worked Week Prior to Census: 04
Mattie E Bennet 77 Inmate

Also did a search for "Etta" Bennett in the 1940 census found 3 hits, none of them make any sense me.

So, in my opinion, the Etta, who is Marietta "Etta" Butts Patton Bennett, at this point is lost, leaving no additional records.  No Find A Grave memorial has been found.  

EXCEPT, wait, many researchers record in their trees at Ancestry dot com a Marietta, with a maiden name Pickler, married name Bennett and she does have a Find A Grave memorial, # 184051140.  Per the memorial, this Marietta was born 20 Jul 1861, in Iowa, and died 20 Jan 1949 (aged 87), at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California.  The memorial shows parents, a bucket load of siblings and a daughter.  Ohhhh, boy.  The fact that the birth place and approximate year are so close for both Mariettas makes for a big ole confused set of researchers, including for a time, Moi.  The memorial states Marietta was married to one Sylvester Patton and Frank Bennett, like "my" Etta, but wait - - - 

*Noting here, that the daughter linked on the Find A Grave memorial, Mary Elsie Patton Butts, I believe is the daughter of Marietta Butts Patton Bennett and Sylvester Patton, not of Marietta Pickler Bennett.  See, it's super messy.

Many researchers of the Marietta Pickler, have her in early census reports with her parents, and not much else. After hours of digging around on Ancestry dot com, I found her on some additional census enumerations.  Finally I found a reference to her husband's name and after another 20 minutes or so, I found the marriage record.

Here is the Cliff Notes version of what I found on her.

Parents:  George Pickler and Emily Martin, married 5 Oct 1840 Indiana.

Someone posted a very long and detailed bio on George on their family tree at Ancestry dot com, it is a great guide to further research.  Interesting this - - they state:
     "Edwin C. Pickler became a prominent doctor in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Marietta Pickler also became a doctor."  There was a foot note to source, stated to be:  "Adair County history, p. 55".  
     *Note:  I did not successfully find the source, nor did I ever find any indication that Marietta was a doctor.  Edwin was a son of George & Emily and a sibling of the Marietta Pickler.

After George's death (reported to be Aug 1870 at Kirksville, Adair, Missouri), Emily married a Russell Crow in 1879.

For many researchers Marietta is lost in the records after the 1870 and 1880 census enumerations.

I did not find her on the 1900 or 1920 census reports. She is, however, found in the following census enumerations:

Marietta Bennett
in the 1920 United States Federal Census
Name: Marietta Bennett
Age: 65
Birth Year: abt 1855
Birthplace: Iowa
Home in 1920: Los Angeles Assembly District 63, Los Angeles, California
Living with her are her daughter, Beulah and granddaughter, Virginia.

Marietta P Burnett
in the 1930 United States Federal Census
Name: Marietta P Burnett
[Marietta P Bennett]
Birth Year: abt 1863
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age in 1930: 67. ** Gotta love how she only aged 2 years since the last census, eh?
Birthplace: Iowa
Marital Status: Divorced
Relation to Head of House: Mother-In-Law
Home in 1930: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, USA
Living with daughter, Beulah.

Marietta Pickler Bennett
in the 1940 United States Federal Census
Name: Marietta Pickler Bennett
Age: 77
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1863
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birthplace: Iowa
Marital Status: Widowed
Home in 1940: Berkeley, Alameda, California
**In same hotel, the Donogh Arms Hotel Central Hotel, enumerated immediately with her are her daughter Beulah and Beulah's daughter, Virginia.  Some follow up research on my part shows these relationships to be fine.  Also note, that all three ladies are interred at Hollywood Forever, Hollywood, Los Angeles County, California, and all three have Find A Grave memorials.

After hours and hours of clicking and searching, I finally find Marietta Pickler and her marriage to Mr. Bennett, Charles C Bennett:
Mettie Pickler
in the Missouri, U.S., Marriage Records, 1805-2002
Name: Mettie Pickler
Marriage Date: 5 Sep 1881
Marriage Place: Adair, Missouri, USA
Spouse: Charles C Bennett

At this point, I believe that is the extent of the information I have found on both Mariettas.

My conclusions - - 

Marietta "Etta" Butts Patton Bennett, I have marriage for Marietta Butts to Sylvester Patton.  I have marriage index for Etta Patton to Frank Bennett. 

Marietta Pickler Bennett, I have marriage for Mettie Pickler to Charles C. Bennett.

I have done sideways research for both gals and conclude there just happens to be two gals by the name of Marietta that end up married to dudes by the name of Bennett, both gals were born at nearly the same time in Iowa and by the luck of the draw, both end up living in California for many years.

The Find A Grave memorial for Marietta “Etta” Pickler Bennett, is not the gal I was researching, the Butts descendant, even though that memorial is a mix of facts for both gals.

Marietta "Etta" Butts Patton Bennett demise is still undiscovered.

**If you stuck with me this entire post, pat yourself on the back, well done, you emit much stamina.

* Disclaimers, I use Find A Grave, Ancestry dot com, FamilySearch, several newspaper subscriptions, free sites, such as Virginia Chronicles, Virginia Chancery Cases online at the Library of Virginia and more to research my ancestors.  I pay for subscriptions, full price.

** My judgements may or may not be correct.  Transcriptions may or may not have errors.

*** Links, URL's, for the most part will not be included henceforth on my posts, as so many of them change and then I have to come back and try to re-discover and relink.  Frankly folks, I have no desire to spend my limited time here on this side of the sod with those kinds of do overs.  As researchers, or just members of the internet community, sites such as Find A Grave are easy to find, some are free to use and with the information I am sharing with you, hopefully, you can duplicate the research/findings. That said, I have seen memorials at Find A Grave be removed.  If you have questions, I suggest you leave a nice comment for me. OR find the method I have outlined on my blog for contacting me.

**** I hope the usual happens, within hours, sometimes minutes, I do another search and something shows up.  Well, I can hope.