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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Waterfalls, Water, Mountains, Glacier National Park

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JULY 2013

We have driven to the Logan's Pass area once more, this time from the eastern side of the park, and now, we must turn and go down the mountain again.  Reminder, we are driving the Going to the Sun Road.

Need to have a panoramic.  I wish you could see this one on my monitor!  SIGH

And, we need waterfalls, there is one, see it so far off in the distance?

Yes, let's zoom in on that one.

Nearby our turnout/parking spot, right on the road, is this lovely waterfall, people love to go stand in the mist.

And, here is one more water fall, which, if I remember correctly, I had to lean and stretch to capture.  These water falls, I believe, are along Reynolds Creek and Lunch Creek.

I cannot stop my awe, look at that upside down bowl affect, almost perfect in shape, Mother Nature is so awesome.  On Google maps, this is very near an area they call Big Drift.

You can see, it was quite overcast this day.  My new photo editing software has a "haze" removal tool.  I think I like it!  This is Saint Mary Lake.  Saint Mary Lake is rather long, this is at the western end (we are heading east).

We will see more on this long day.  I have previewed about half of the photos of the almost 500 I took that day.  We are a little over half way through them.  Lots more fun and interesting things to see.  Many more blog posts.


Friday, October 13, 2017

Where in the World is Carmen, errr, Carol

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Yes, I am still around, here, there, busy, busy, busy.

We have been dealing with some icky first world problems with the house, like new frig and a new entrance door.  Now, you know how it is, nothing goes smoothly, there are always bumps in the road.  Of course, there are.

We also were busy with my mom this summer, she came for a scheduled visit, we kept very busy fixing her up with a new iPhone and iPad.  Sent her home and 10 days later, she had to evacuate for Irma.  We were sure glad she could get a plane ticket and sit out that mess up here.  Her house fared quite well, a few very minor damages, except of course for the foliage.  Oh, the FOLIAGE!!

All that said, for me, another monster time and energy suck has been a new computer.  I jumped ship, from Windows to a Mac.  What a jump it has been.  Not there yet, but, getting there.

Here it is upon delivery.  Yes, it is a desktop.  After about 20 years of laptops, I jumped ship on that too.  I am not doing near the library research I was in years past, and my iPad is a great research tool in the libraries.  So, here I am, in 2017, back to a desktop!  Can you believe it??  I barely can.

And, here it is the other day when I finally managed to get around to hooking up the printer.

One of the bugaboos has been the fact that I chose for many reasons to also install Parallels and Windows 8.1 and Legacy Genealogy Software for my family history data base.  Leave it to me to take the more difficult path.  Of course, I did.  

As many friends have said, Carol, you are fighting off Alzheimers.  Exercise that brain.  OKKKK, that is a "lemonade" way to look at all of this.

I am by no means accomplished, I am still stumbling around.  All that said, I LOVE the screen resolution.  Oh, MY!!!!!  I even managed to use "Preview" for the first time tonight to process these two photos.

And, that is how Carol spent her summer.

We hope to be able to travel again this winter.  The red of Arizona calls our names - - so, we have tentative plans, written in red red dust, very thick dust.