Wednesday, October 5, 2011

THE Trip, Zion National Park, Part 3

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

Let's continue our visit to Zion National Park, which we actually did on May 11, 2011.

We were riding the shuttle bus:

We made another stop at the Lodge area where we took a 1.2 mile hike to the Pools.  Great exercise, great scenery, greatly enjoyed.

That would be the Emerald Pools, and you start your hike by crossing this bridge.

The scenery is spectacular, and I for one, NEVER get tired of all these huge rock formations, NEVER, oh, and that blue sky, how hard is that to take??

But, of course, there has to be at least one panoramic, takes my breath away, same for you??

And, if you have a pool of water, you really need a source of water, how's this for a pretty source?

A little closer it seems all you can see and feel is mist.

I did not get a good photo of the pool, did not walk all the way down there, we were, sighhhh, short of time, and had to head back to the shuttle bus.  The one photo I did take was pathetic.  On our hike out, I did however, get this stunning photo:

* I took a number of flower and fauna photos while on this hike, at least 2 of which have appeared over at Reflection's Flora and Fauna, my Poser, and this lovely flower, what I called the purple jewel of Zion.


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Nita said...

Great photos Carol! Zion is just so beautiful! We were glad we were able to spend some time there. Hope we can go back there sometime.