Saturday, October 29, 2011

Saturday's Sorrow in Pink

CABS for Reflections From the Fence

One of the things I really enjoy when I am wearing my family researcher/volunteer hat is walking and recording cemeteries for the local genealogy society.  The other afternoon I visited one near by us to review the layout and compare some of the records we have in preparation for working on typing the records for eventual publication.

This is what I found:

Below, why would any one need chalk on a stone that is so legible??

Below, look at the residue, obviously this stone was heavily chalked down.  I think it will be a LONG LONG time before Mother Nature can wash this off.

Sad, very sad,  Carol is full of pink sorrow.



Hummer said...

I had seen that and had not associated with chalk. Might have been kids going to the cemetery for and activity learning to do rubbings. Think?

Barbara Poole said...

I'm thinking the same as Fran, I bet it was done by a child. Too bad, and I hope it washes off soon.