Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hummers, the photographic challenge

This AM the hummers were quite active at the feeder. They are so enchanting and I cannot resist the photographic challenge. I pulled up the chair by the window, shot over 35 photos through the window, zooming, holding breath, shoot shoot shoot! Here are some results, most have been tweaked a bit with Adobe Photoshop. The last photo with high density of color is interesting, but the others, more gray looking ones, are closer to what my camera captured.

Sadly, I missed the best shot with my camera, 3 hummers at once, chasing each other around the feeder. It is in my mind's memory bank tho.

Photos 2 and 5 have two hummers in them. Remember if you click on the photo, it will enlarge. Please use your back button to return to the blog.

Some other hummer photos can be found at friend Karen's blog, Genealogy Frame of Mind-Tuesday and in my prior post, Hummer blur and gosling butt feathers.


tipper said...

Great shots of the hummers : )

Greta Koehl said...

You are so lucky to have hummers. My daughter and I are planning a campaign to attract them next year. Funny thing, today was also the day I decided to see what kinds of photos I could get of the birds at my feeders - nothing very exciting, though I did get some sneaky squirrel pics.

Carol said...

Tipper, Thank you so much!!

Gretta, I did 2 things to attract:

1) Planted some things that are known to draw them in, coral bells is one, petunia will work too!

2) Hung a feeder, keep full.

Sit back and wait. Suggest hanging feeder close to a window, preferably where you can glance out and see them easily.

Did you post your photos??

lindalee said...

My fav is the one just hanging there. I usually get a few hummers in the summer (no rhyme intended lol), but I haven't seen any yet. Perhaps I just haven't been spending enough time outside or maybe it's because I used two of my large deck planters for tomato plants this summer. Thanks for your photos....great shots.