Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lookie what I found, the first photo

One of my long time genie-goals is to scan our photos, linking to my database. It is sorta my form of scrapbooking.

Yesterday AM I went to one of the many piles around this disaster I call an office and picked up one with 20 or so photos. I decided to scan about 7 of them, 6 of those were keepers. Like this one, believe it is the first photo I have of Man & Moi, a few years ago. My, my, but we really look young.


Ron and Thelma said...

You sure that's you. It's funny to see people's photos from years ago. We were at my sis in law's last week and my neice wanted Thelma to go through some photos. Her Mom is starting Alzheimers so she can't remember. So sad. What are you using to scan them

Carol said...

Yes Ron, it really is us. Sometimes I use Adobe Photoshop, which with Vista allows you to scan right in Photoshop, then I can digitally edit from there. I also use software called PhotoStudio. Believe it came with a Cannon scanner some years ago. This specific photo took very little enhancing or correcting. Some of mine take a lot of enhancing and still look pretty sad. Sad is better than not having them tho!

Anonymous said...

Dennis and I have some strange pictures of some young people also. Getting where I can't even recognize them.