Monday, August 17, 2009

Tana on the road, Van Buren State Park, Michigan

Yesterday AM marked the end of our stay in Elkhart Indiana. It was a good week, weather was sunny, dry, bordering on hot, wonderful. Tana got her Spendided fixed, and Moi did a LOT of laundry testing the fix. But, it was time to move on, packed up in 85 plus degree heat, one thermometer read 92 when we pulled out. Headed north on 19, and in minutes we were back in Michigan on the way to Van Buren State Park, Michigan.

This is a new park to us, Man picked the largest campsite available, and we even have 50 AMP. Site is plenty wide, is sorta flat, but there is this trench where rain water has dug in. Thankfully the trench is off to the side of site, we can park Big Butt there, and Tana fits nice right down the middle. Man did a spectacular job of moving Tana to her parking spot, nailed it the first time!

We wandered down to Lake Michigan beach here, got one photo before it started to rain.

This AM campers on both sides and behind us left, it is like we are here alone, am I in heaven? I made a big breakfast, we booked back to back RV Rallies, I spent some time catching up with the WO's via email, Man is taking a nap with the yorks on the futon. Not hard to take. This is the view out my desk window.

We are here till Friday AM, do believe I will find it hard to do any family research while I am here, unless it rains, which is ok, with that view out my rear view window. (Hope no one has booked into the site right behind us. There are much better sites, so - - - - - - - - )


TennLady said...

Lots of Percivals over there!!!

Carol said...

And, I have not met a one of them yet! LOL