Monday, August 24, 2009

Ancestry vs Moi's computer/printer - the WO’s intervene

Some of my readers may remember my post about my genealogical support group, the WO’s.

After my little snooping yesterday AM researching what was behind this Ancestry - no print situation, of course, I turned right to the WO’s. We spent a good part of yesterday chatting about this. A lot of what we wrote was expressions of angst and dismay. It was not pretty.

The rest of our discussions surrounded, what version of IE we were using, what version of Windows we were using and if we could print or not.

Summary, two gals using IE 8 and Windows XP had no trouble. All print functions were the same as they were about a month ago. Two gals using IE 7 (and one updated to IE 8 during this discussion to see if that made any difference - it did not) and Vista, basically, we cannot print from Ancestry. It does not matter if it is a census image or a page from a book or a military document, if it is on Ancestry and the user has Vista installed on their computer, they are not going to print directly from Ancestry.

Yes, there are work arounds, save to your hard drive, open the image, manipulate if you desire, crop, etc. and then print. This adds several minutes to obtaining a print out of an image, more work, more time, and time is my most precious commodity, therefore my unhappy state of mind.


1.) Man and Moi have been out and about RVing, so, I just discovered this situation. One of the WO’s, the one with Vista, has been known about it for well over 3 weeks. She even tried calling, but after 20 minutes on hold, hung up!

2.) Three weeks and counting is a LONG time for a primary function of a huge operation like to NOT work. The word, APPALLING comes to mind here.

3.) You may note that I have no icons on my blog connecting to or other pay sites. Many bloggers do for one simple reason, it pays! I made a decision early on that I did not want to go there. I want to be free to say what I want, about what I want, when I want. Strongly criticizing those who help pay your bills just is not cool, at least for me.

4.) Nah to

5.) Yah to the WO’s. You ROCK! Again, we have “solved” the problems of the genie world! Well, sorta. At least we know as of yesterday afternoon Ancestry was not supporting Vista users. SIGH

* No, I have not been to this AM to see if the print function functions.

**Two of the WO’s also blog, Karen and TennLady.

*** Hopefully, soon this situation will be behind all Vista users, and Moi will return to your regularly scheduled, more upbeat blog posts!


TennLady said...

As we discussed last night, it is so indicative of Ancestry and their idea of fixing something that works just fine - i.e. their "improvments."

Karen said...

Why fix something that is not broke? Why not focus on adding more records, better indexing and leave the print functions and website ALONE!?!?!?!?!