Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tana on the road, Door County Wisconsin

We spent 3 nights in delightful Door County Wisconsin. Moi took way toooo many photos to blog, so, some and only some of the couple of hundred taken, are presented here.

The entire area is charming, the architecture, the flowers, Mother Nature at her best.

There are 5 Wisconsin State parks in Door County, Man and I visited 4 of them in one day.

The next day we revisited some of the little towns, walking along the docks, drinking latte, splurging on fabulous fries and yummy ice cream at Whites. The day ended with Man experiencing a boiled fish dinner.

Great campground, great campground staff, charming architecture, marvelous nature, good food, good times with our MOC friends, and the most delightful weather for the days in Door County. Hardly gets any better than this! We hope to revisit Door County Wisconsin in the future.

*Baileys Harbor wall hanging, Sandpiper Fish Boil Restaurant

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