Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tana on the road, South Haven Michigan

Yesterday after a lazy morning, Man and I jumped in Big Butt and rode up to South Haven.

A late lunch was done dockside at Captains Lou's Bar & Grill. Spotted this while sitting there. Gotta wonder how they water that plant, yes, it is real.

Next stop, Michigan Maritime Museum, right next door, where we spent an enjoyable hour or so. Home of the Evelyn S. As you can see from this photo, the Evelyn S. is in dry dock, a perfect hidey hole for this bird's home.

Her helm.

A visit to to South Haven cannot be complete without a visit to her lighthouse. Photo in silhouette, on purpose.

While we were walking along the river we were priviledged to see the Friends Good Will come in from a trip to Wisconsin.

A google for information on the Friends Good Will quickly turned up several web sites, an independent site is here, and of course, the Michigan Maritime Museum site.

Later back at Van Buren State Park we took a walk down to the beach, Man suggested what he claimed was a "short cut". Hmmmmpphhhh, what it was was a strenous hike UP a sand dune and back down again to the beach. As we got close to the actual beach we found these kids who had ridden their bikes on the same route we took.

And here they are trying to go home, ya, right, steep uphill, soft sand dune, gotta wonder, are they still out there, hope not!

Sunset was muted by clouds. This is auto-correct by Adobe, thought it was striking, colors, of course, not true.

Thank you Tana for a wonderful day, thanks also to Man, and Mother Nature, but of course!


lindalee said...

Looks like you had a GOOD weather day...YAHOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog, Carol! I'm becoming a follower.
Tried to do this under my Google ID and got the message "Your request could not be processed. Please try again."

I've had the same problem with my blog. Even Don can't comment. Wonder if there's a problem with Blogger??

Sharon Del Rosario

Carol said...

Linda, the weather was even better on day two of our stay. No humidity like on day one.

Sharon, sometimes Blogger is silly about posting comments. Be sure you are signed in, and if it fails the first time, the second time it usually works for me. Go figure! LOL