Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ancestry vs Moi's computer/printer

Those of you who read my blog from late last evening know that I was

1.) frustrated

2.) tired

3.) frustrated, ooooo, I already said that.

Well, after a good night's sleep and on contemplation, I did what I frequently do, start searching for answers. I did NOT set Man upon my computer settings. Instead, I went right to and what they call their "Blog". Only took me a moment or two to find a entry titled, Updates to the enhanced image page.

Currently there are 183 responses to this post. I will confess, I have not read all 183. First there are a lot of angry people/users there. Second, original poster has not responded a lot to this flurry of angst. Next, seems they are talking about printing (specifically census) and also search issues.

I am only going to address the print issues. That issue is what sent me to frustration level 10 last night. I cannot print "current view". I like many who have posted on the Ancestry blog used this current view exclusively.

Come on Ancestry, we pay big $$$ for your service. You have been losing our good will for a while now, but, this one really takes the cake, as they say in France!

Mixed metaphors, whatever, frustration does that to a person.

Fix it Ancestry and faster would be better!

Post script to Man, you don't have to look one bit at my computer or printer, t'ain't me or mine!

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TennLady said...

Nope and IE 8 doesn't do anything to change it.