Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tana delights - - Another great eatery & friends to enjoy it with

Want to thank Nick over at Nick's Blog, for a great referral for a local eatery. I have just started following Nick and reading his RV blog, and in the first 36 hours he provided information that delighted Man, Moi and friends. (So happens that Nick and his Miss Terry are currently parked in same campground as Man and Moi.)

Last night, WO friends Mark and Karen ended up just a few miles away and on the spur of the moment we decided to have dinner. I had just read Nick's blog discussing Heinnies Back Barn. I clicked on the link provided, had a lookie see, suggested same to M & K, and the plan was set.

We called ahead, left our name, reduced our wait from 45 minutes to about 20. Waitress was great, she had a great sense of humor. Always appreciated. Response time to a few "extra" requests was good, also always appreciated.

Food was great. I had chili cheeseburger. MMMMM, good. Man thought the fries were a bit greasy, but we still ate them! They had a chocolate something or other cheesecake last night for desert. Man and Moi shared. OOO, my. M & K also shared same, they enjoyed it as well.

Our total bill for Man & Moi last night, with burgers, "to die for" desert and 3 beers was under $30.00.

Thanks Nick for the lead. Thanks Mark & Karen for dropping by. A nice evening with good friends and good food.

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