Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ancestor Birthday Celebrations, Minnie Agnes Halterman Trumbo

Minnie was born on August 2, 1905 in Rockingham County Virginia and died June 15, 2003 in Broward County Florida. Her ashes are buried in the Halterman Cemetery (on land owned by the Halterman family for well over 150 years) near Bergton, Rockingham County, Virginia.

This photo, is another "Lookie what I found". I do not remember having it. But, I am so glad to have re-discovered it. My grandmother, Minnie Agnes Halterman Trumbo, teaching Son # 2 (on the left), and Son # 1 (on the right), how to do laundry in a ringer washing machine, in her basement in Rockingham County Virginia. July 1979.

Wow, what a blast from the past, and no caught fingers on those precious hands.

Minnie's memorial at Find A Grave is here. Part of what I said at her memorial service is found there.


hummer said...

Wow I love the picture. I can even remember my aunt having a washer like that. What a find.
Love your Yorkies too

Carol said...

Thanks, and the yorks thank you as well. Welcome as a follower, I have been following your blog for several months now, enjoying it so much.