Sunday, August 9, 2009

Not all campsites are created equal OR flat

Four MOC families gathered to continue the After the Rally Rally, well, actually 3 of the original Rally attendees and 1 new family. Man while making reservations was quite specific about a level/flat large campsite. Staff was asked several times, these sites are level, right?? He was informed, yes indeedy, they were.

Let the photos speak for themselves. I certainly hope they will make you smile, as this blog is presented with mucho tongue in cheek.

Man and Moi's Tana, we were parked at the bottom of the hill:

Next, Dennis & Sharon's rig, they were up the hill a bit:

And, one more step up the hill, Steve & Patti's rig:

Last, but not least, as they say, Ron & Terrie's rig, they were highest up the hill.

And after all this messing, not one of us had a level rig inside.

We had a lot of laughs, who said you had to be level??


TennLady said...

Good grief!

Carol said...

And, it was really worse than the photos depict. But, we all had fun, and have a story to tell!