Friday, August 28, 2009

Tribute to yorkies loved

In my scanning projects I continually find photos I had forgotten I had. Once found the emotions run from "Oh, my, isn't that funny, look at those hairstyles, look at those clothes! SNICKER"" to "Oh, my, I remember, wasn't that a fabulous vacation, dog, friend, - -"

The other day I came across this photo of our first yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier), Sebastian. (That is a fake mouse in his mouth, snicker, a Christmas present from his human gramma. He believed it was a real mouse and you were not going to tell him otherwise.)

My blog is about my life, my love of family, friends, RVing, nature, flowers, family history and yorkies. So far, I really have not talked about the fur kids a lot, so, here is my tribute to another one of my loves, yorkies. The yorks that have come and gone in our lives.

Sebastian, 1986, not long after his adoption. His first camping trip! By the end of the weekend he had moved himself from sleeping in a crate at night to our bed. No more crates at night for Bas or any other yorks we have been owned by.

Then came Benjamin, sometime in 1987. Sebastian (on left) was the soul that made me love Yorkies, but Benjamin (on right) was the soul that stold my heart.

Here is Benjamin all grown up, about 1994. Benj was deathly ill as a young dog, we spent a lot of ca$h to save him. I lost 12 pounds and lots of sleep during his month long illness. This did not change his personality tho, he was a sweet york, but ALL york, and until you have been owned by a york, it is all but impossible to explain. They have the spirit of a dog many times their size and not much fear.

Ahhh, then Man and I met Abigail in 1997. Up till now, the yorks were my affliction. Abby took care of Man in about 30 seconds flat. He was a gonner, totally infatuated with her. I think you can see why, she was a real cutie, and had attitude plus. Minute she hit the floor at our house she told the cats just who was boss now!

Here she is posing as a show dog, about 1998. She believed she was the alpha animal of our household, and yea, she never understood that I also thought I was the alpha. She never stopped challenging me. Spirited she was.

These three yorkie spirits came into our lives, shared our home, taught us lessons and left us for the Rainbow Bridge. You know the saying, gone but not forgotten.

"Broken hearts are what give us strength, understanding and compassion. A heart never broken is pristine and sterile and will never know the joy of being imperfect." (Source of quote unknown.)

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