Monday, August 10, 2009

Tana on the road, Mukwanago Wisconsin to Elkhart Indiana

OK, if you Facebook, you might recognize some of this blog. As we were running from Mukwanago to Elkhart, I was Facebooking (is that a word??). As I thought about writing this blog, I decided that I liked the Facebook stuff, so, would transfer here. OKKK, too lazy to write it again! So, thanks to Facebook, here are some of my posts from yesterday:

1. Pray for us, we are going to go round Chicago on the 90/94, something we said we would avoid, I hate saying NEVER, cause it comes back to bite ya!. SIGHHHHH

2. I 90 round Chicago, TOLL road, booo hooo, and it is NOT smooth riding. Pay to bounce, hmmmmm, something wrong with that???

3. Oh, crap, just ran a toll booth, stupid signage, we are not gonna get off where it says I 80 to Iowa. DUHHHH. Signage counts people!!

4. Well, I 80 in Indiana is 5 lanes, and heavy traffic and we go fast and slow and fast and slow. Big Butt is getting nervous about all the almost cut offs/hits. Geeesh people, ya could allow a few more feet before you pull into our lane.

5. They are NOT done with I 80, and traffic is heavy, still moving, sometimes very slow, but moving. Last trip this route took us 4 hours, so far this time, 2 hours 10 minutes. Last trip sat for long stretches of time and did not move. This is better. Somewhat.

6. Jumped on I 94 for a few miles, then will skip back to I 80. 94 is smooth here!

7. Just got a call from Sharon & Dennis, they are RIGHT behind us!!

End of Facebook entries.

After re-reading the entries, even I remember why we avoided going around Chicago with Big Butt and Tana for so many years. LOL

Sharon & Dennis were at Mukwanago with us, left a bit after us, drove same route, cept they went right thru downtown Chicago, past Wrigley Field. Dennis said, yes, indeedy, they were playing a game!

Arrived Elkhart, Sharon and Dennis are parked right beside us, the Rally continues??

My cell phone was stuck on Central time for over 18 hours since arrival here. OKKKK, maybe my cell phone wanted to go to Iowa??

*If you are wondering how I Facebook while running: Inverter plugged into cigarette lighter fixture in Big Butt, to run router. Router has air card inserted. 12 volt power cord (plugged into another cigarette lighter type fixture) to run the computer. Computer connects to the air card signal via wifi. Tada, and Moi is Facebooking. Ohh, air card does not fit the newer computer, that is why I must run the router too. Did you follow all that?? LOL

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