Monday, June 15, 2009

Hummer blur and gosling butt feathers

Aren't hummingbirds just the most fabulous and fun to watch? Since my blog on May 21, 09, about the horny hummer, I have been trying to get a photo of our hummers. I don't have hours to sit and wait for them, well, have hours, just not how I choose to spend them. The other morning while trying to get photos of the goslings butt feathers (see below), a hummer came to the feeder, ohhh, such luck, camera in hand, at the window, let me try. See results, ya, that blur in lower right, is the hummer speeding away. Hmmmm, maybe said hummer was disgusted with me, note the feeder was empty!

Been trying to get a photo of the goslings as well, these are a good two months old, look how much they have grown. They are loosing the baby feathers, they are getting butt feathers. You can compare them to the 9 Goslings in a Row blog, not even a month ago. They come much closer to the house now, but, I note, they are much more skittish. They must be camera shy, I swear, they can hear when I turn the camera on inside the house! Took days to get this photo, and it is not the best.

*Its been fun watching the goslings, we are now ready for them to stop visiting, tired of deposits. See ya next spring! And, yes, I filled the hummer feeder.

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