Friday, August 28, 2009

Checkmate, Nope, Stalemate

It has been a long summer, Labor Day is almost upon us, and you realize your research has stalled.

Here are a few suggestions for jump starting your research.

Read Blogs, there are a great many that deal with genealogy and family history. It is amazing what you might find, tricks, new web sites, blogs that might make you cry, and some that will inspire you. Goodness, if you get lucky, you might find a long lost cousin.

Read forums, many of the great genealogy or research sites have forums (some also have blogs). Read them, learn the intricacies of each site, should help you be a more resourceful researcher in the future.

Check out Cyndi's List. You can get lost there for days, I can almost guarantee a visit at Cyndi's will jump start your research!

Review your own private library. Pull those books off the shelves, sit down and have a read.

Review your photos, are there names, dates, places identifying them all?? Should you be scanning some of them, sharing them with cousins and other family.

Review some of your files, I promise you, doing so will find documents and hints you forgot you had, or that have new meaning since you saw them last. While you are at it, scan the good stuff, and consider tossing the bad.

Go to the library, your favorite research library and browse the stacks. A leisurely stroll down the stacks is a great way to stumble into a great research find.

How bout a internet search of Persi, or pull up the online catalog to your favorite library and search for counties your ancestors lived in. I found some brand new books that way, good stuff in them too!

Go find a new search engine. There are several available, and you just might find a new bit of information by using one of them.

Just a few ideas, but should get you excited again about your research.

Now, no more stalemate - - START YOUR RESEARCH ENGINES! I wanna see genie happy dancing going on!

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TennLady said...

PERSI is one of my very favorites!