Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tana on the road, Door County Wisconsin to Mukwanago Wisconsin

Had one of those days, when things don't go so good. We all have them, and all RVers have them, whether or not they will admit to same.

Ours contained the following, not sure I even remember em all, but, here are a few highlights.

Rain while we were running, happens, but well, adds a degree of difficulty and stress to the run.

An unplanned visit to the waterfront of Lake Michigan in downtown Milwaukee. We still are not sure how that happened, but, all of a sudden there we were driving along the lake, on N. Lincoln Memorial Drive. Compass on Big Butt said we were going South, but we were going North. Both GPS systems had directed us to depart I 43 at this exit and then left us scrambling. Man was sweating 1.) low bridges and 2.) running out of fuel. Neither happened.

Anyway, this is where we were, graphic courtesy of GoogleMaps. The parking lot that the little yellow man with the green arrow is where we managed to turn around. (Reminder hint: click on the graphic and it will open in a larger window, click on the back button to return to the blog story.)

Thanks to a very nice security guard in that parking lot, we got Tana back on route and headed to Mukwango. At the exit we decide to fuel up, the ding ding of the low fuel warning system went off 15 feet from the gas pump.

Next was setting up, on what was promised to be a FLAT campsite. NOT. That event will be the sugject of its own blog in the next day or so.

Had trouble with air card and router. Took Man several hours to find fix. But, he did! (Of course he did, or you would not be reading this sad tale!)

I 43 is NOT a nice road, we had horrible chucking, those of you who are RVers will know the term. Those of you who do not, let it suffice that chucking is a miserable happening. The yorks were very upset, and Tilly cried till we had to let her on my lap for the duration of the trip. NOT a good thing. Worst was however, when we were deploying the slides and discovered that I 43 had eatten several bowls and tossed stuff around. The bowls were splattered around Tana's kitchen, and it took quite a while to clean up. Want to thank Dennis, MOC friend, who suggested tipping the slide out at the top allowing us access to all the broken glass caught under the slide.

Stuff happens, sometimes all in one day. This was one of those days. Glad it is over. However, I do believe Tana enjoyed her unscheduled visit to the Milwaukee waterfront! What a gal! Gotta wonder, did she plan this side trip?? HMMMMMM....

Now, Tana behave, Man and Moi want to enjoy the next 2 nights with our MOC friends, and the After the After the Rally Rally.


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