Thursday, August 6, 2009

After the Rally Rally, Caravan Photos & the Gang

The After the Rally Rally is over. All rigs have departed, cept for Man and Moi. Group asked me to take some of their photos of the caravan from Mackinaw to Baileys Harbor and post. Photos are here at Picassa.

Once here at Baileys Harbor there was shopping, eatting (fish boil), sight seeing, more shopping, more eatting. Believe ALL had a great time. Man and I have been so delighted with our visit here, we hope to come back some day, real soon.

The After the Rally Rally Gang have departed to any number of points, Nebraska, upper Wisconsin, Goshen, and Milwaukee, to name a few. Hmmmmm, maybe a After the After the Rally Rally, stay tuned!

*Photo courtesy of John & Sharon Conard

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