Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This 'n That, from Tana in Door County Wisconsin

Left Mackinaw round 10:30 Monday, headed cross the Big Mac, always awe inspiring. Traveled 2 cross the UP towards Wisconsin. Traveling with us, Bill & Linda, fellow MOCers. Traveling ahead of us, 7 other MOC rigs, in a caravan. The 7 chose to do 325 miles to Door County in one fell swoop, we chose to do same trip in 2 days.

Stopped along the way to allow Man to fill up with smoked fish and jerky (several kinds). Other than Bambi running cross the road, giving us a bit of a thrill(?), and causing Man to slam on brakes, the run was uneventful and pleasant. Here we sit at J. W. Wells State Park (Michigan).

Wells is a beautiful park, on the Green Bay, could have stayed there a long while, and will place park on the list of "I wanna go back here!"

Discovered late Monday evening, which gave Man some uncomfy hours of concern, idiot warning lights on Big Butt, who must not have appreciated the slamming of the brakes for Bambi. Started search for GMC dealers, discussed options we had. To our pure delight, on pulling out Tuesday AM the lights went bye bye and Big Butt's brakes were working fine.

Had a delightful run round Green Bay and up to Door County. The sky was exceptionally blue with puffs of white clouds, temps delightful. The MOC gang decided to go out for dinner, plan backfired, 2 hour wait to be seated, plan B, brauts and goodies around the campfire, as you can see, plan B was very successful.

Today, sight seeing. Will attempt to keep wallets in pocket, merchants will attempt to extract same. We shall see.

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